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From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Celebrity Twists
Posted by Robert Leighty Jr. on 07.01.2014

From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Celebrity Twists

-The talking heads discuss bringing celebrities into the ring and how it draws intrigue because you always want to see if they do something physical. There are a lot of actors here as talking heads: Hugh Jackman, Freddie Prinze Jr., David Koechner and Seth Green. Orton puts over Wayne Brady for taking a RKO. They talk about celebrities getting into the ring and Ken Jeong mocks John Cena for turning on him. Johnny Knoxville is last celebrity to pop up and he loved coming to the WWE. Kind of hope I see Umaga destroy Steve-O.

10: Dennis Rodman

-Wow, WCW actually getting some love on a countdown. I would say he should probably be higher because man did wrestle 3 times on a WCW PPV, and wasn’t just a one shot deal. Hogan talks about how he met Rodman through mutual friends and that Dennis was interested in the wrestling business. Rollins puts over how Rodman fit in perfectly with Hollywood Hogan and the n.W.o. Clearly Rodman was a personality that was made for pro-wrestling. The various WWE stars discuss wearing a wedding dress like Rodman did and some thoughts are funny and other ones not so much. They put over how Rodman, no matter how bizarre, always had eyes on him and was great publicity for WCW. Woo! Michelle Beadle is back and yes, she is still smoking hot. Need more of her on these countdowns. Rodman himself pops up and talks about how much he enjoyed it. Nash talks about how he missed practice during the playoffs to show up on Nitro and he got some heat for it. Rodman says he is lucky that he didn’t get fined and now talk shifts to Malone coming in to fight Roman in a tag match. That was a perfect storm for WCW as both guys were coming off playing each other in the finals in back to back years. Rodman says he and Malone were friends for years and wrestling is entertainment so they figured why not. I am just astounded at the praise WCW is getting from the talking heads here. Bryan mentions that Rodman was an athlete, but not a pro-wrestler and Dennis talks about how he was worried about falling the wrong way and killing his basketball career.

9: Pete Rose

-Man, thought he would be a lot higher as well just because of how memorable his Mania appearances were. Kane pops up first as you would expect and he seems disgusted when talking about Pete (in character obviously). They show him roasting the fans in Boston and it is still hilarious though I guess Boston gets last laugh as they have won 3 World Series since then. “Last time we were here, we kicked your ass!” Awesome! Ultra heel monster Kane comes down and drills Rose with a tombstone to a great pop from the crowd. That then starts the running gag of Rose trying to get revenge and eating a tombstone each time. I forgot that Pete also ate a stink face at Mania 2000, so yeah, way to take one for the team there! As a guest host years later he tried to get revenge one last time and once again things didn’t go his way.

8: Cyndi Lauper

-Big stuff here for the WWE as she was a big part of the Rock N Wrestling Era that got the WWE on MTV. In 85 Cyndi was a pretty big star and she was brought in by Capt Lou due to him being in her music video. We get Lauper popping up and she talks about how she loved Capt Lou and wanted him in more videos. She shows up on Piper’s Pit and attacks Piper and the WWE was off and running. Piper talks about how she won female vocalist of the year and talked trash about Piper during her speech. Piper says that was huge as it brought more eyeballs to the WWE. Cole says Lauper is the reason that the WWE came to the mainstream and Hogan gives credit to Vince’s vision. She manages Wendi Richter at the first Mania and helps her defeat Moolah to win the Woman’s Title. Hogan mentions that once Lauper came on board they were able to lure more celebrities to the first Mania and has continued ever since.

7: Bob Barker

-This is one of those things were everyone knew that him being a guest host of RAW was going to awesome and it was. Bryan calls Barker an incredible entertainer and Ziggler puts over how he has been a staple of afternoon TV for 50 years. Cole mentions that Barker is a great ad libber and how well it worked on RAW. They did a version of the Price of Right on RAW with Santino, Jillian Hall, IRS, and Chris Jericho. Jericho steals the show as he wears his name tag on his bare chest and just looks disgusted even being there, but you know dude had to be having the time of his life. Santino says the whole experience was surreal and he couldn’t stop staring at Barker. Jericho calls Barker a son of a bitch with a smile on his face and says he will take him on anywhere. Barker is great in his one on one interaction with Jericho and Jericho mentions that he nearly laughed when Bob threatened to bend him over his knee. Awesome! Bryan mentions that Bob was one of the WWE roster’s favorite guest hosts, and yeah, I can totally see that. Jericho calls him the best guest host ever and that Barker had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

6: David Arquette

-Oh boy! Mysterio mentions he is a fan of his movies and DPP talks about how Arquette was a fan of the business. Russo defends putting the title on him as a way to bring more viewers to WCW as they were in the middle of a war that they were losing. Arquette mentions that he was reluctant to go through with it and he was convinced that there wouldn't be that much resentment. He knows more traditional fans hated it and I do believe anything Arquette made from appearances he donated to Pillman’s family and Owen Hart’s family plus Droz I believe. He mentions he had to learn on the fly. DDP broke the news to him that he was winning the title and he thought it was a joke. He tells DDP they can’t do that and DDP tells him, I know, but they are doing it. Arquette pins Bischoff in a tag match and he becomes the WCW World Champion. They talk about how it backfired because the fans were irate. Cena, Punk, and Miz all seem disgusted when talking about it. Punk actually doesn’t even want to talk about it. Booker mentions he had nothing against David and Russo says it was all for word of mouth. He discusses how the following week Courtney Cox, and Kurt Russell cut promos with Arquette holding the WCW Title. Russo still has no regrets putting the title on him and says 15 years later people still talk about it. Arquette mentions he has massive respect for wrestlers and enjoyed the time he got to be part of the show.

-Recap of the countdown so far.

5: Floyd Mayweather

-Dude should be higher as I loved every single part of this angle, and dude is quite possibly pound for pound the greatest boxer of all time. He is an entertainer to the extreme and can sell a fight like no other. Big Show returns at No Way Out in Vegas and destroys Rey Mysterio (who invited Mayweather as a guest). Floyd jumps in the ring and he hits a crazy ass fast combo that breaks the Big Show’s nose. DDP talks about how he jumped out of his seat and started laughing because of what happened. Show talks about how he was legit pissed and tried all he could to get his hands on Mayweather and says there would have been no match at Mania. Floyd was just a natural heel and WWE smartly changed the roles as they headed to Mania. The match itself is entertaining as hell as Floyd more than carried his weight and dude from his entourage nearly stole the show at ringside. Floyd says it was a great experience and he had fun.

4: Mr. T

-Wow, another one I figured would be a lot higher. I mean the man helped sell the very first WrestleMania. Santino talks about Rocky III and still my favorite in the series. Clubber Lang was awesome and one of greatest villains ever. Hogan talks about how Piper wasn’t happy with T being there, but Hogan mentions T was an amateur wrestler and could handle things. Gene also discusses the heat between the two as they headed towards Mania. Patterson shows up (as he was the referee for the match) and discusses how intense things got during the match. Foley puts over how much T being there helped make Mania a big deal. Things were unfinished between Piper and T so the boxed each other at Mania the following year. Piper says he wasn’t sure what was going to happen when he stepped in the ring. T wins by DQ when Piper slams him after knocking down the referee. Bryan talks about how Vince had to have a lot of trust in T to put him in 2 major matches at the first two Manias. Again, I think he should be higher, but fans have spoken.

-We take a break to discuss the female celebrities that have showed up. Snooki is discussed first and I was there in Atlanta for Mania and she was booed out of the building. Credit to her though as she got the crowd slightly on her side when she hit a handspring elbow in the corner. Maria Menounos is next and she is clearly a fan and why she keeps coming back to the WWE. They talk about how she broke down in tears because it was a dream of hers and she starts tearing up just talking about it. Again, great for her and I have no issue with her being in a WWE ring. They talk about Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy showing up for Mania XI and Shawn’s says he always wanted to be WWE Champion, but the chicks didn’t hurt either. I am sure he may have tried to hit on both of them and wonder if either gave him time of day.

3: Donald Trump

-Yeah, I mean dude being part of Mania 23 is big reason it was most buys in history (I think broken since by Rock/Cena I). Trump has been part of WWE since hosting Mania IV and V at Trump Plaza. The Battle of the Billionaires is the main focus and they do mention that the actual match was between Umaga and your current TNA Champion, Bobby Lashley (easily most high profile match he has ever had and may every have in his career). Lashley wins the match so Austin, Trump, and Lashley take great pleasure in shaving Vince McMahon bald. Vince says he is easily one of the ugliest bald men in history because he has a misshaped head. Ha! Trump says he and Vince are friends and he enjoyed shaving his head.

2: Arnold Schwarzenegger

-Everyone immediately does their Arnold impressions and credit to some dropping “it’s not a tumor.” Ryder is a massive Arnold fan and he is marking out just talking about the guy. He showed up on an episode of SmackDown and Jericho talks about how all the boys in the back were freaking out to show that everyone has a little mark in them for someone. They show Arnold and Rock backstage and who knew that Rock would basically take mantle from Arnold as biggest action superstar. Vince presents Arnold with a WWF Title for being Box Office Champion. HHH ends up getting bitch slapped and then Arnold unloads on him. Road Dogg mentions that Arnold didn’t know his own strength and HHH ate a few potatoes. Sweet! Orton says that Arnold was his idol as a kid and it was huge seeing him on SmackDown.

-Recap before getting to #1

1: Mike Tyson

-Yeah, easily the best money Vince ever spent on a celebrity as him showing up on RAW was massive at the time. Bryan talks about how Tyson bit off a man’s ear and people wanted to see what he could do. Russo talks about how Tyson was suspended from boxing, so McMahon wanted him part of their PPV. Bryan laughs at Tyson calling Austin “Cold Stone,” but at same time you could he was a huge fan. Tyson says he was a wrestling fan before he was a boxing fan. Tyson shows up on RAW and gets interrupted by Tyson triggering a crazy brawl that made the WWE the cool show again. Tyson joins DX heading into Mania and he was a perfect fit for that group. Sadly for Shawn, Tyson counts the pin that gives Austin the WWE Title. Shawn talks trash after the match and eats a right hand. They all wonder what was going through Shawn’s head and sadly he doesn’t pop up to give his side of things. Tyson gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Shawn and HHH. Orton mentions that his speech was hard to understand, but he thought it was great to see Tyson get goose bumps because he was so honored to be there. Always great when the celebrities are true fans!

The 411: Fun stuff this week and not really too much to complain about with this list. Sure, some could be ranked in different spots, but I can't think of any glaring omissions of the top of my head. Perhaps Lawrence Taylor just because he was in a singles match that was the Main Event at Mania XI.
Final Score:  7.2   [ Good ]  legend


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