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Kayfabe! Breaking Kayfabe with Troy Martin
Posted by Mike Campbell on 06.20.2014

Breaking Kayfabe with Troy Martin

Compared to the last Breaking Kayfabe release with Cornette, this one doesnít hold up as well. But, it takes a lot to hit the same level as an interview with Cornette, and this isnít bad in the least. Where this scores major points is in illustrating the concept of the series. This isnít just an interview with Shane Douglas, where he talks about how much he hates Dick Flair, and how the clique held him back. This is an interview with the man Troy Martin, and wrestling is only a tiny piece of the puzzle.

The topics of discussion here include his family (more specifically, his father), stories of his teaching career (which was my favorite part of this), his drug issues, his marriage and divorce, and finishing up on a light-hearted note with some talk about the band Kiss and politics. Yes, wrestling does come up from time to time, but not really in the way that youíd expect. He talks about his upcoming plans to start a company, and the failure of Extreme Reunion and Extreme Rising, and gives some nuggets of info here and there. The most interesting one, to me, was that the original plan for the Hollywood Blondes was Pillman and Douglas, with Shane turning on Steamboat. But, Shane felt that it was too soon to do that, because he wasnít seen as on Rickyís level yet. He also says that he has good relationships with Vince and Flair now, because heís learned to let things go. His issues with them were twenty years ago. He actually saw Flair not long after Reid passed away and gave his condolences and hugged Flair. There are other things here and there, but wrestling isnít the main focus of the interview.

Sean, as always, is the straight laced interviewer. He doesnít throw softball question, and doesnít hold back. When he brings up Target, he doesnít just leave it at Target, he comments that itís become a punch line for people, both in the business and not in the business, who donít like Shane. Also, in a show of class, when discussing Shaneís marriage, the name of his now ex wife is bleeped out. Troy is also very mild tempered and calm throughout the interview. So, if youíre expecting a fired up ďFranchiseĒ promo, then youíre going to be disappointed. When Target comes up, Shane tells the story of him working there, and his only real response to the mocking is that he took a job to support his family, which is what a man is supposed to do. The other really interesting aspect, to me, was the discussion of wrestlers as Independent Contractors, and how big a crock it really is. Shane goes through the list of requirements to be considered an independent contractor, and how most of them, even in the loosest interpretation, donít apply at all to the business.

The 411: This doesn't have the same re-watch value as Cornette's, but it's a really interesting interview, and perfectly captures the essence of what the Breaking Kayfabe series is.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend


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