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Kayfabe! Timeline: The History of ECW - 2000-01 as told by Justin Credible
Posted by Mike Campbell on 07.06.2014

Timeline Ė The History of ECW 2000-01 as told by Justin Credible

Out of the three of the ECW Timelines that Iíve now seen (the other two being 1994 and 1997) this is easily the weakest of the three. Itís not boring or anything, but itís lacking in something outstanding that the other two had. 1994 had the whole story, from Shaneís perspective, regarding the double crossing of the NWA, and 1997 had Sabu telling all sorts of funny backstage stories, and stories about Heyman. Youíd think that the final days of ECW would be full of stories about how bad the company was being run and how shitty the morale was, with nobody being paid. But, if those stories are out there, they donít come from Justin.

Justin, himself, is a fine interview in that heís well-spoken and seems comfortable in the setting, but he doesnít seem to have any real perspective to give the interview from. He was just one of the boys, who came to work each day for ECW. Thereís the occasional interesting nugget of info, like how Awesome was scared shitless that someone was going to try to mess him up when he came back to drop the strap to Tazz, but that was never going to happen because all the boys liked him, and understood why he made the jump. But, even when things that youíd think would be a really good story get brought up, like the Danbury fall with New Jack and Grimes, or the XPW boys showing up at the PPV, the great story just isnít there. All Justin really says about the XPW guys showing up was that he was having his match with Dreamer and Dreamer says to him ďOh look, Francine is fighting someone in the crowd.Ē and thatís all that gets said. Hell, the best story from Justin isnít even about ECW: The story of him telling Vince that he wanted out of the WWF to go to WCW with Hall and Nash, and Vince refusing, because he didnít want another of his guys jumping and becoming big players. So, he let him go to work for ECW, and the rest is history.

The 411: Again, it's not a bad interview, but it's not outstanding at all.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend


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