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From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Dangerous Divas
Posted by Robert Leighty Jr. on 06.18.2014

From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Dangerous Divas

-The lead in says we are counting down the sexiest, powerful, and jaw dropping Divas of all time. So I guess those 3 things are what makes a Diva dangerous.

-The talking heads discuss what a Diva is, and 10 seconds in we get to see Stacy Keibler’s ass: GREATEST EPISODE EVER. They put over Elizabeth being the first Diva and how she changed the dynamic of women in the industry. I love the respect paid to Miss Elizabeth here, and I still hold out hope she gets her proper place in the Hall of Fame (though I think that may be up to her family). They discuss how being a Diva in the WWE has to have Attitude and they also have to be strong women.

10: Sunny

-Wow, probably a bit top low! Fandago brings the awesome as he mentions he was 13 in 1996 and he thanks Sunny for everything during that time in his life. Eve Torres calls her sexy and the All American Girl at the same time. It is unbelievable how attractive Sunny was and just the levels of hotness she hit from 96-97. I know many of my friends at the time were more into Sable, but in my opinion Sunny tops her in nearly every way. Cody talks about all the pictures he downloaded of Sunny on the net at the time and they leads to how she was the most downloaded celebrity on AOL for a period of time. Fandango wishes he had a computer at that time. Too funny!

9: Alundra Blayze

-Oh boy, this should be interesting. I am shocked she cracked the list and can’t wait to see how they bury her. Punk mentions he doesn’t even like calling her Alundra Blayze as Medusa was a bad ass name. He says he wouldn’t mess with a lady named Medusa. Heyman pops up and says he feels Medusa was wasted in WCW as a manager, and part of that is why she made the jump to the WWF. She quickly becomes the WWF Woman’s Champion and the women’s division is built around her. They discuss her skills from Japan, and how she was one of the toughest women on the planet. Then history is made as she jumps to WCW and dumps the WWF Woman’s Title in a trashcan on Nitro. AWESOME! Dreamer crushes her and calls it classless and AJ Lee also mentions she can’t respect that. The wrestling world has been a lot worse than a Woman's Title being tossed in the garbage and really ECW was born off a man throwing down a title, so I had no issue with her doing it.

8: Sable

-Again, for whatever reason I never found the appeal of her. Someone says that if Sunny was a 10 then Sable was a 25. Blasphemy there! Vince Russo says they soon realized she needed to be a bigger part of the show as they just had her modeling merchandise at first. Sandow talks about how she became bigger than Mero and how it had to drive him crazy. They show her crushing Mero with a powerbomb and they crowd reaction is rather impressive. Fandango again as he talks about the hand paint over her breasts. Sable became the first WWE Diva to appear on the cover of Play Boy, and more from Fandango as he says in the WWE today we have cute girls and back then they had sexy women.

7: Fabulous Moolah

-Cena calls her the reason that every WWE Diva is on television. Gene says that in the 50s Moolah was a hottie and also one of the toughest wrestlers (male or female) in a wrestling ring. They discuss her 25 year reign as the WWE Woman’s Champion which is kind of crazy because the title was active and inactive so much, but I guess credit to her on that one. Everyone loves Moolah’s Attitude Era run with Mae Young and how Moolah beat Ivory for the WWE Woman’s Title at the age of 74. I really hope I can move that well when I hit my mid 70s.

6: Sensational Sherri

-Another tough ass chick and Sandow mentions that no matter the era she is one of the greatest Divas ever. Shawn calls her a legit bad ass, and Punk says she was tougher than half the men on the roster. Amen! Dibiase Jr mentions that he was scared of her as a child, while Santino says he found her very attractive. They show footage of Sherri getting physically involved including her coming off the top of the cage during the Hogan/Flair retirement match at Havoc 94. They then go through the list of men she managed and Shawn puts over how much she helped his career. Sandow says she should be #1 and at worst she be #2 and Punk says that hands down she is the most dangerous Diva as he admits to having a soft spot for her. He also mentions that he doesn’t know if she would even like being called a Diva.

-Recap so far

5: Mae Young

-Another tough woman and she started when she was 16 years old and stock footage of Mae discussing how Strangler Lewis told her she was made to be a wrestler. Beth Phoenix brings up Bubba putting Mae through a table from the stage with a powerbomb. Layla brings up how she went non PG on her and Michelle McCool during an interview and it is still glorious. Now we discuss the Miss Rumble bathing suit contest and how Mae flashed everyone. That segues to the romance with Mark Henry and all the craziness that came from that including the birth of the hand. Briscoe and Patterson sell that in tremendous fashion and years later they pay that joke off with a grown up version of the hand. Mae’s last Mania appearance is at 27 when she slaps The Rock on the ass and it still brings a smile to my face.

4: Stephanie McMahon

-Yeah, she really does deserve to be on here because she has turned into quite the heel. They discuss the change from Daddy’s Little Girl (when I still found her to be her hottest, as I have a think for women not wearing a crap load of heavy make-up) to HHH’s wife. Cole calls it one of the greatest changes in WWE history and hard to dispute that claim. Steph pops up and with a smile she makes sure to stay in character when discussing the things she has done during her on screen run. She thinks she was singled out by Jericho because she was an easy target. AJ puts over the job she did as the GM of SmackDown and how she was a powerful female character on television. The role was ok for her, but she plays a natural heel so well. Summer Rae loves the Authority and again, Steph is knocking it out the park in her current role. Steph says she is the most powerful, dominate Diva in the business.

-We take a break to discuss crazy chicks. In this case they discuss Mickie James, Luna Vachon, and AJ Lee. The Mickie character was tremendous and still baffled why the WWE questioned why the majority of the male fans cheered for her in that feud: she was a hot chick in love with another hot chick and kept getting shot down. Her match with Trish at Mania 22 may still be my favorite Divas match of all time. Punk mentions he gets goose bumps just mentioning Luna’s name. When you have a father and uncle named Mad Dog and Butcher, you are probably destined to be just as crazy. Now onto AJ and it’s fun to watch Punk discuss how crazy she is considering he's married to her now.

3: Beth Phoenix

-She must have really connected with the crowd to be voted this high. I mean, Beth is awesome, but didn’t know she had this big of a following. Beth mentions that she was told for a long time to be the next Trish Stratus to make it in the business and she had ideas of being the first Beth Phoenix. Her power is just crazy scary and there was a period where was carrying the other Divas to some very solid matches. Miz jokes that she could probably lift more than his does, and that would kind of amusing to watch them have a contest. They show her winning the Divas Title for the first time and you can see she was rather emotional about it (which is always cool to see). Beth brings up hitting Eve with the Glam Slam form the tope rope in MSG at Survivor Series and yeah it got a pretty good pop from the snarky fans in NY. Her favorite moment though was entering the Rumble and eliminating Khali with a dreaded kiss lock. Now they fun stuff with Santino and it was just tremendous. Beth was proud to be unique and different and was happy to be a positive role model to young girls and women.

2: Trish Stratus

-Wow, I had her pegged for the top spot, so I guess that leaves Lita for #1. Teddy Long calls her hotter than all outdoors and I guess that’s a good thing. Miz says men love hot chicks and I say no shit to that one. Trish was ok being viewed as a sex symbol as she figured if men wanted to look at her like that she would at least have their attention and would be given the chance to show them she was more. Nattie mentions that Trish got good in the ring and did it rather fast. The heel turn at Mania XX is the point where she went next level hot for me and it also proved she could be a great heel. There is just something about being heel that always made Trish (and later Lita) hotter and not sure why. They discuss her winning the Title on her last night in her home town against Lita with the Sharpshooter, and besides just being a good match it was a great moment. The current crop of Divas all thank her and mention they wouldn’t be where they are without her.

1: Lita

-Again, I had Trish finishing her, but I can see how Lita was voted in the top spot. AJ Lee absolutely gushes over her and make the jokes you want as there have already been plenty of them. AJ brings up Lita’s debut on Heat as Essa Rios manager and how she hit the moonsault after the match. They talk about all the crazy high flying shit she did and how it was groundbreaking for the time. We get some old footage of the Hardys from their DVD discussing how important Lita was to their careers. They discuss her and Matt falling in love and then Edge steals her away. Fandango mentions how the love triangle struck a nerve with a lot of wrestling fans because it was so real. Again, the heel turn turned her into a sex crazed fiend and it was tremendous. The Live Sex Celebration is shown (well parts of it) and still fantastic. They show the footage of AJ (age 12) meeting Lita in person and how she cried like a baby. I know that has been brought up and shown before but it is still pretty awesome. I love seeing things like that such as Foley at MSG as a fan and Edge at Mania VI.

The 411: Nothing too crazy with the list this week though I would have liked to see Miss Elizabeth crack the list, but the shout-out in the lead in was nice to see. Fun show this week as the Divas are mostly treated as eye candy, and because of that we do forget that these women all busted their ass to make it in a male dominated business, so kudos to all of them.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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