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The Name on the Marquee: WWF Championship Wrestling (8.3.1985)
Posted by Adam Nedeff on 07.08.2014

-Originally aired August 3, 1985.

-Your hosts are Vinny and the Bru. Historic moment: Vince opens the show by announcing that The Hart Foundation will be in action! FINALLY!

BARRY WINDHAM & MIKE ROTUNDO (Tag Team Champions, with Captain Lou Albano) vs. BARRY O & LARRY FINNEGAN
-Rotundo locks up with Barry O, who “has all kinds of credentials,” according to the commentary team. O backs Rotundo into the corner and Finnegan is too stupid to cheat, so Rotundo punches out of his predicament. Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake, and Jimmy Hart come to ringside to scout the champions. Two noteworthy moments: Jimmy Hart’s megaphone debuts, and he refers to Valentine and Beefcake as the Dream Team.

-Finnegan tags in and Vince is all over the jobber, who has no semblance of physique at all and weighs well over 300 pounds. Vince calls him, at various points, blubber, a sack of garbage, and a walrus. Bulldog by Windham puts Finnegan out of his misery, and it’s an easy win for the champs. Dream Team leaves without incident.

-Lord Alfred Hayes profiles young Corporal Mike Kirchner, whose training in hand-to-hand combat in the 82nd Airborne has him ready for action in the WWF. The Corporal cuts his first promo, helpfully spelling his name and telling us to look up the 82nd Airborne since we’ve never heard of it. He jumps out of a plane and tells us he’s going to kick butt.

-Heenan once more manages to lose track of Link just on the walk to the ring. This really is great to watch; I wish they had done more with this pair.

-Dropkick by Londos doesn’t faze Link. Link rams Londos into the corner and causes the turnbuckle to fall completely off, leaving the ring pretty muh without a top rope for the rest of the match. Hillbilly Jim says the good folks in Mud Lick are going all out to round up votes for Manager of the Year. Link finishes with the kneedrop off the second rope in the meantime.

-Gene Okerlund announces that President Jack Tunney has handed down an edict that Cowboy Bob Orton is banned from ringside during the upcoming Orndorff/Piper bout in Boston. Paul Orndorff is ready to get his revenge for everything that went down on Saturday Night Live.

-The Fink didn’t use the collective name, but Vince did, so good enough.

-Hart & Wells lock up. Shoulderblocks give Wells the early advantage and he applies an armbar. Neidhart distracts Wells and gives Bret an opening to dropkick him out of the ring. Fucking SLICK spot follows as Wells skins the cat back in, headscissors Hart as he skins the cat, and then sorta-kinda Frankensteiners Hart into Neidhart.

-Mirto tags in and that’s when things stop going well. Decapitator by the Foundation, and the Hart Attack finishes a short time later.

-Don Muraco and Mr. Fuji, “via satellite,” join us to talk about their match in Boston against Ricky Steamboat and the Junkyard Dog. They’ll put the Dog to sleep.

-Funker chops Young and tosses him to the concrete. Back in the ring, Funk lifts Young for a suplex and spins him a few times before dropping him, which is pretty impressive-looking. Young makes a comeback, but misses a dropkick. Funk lifts him in a fireman’s carry and drops him throat-first over the top rope, and then puts him down with a sleeper. After the match, Funk whips out the branding iron for the first time and brands him.

-Tito shows up and greets the crowd, and Piper says he doesn’t need the fans to cheer for him to retain a championship. Tito misses the obvious punch line about Piper not even having a belt and instead makes fun of Piper for hiring a bodyguard. He promises to defend the title one-on-one against anyone, and to help his friends Junkyard Dog, Ricky Steamboat, and Paul Orndorff if they ever need help. Piper asks if he’s considered collecting the $25,000 bounty, and Tito says he doesn’t need the money.

-Vince notes that the managers in the WWF are being completely foolish about the offers they’re making Savage to get him signed. Vince also clarifies that previous rumors about Arnold Skaaland expressing interest were fabricated, and Skaaland has gone on the record that he’s not interested in somebody who uses Savage’s tactics.

-Savage tosses Roma to the concrete and connects with the double axehandle. Back in, he slams Roma into place, and the flying elbow gets the three-count.

-Hillbilly Jim reminds us to look both ways when we cross the street.

-Spot turns out to present a challenge to Dynamite, connecting with a clothesline and a second-rope forearm. Spot puts the boots to Dynamite and drops him throat-first on the top rope. Vince announces that the lead has changed in Manager of the Year voting yet again, with Captain Lou Albano in front this week.

-Dynamite connects with a kneelift out of nowhere, leaving both men dazed on the mat. They recover and collide on double shoulderblocks, and we’re actually going to get a hot tag in this match. Hottish. Lukewarm, at least. Davey Boy powerslams Adams and Dynamite follows with a diving headbutt for three.

-Roddy Piper gripes about Bob Orton’s ban from Boston Garden. He says he resents Paul Orndorff’s negative attitude, after all the help Piper gave him with getting Dr. Ruth to help Orndorff with his personal problems.

The 411: It's amazing how alive this promotion is; notice that five of the six matches this week featured stars who weren't there at the beginning of 1985, and even the "veterans" (Windham and Rotundo) hadn't been there for a full year. The company put a heavy emphasis on fresh blood and it worked. This was a great period for them. So make a note, everybody. Fresh blood is important for great periods.
Final Score:  6.6   [ Average ]  legend


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