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From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Hottest Couples
Posted by Robert Leighty Jr. on 06.03.2014

From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Hottest Couples

-I got some feedback from last week’s show saying I shouldn’t take this countdown seriously since it is a fluff piece and all. Believe me, I lose no sleep over this thing, but since I am going to watch it and take time to review I may as well give my opinion. The results of the last few weeks have been rather screwy, so be interesting to see how this week goes. I will say now that I expect Savage/Liz to be #1, but if this is rigged it will be Steph/HHH. The only other option I guess is Edge/Lita as can never under estimate the power of LIVE SEX CELEBRATION, but again for me, Randy/Liz is and will always be greatest couple in wrestling history!

-Talking heads bring up what makes a great couple: controversy, spice, chemistry, and AJ mentions they need to last more than 3 weeks as she laughs. Again, I always appreciate the opening because it brings up some things you may have forgotten. We get lots of AJ Lee in this one and she mentions she can’t make anything last more than 4 months. Start the clock on that marriage to Punk kids! Just kidding with that one as perhaps she will be the one to tame Punk.

10: Goldust and Marlena

-Solid choice to start the list and Lawler calls them one of his favorite couples in the WWE. They cover Goldust being questioned about his sexuality, and while men may have been turned off with Goldust they loved Marlena. They show Marlena flashing the crowd on an early episode of Shotgun Saturday Night. They mention their relationship was sexual and they cover the photo shoot the two of them did covered in gold paint while naked. Cody was disgusted as you would imagine since it was his brother and his brother’s wife. Cody then mentions they (Goldust and Marlena) had one of the pictures blown up and hanging in their living room. Nice!

9: Vicki Guerrero and Edge

-This worked because you didn’t want to see them together, and it helped turned Vicki into an extremely hated character. Edge playing the sleazy guy taking advantage of a widow to keep himself on top was great. Oh wow, I completely forgot Alicia Fox was the wedding planner and Edge cheated on Vicki with her. Apparently I should have watched SmackDown a little more during that time. The wedding then falls apart from there as you would expect. Dolph shows up and says that the appeal with dating Vicki was more for her power and trying to take your career to a higher place. Edge says they both had a lot of fun with it and he enjoyed seeing the way Vicki transformed his character into what it is today.

8: King Booker and Queen Sharmell

-Booker says they are the best of friends and will always be in each other’s corner. Teddy says their chemistry on screen is great because of how they are off screen. Booker actually gets a call from Sharmell while talking and tells her he will call her back. Booker wins the King of the Ring in a gimmick that was perfectly suited for him as he took it and ran with it like no other. Sharmell also played her part perfectly as well, and just a lot of fun. Sharmell’s “All Hail King Booker” is still pretty damn funny to this day as it is seeing JBL bow while at the announce table. Booker of course gives all the props to Sharmell and they show him beating Rey for the World Title at the Great American Bash. That was long overdue and I am so glad Booker got that run.

7: Sable and Marc Mero

-Another real life couple here, but no happy ending for them like we are getting with Booker and Sharmell currently. Mero shows up in the WWE and immediately Sable debuts the same night with HHH. They discuss Mero getting injured and Sable’s career taking off. Daniel Bryan mentions nobody was watching Mero and were only watching Sable. BG James gets tongue tied when talking about Sable being in a bikini and Lawler discusses Mero always trying to keep her covered. Bryan says if that was his daughter then he would appreciate what Marc was doing, but as a fan, “boo, let her take her clothes off.” Poor Marc got crushed on this one as they all gave the credit to Sable, but truth hurts sometimes.

6: Mark Henry and Mae Young

-Awesome! Brodus Clay seemingly wants to puke while discussing them and Cesaro compares them to a car wreck that you want to see. Lawler calls it one of the most entertaining things ever done in the WWE. Santino mentions if they married, Mark would be single shortly, which is kind of sad now considering Mae passed. They touch on the pregnancy angle, and Waltman mentions he was a fan even if it was crazy and unbelievable. The birth of the hand is discussed and Mark says it was a white hand, so she was stepping out on him. Tremendous! We get Mae talking about the angle from 2012 and she has a smile on her face as you have to give the lady credit for having a ball in this business up to her last days. Mark says he better be #1 on this list, but guess he will settle for being just outside the Top 5.

5: Billy and Chuck

-Yeah, umm, yeah. Billy says they were just 2 good looking guys and leaves it at that. Everyone calls them unique and tip toes around calling them life partners. Cole mentions they were doing things with them that weren’t being done anywhere else on TV. Chuck asks Billy to be his partner for life and they actually get on The Today Show for it. They discuss Rico and Jericho seems to be a fan and says he has the greatest sideburns in WWE history. Finally at the ceremony the WWE gets cold feet and has Billy admit they aren’t gay and it was publicity stunt. The WWE was actually getting some praise for that angle and the cop-out got a little backslash if I remember.

4: Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee

-This should have been Savage/Liz for this generation, but sadly it didn’t happen. Bryan says he had AJ first and she mentions Bryan was so sweet until he won the title and then turned into an asshole. They discuss the kiss of death at Mania that started Bryan’s road to superstardom. AJ again says it wasn’t intentional. Bryan mentions he blamed AJ and that changed her into a crazy person, so he proposed to her to help things. That wedding was at RAW 1000 and finally AJ mentions that she was apparently the only one to notice that Bryan was marrying her so he could have her committed. AJ looked fantastic in that gown and she ends up leaving Daniel at the altar to become the RAW GM. The ending of this segment was great as they just kept going back and forth between AJ and Daniel so they could make jokes at the expense of the other.

3: Macho Man and Elizabeth

-I just weep for this countdown anymore! This will always be #1 and nothing anyone can say will ever change my mind. Lanny Poffo shows up to give some great insight and he mentions how protective Savage was of Liz. AJ mentions that Liz was extremely sympathetic and you could feel for her. They discuss Mania IV and of course we get CM Punk as he puts over the awesomeness of Savage on that night. Lawler makes sure to put over the performance of Liz on that night as well which is a great point. They kind of skip their reunion (what is that shit about?) and just go to Savage proposing on an episode of Superstars and the crowd reaction is insane. Steph mentions it was huge deal to her as she loved Elizabeth and I could totally see a young Steph looking up to her as a role model. Ziggler and Miz do their best Macho impressions and really who hasn’t? Everyone mentions they set the bar high and it is awesome to see the smiles on everyone’s face as they talk about the two of them. Again I say, I weep for any fans that would put Savage/Liz at number 3 behind Lita/Edge and HHH/Steph (I assume). Nobody was openly weeping at any point when these 2 couples did anything. Unless Lawler was crying with joy during Live Sex Celebration!

-We take a break to discuss Mr. McMahon and all his interactions with the Divas. Jericho says that if he was the boss he would make out with the Divas on screen as well. It is pretty insane how many women he has made out with, but as always he got the worst of things in the end. Stacy Keibler and her long legs are just insane and so is Trish asking for a spanking.

2: Stephanie and HHH

-I am shocked and stunned this somehow didn’t make it to #1. Kind of makes me even sadder for the fans voting Macho/Steph at 3 because with this being 2 then it had to be legit vote. Steph was rather hot during the start of the McMahon/Helmsley period and way I prefer to remember her. Again, still kind of hot in her new enhanced and toned way, but I prefer the late 99 Steph. They discuss when they got married for real and how it added to their onscreen dynamic and it could be used as it was with the Orton/HHH feud. Steph says they should be number 1, and again, I am kind of floored they didn’t end up there.

1: Edge and Lita

-The top 3 seems correct in my opinion, even if the order is a little mixed up, but can’t deny how much this combination helped each person. You all know the story as Lita and Edge were really screwing around off camera behind poor Matt’s back. They eventually turned Lita heel because crowd caught on and were booing her out of the arena. They smartly paired her with Edge and they took off from there. Matt got a nice little program out of it when he returned and it was a good deal, but he obviously got the short end. Lita embraced her inner slut and my goodness did she look fantastic after that turn. Edge wins the WWE Title with the 1st Cash In and we get Live Sex Celebration the next night. Edge and Lita both seem embarrassed by it, but as Lita mentioned: at least it drew a great rating.

-Next week we get countdown of Best Trash Talkers. That should be glorious!

The 411: Better edition this week even if I had issues with the #1 choice, but perhaps I am just old now. Again, all WWE on this one as no other promotion need apply. I was kind of hoping they would toss ECW a bone with Beulah/Dreamer, but no such luck. Overall just another fun list and the talking heads sure seem to enjoy it as well.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend


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