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From The Network- WCW Starrcade 1997
Posted by Dylan Diot on 07.12.2014

WCW Starrcade 1997
Washington, DC

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Dusty Rhodes.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship- Eddie Guerrero © vs. Dean Malenko
Eddie attacks from behind to start but Malenko takes him down and hammers him on the mat. Eddie pokes the eye to come back and he rakes Malenkoís face off the ropes. Leg lariat by Malenko gets 2. Brainbuster by Malenko and he hammers Eddie on the mat again. Eddie goes for the assisted hurricanrana but Malenko blocks with a powerbomb for 2. Alabama Slam by Malenko gets 2 and he hits a powerslam for 2. Eddie bails to the floor to recover and back in, he clips Malenko as he was distracted. Guerrero works over Malenko and he pokes the eye as Malenko tries to fight back. Snap mare and Eddie steps on the face of Malenko. Basement dropkick by Eddie and he goes for a suplex but Malenko blocks. Gordbuster in the ropes by Malenko and he hits a clothesline for 2. Snapmare and Malenko grabs a chinlock. Eddie gets to the ropes to break and Malenko presses Eddie to the mat. Eddie tries to suck up to Malenko so Malenko dropkicks him. Eddie bails again and back in, Malenko dropkicks him again. Eddie rams Malenko in the corner and throws some shoulders to the gut. Eddie goes for the Tornado DDT but Malenko blocks and he presses Eddie into the top turnbuckle. Back suplex by Malenko gets 2 and Guerrero goes for the Brainbuster but Malenko blocks. Eddie snaps Malenkoís back off the ropes and he works over the leg of Malenko on the apron. Slingshot pescado onto the leg by Guerrero and he wraps Malenkoís knee off the post. Eddie dropkicks the steps into the leg of Malenko and back in, Eddie continues to work the leg of Malenko. Powerbomb by Eddie gets 2. Malenko catches Eddie with the Wheelbarrow suplex for 2. Malenko charges in the corner but eats elbow but Malenko counters an arm drag attempt into a backbreaker for 2. Eddie goes up but Malenko stops him and he follows up. They battle for position on top and he shoves Eddie to the mat as they botch a super reverse atomic drop attempt. Inside cradle by Malenko gets 2 as Eddie grabs the ropes. Powerbomb by Malenko and he goes for the Texas Cloverleaf but Eddie blocks. He misses a dropkick to the knee and Eddie falls to the floor. Back in, Eddie goes up and hits a missile dropkick to the leg. Eddie goes up and hits the Frog Splash onto the knee for 3!!!
Winner and Still WCW Cruiserweight Champion- Eddie Guerrero ***1/4 (They got a ton of time to work with and Eddie had major heat early but the leg work was all over the place and at time both guys didnít seem to know what they wanted to do which resulted in awkward spots. Love the finished though, and despite the issues at least the leg work played into the finish. )

Scott Hall comes out and does his usual playing to the crowd shenanigans. Hall says heís interested in who wins the main event tonight because he gets a title shot at Superbrawl for winning World War III. He says Nash will not be in the building tonight and The Giant, Nashís original opponent for tonight, comes out. He says he doesnít blame Nash for not showing up and claims to be a patient man. He ays sooner or later, Nash will learn who the one real giant is. Giant says he has another message for Nash and Hall begins to attack. Giant knocks him down with a head butt and he presses Hall. Giant lays out Hall with the Jackknife Powerbomb to send his message. ( Kevin Nash had a medical issue and some believed he didnít want to do the job so he no showed. They had their match the next month at Souled Out so I donít know how true that theory really was. )

New World Order (Scott Norton, Vincent, and Konnan) vs. Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) and Ray Traylor w/Ted Dibiase
I guess Konnan canít compete so he is being replaced by Randy Savage, who comes out with Elizabeth. Scott and Savage start. Scott overpowers Savage in the early going and Norton hits a knee to the back, allowing Savage to drop Scott in the ropes. Savage chokes away and Vincent joins in. Savage works him over on the apron and Norton comes in. Samoan Drop by Norton and he hits a back breaker. Tag to Savage and he goes up. Axe handle off the top to the back by Savage and Scott comes back with a butterfly powerbomb. Press slam by Scott and everyone brawls in the ring. The Steiner Brothers and Traylor clear the ring of the N.W.O. Back in, Rick tags in and he hits a powerslam on Norton. Clothesline by Rick and he hits a second powerslam for 2. Tag to Traylor and he hits some rights. N.W.O triple team Traylor in the corner and Traylor catches Vincent with a spinebuster to come back. Vincent pokes the eye of Traylor and nails him from behind. Back suplex by Traylor and Scott tags in. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner and he toys with Vincent. Tag to Traylor and he slams Vincent. Tag to Rick and he goes to the chinlock. Tag to Traylor and he misses a big splash. Tag to Norton and he hits a clothesline. Norton chokes Traylor in the ropes and Savage gets some shots in. Tag to Vincent and they collide mid-ring. Tag to Rick and he cleans house. The Steiners hit the Doomsday DDT on Vincent for 2 as Norton saves. Scott puts Vincent on top and follows up. Frankensteiner by Scott gets 2 as Savage saves. T-Bone suplex to Savage and Scott puts Savage on top. He follows up but Dibiase argues with the ref, allowing Norton to catch Scott with an electric chair. Flying Elbow Drop by Savage gets 3!!!
Winners- New World Order **1/2 ( Well, Dibiase is an idiot for costing his team the win. Solid tag match that picked up when the Steiners started tossing everyone around, which is never not fun to watch. You would think Traylor would get some revenge for weeks of embarrassment but he wasnít the one that was pinned so itís not that big a deal. )

JJ Dillon announces Nick Patrick will be the ref for the main event, as he has earned his trust.

Goldberg vs. Steve McMichael
They brawl in the entrance way to start and Goldberg tosses McMichael into the ring. Back in, Mongo hits a sidewalk slam for 2. Flying shoulder block by Goldberg gets 2. He dumps Mongo to the floor and follows out, where they brawl around ringside. Back in, McMichael goes up and leaps but Goldberg nails him on the way down. Goldberg rolls McMichael into the grapevine and he overpowers McMichael. Spear by Goldberg gets 2. Goldberg sets up a table on the floor and back in, he tries to slam McMichael through the table but McMichael blocks for 2. Dropkick by Goldberg knocks McMichael to the floor and he knocks McMichael off the apron through the table. Back in, Goldberg blocks a Tombstone attempt and hits the Jackhammer for 3.
Winner-Goldberg * (Goldberg was still green as hell and McMichael, while a great persona, was a god awful worker, so this was really ugly at points. Still you watch a match like this and see the potential Goldberg had. )

Raven comes out and talks about the details of his contract that gives him control of when he wrestles. He decides he doesnít want to wrestle tonight, and chooses Saturn to take care of Chris Benoit tonight.

Ravenís Rules Match-Saturn w/Raven vs. Chris Benoit
So thatís one cancelled match and two substitutes in the first five contests, for those keeping store. Benoit cuts a weird, poetic promo on Raven, stumbling through his lines a bit. Saturn attacks to start so Benoit knocks him down with a chop. Sleeper by Saturn but Benoit quickly breaks and chops away. Jawbreaker by Benoit but Saturn comes back with a drop toe hold. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Saturn and he works Benoit over in the corner. Dragon screw leg sweep by Benoit and he hits a dropkick to the leg of Saturn. Benoit knocks Kidman off the apron as he tries to interfere and Saturn takes Benoit to the floor. Sick Boy leaps off the barricade onto Benoit and Kidman hits the SSP onto Benoit on the floor!!! Back in, Saturn hits a guillotine leg drop as Benoit was coming into the ring. Snap mare and Saturn grabs a chinlock. Benoit starts to fight out so Saturn catches him with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Slam by Saturn and he runs the ropes into a moonsault off the top for 2 as Benoit gets his foot on the ropes. Knee to the midsection by Saturn and he hits a leg drop to the back of the head. Roll-up by Benoit gets 2 and Saturn takes him down with a clothesline for 2. Sitting chin lock by Saturn and he chokes Benoit in the ropes. Brainbuster by Saturn gets 2. Saturn goes back to the chinlock but Benoit escapes and gets a sunset flip for 2. Clothesline by Benoit and both men are down. Saturn pokes the eyes to stop a comeback and he chokes Benoit with his boot. Michinoku Driver by Saturn and he goes up. Benoit stops him and follows up. He throws some head butts knocking Saturn to the floor and he grabs the Crippler Crossface on the floor!!! The Flock all break it up and Saturn goes for an Asai moonsault but misses and lands on the Flock!!! Back in, Benoit hits a clothesline and a snap suplex. Benoit goes up and hits the diving head butt. Benoit cleans house on The Flock and Raven confronts him, allowing Van Hammer to attack from behind. DDT by Raven and Saturn grabs the Rings of Saturn. Benoit gives.
Winner- Saturn ***1/4 ( Good match as Saturn and Benoitís styles are identical so they werenít afraid to work a harder, stiffer style together. I didnít mind all the Flock interference as it puts heat on the Ravenís Rules gimmick and build more interest into the eventual Raven/Benoit encounter. )

Buff Bagwell vs. Lex Luger
Luger spits on Bagwell and Bagwell SELLS IT!!! That was great. Bagwell attacks in the early going and Luger comes back with a hip toss. Slam by Luger and he hits a press slam. Luger clotheslines Bagwell to the floor and Bagwell begins to walk out. He calls out Vincent who comes out to support Bagwell. Back in, Bagwell hammers away and dumps Luger to the floor. Luger sends Bagwell into the post and back in, Luger jumps on Bagwellís back in the ropes. Vincent distracts Luger, allowing Bagwell to attack and kick away at the ribs of Luger. Vincent chokes Luger in the ropes and Bagwell double stomps Luger a few times. Bagwell pulls Luger out of the ropes and jumps on the back of Luger a few times. Shots to the back by Bagwell and he pokes the eye of Luger. Luger comes out of the corner with a clothesline and both men are down. Bagwell covers Luger for 2 and Bagwell goes to a standing chinlock. Luger fights out and connects with a clothesline. Bagwell axe handles the back of Luger to end the comeback for 2. Roll-up by Luger gets 2 and Bagwell hits a clothesline for 2. Back to the chinlock for Bagwell but Luger fights out again so Bagwell hits a knee to the midsection. Sleeper by Bagwell but Luger breaks with a back suplex. Standing splash eats knees and Luger fights back with rights. Backdrop by Luger and he cleans house. Reverse atomic drop by Luger and he knocks Vincent off the apron. Forearm shot by Luger and he hits a suplex. Vincent goes up but Luger tosses him off the top onto Bagwell. He sends Vincent into Bagwell and clotheslines Vincent to the floor. Luger stomps away on Bagwell in the corner and the ref pulls him away, allowing Bagwell to knee Luger in the back, sending him into the ref. Powerslam by Luger and he grabs the Torture Rack. Randy Savage breaks it up and Luger press slams Savage. Torture Rack to Savage!!! Scott Norton comes out and he nails Luger in the head with a dog collar. He pulls Bagwell into the cover and he gets 3!!!
Winner- Buff Bagwell **3/4 (This was fine, but they gave these two sixteen minutes and neither guy was capable of having an engaging, long match at this point. Bagwell resorted to mostly rest holds but everything they did looked crisp even if it wasnít all that exciting. )

WCW US Championship- Curt Hennig © vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Crowd is HOT for DDP. Roll-up by DDP gets 2. He goes for the Diamond Cutter but Hennig blocks and bails to the floor. Henning pokes the eye of DDP and he stomps away at the injured ribs of DDP. DDP overpowers Hennig to come back but Hennig works DDP over in the corner to come back. Rights by DDP knocks Hennig to the floor but Hennig snaps DDPís neck on the ropes to come back. Hennig works the ribs of DDP and they head to the floor where Hennig sends DDP into the steps. Back in, Hennig wokrs over DDP and takes him down with a clothesline for 2. Chinlock by Hennig but DDP breaks with a jawbreaker. They slug it out and DDP knocks Hennig to the floor. Slingshot pescado to the floor by DDP and they brawl in the crowd. Back in, DDP pulls Hennig into the post and he goes for the Diamond Cutter but Hennig blocks and covers with his feet on the ropes for 2. Roll-up by DDP gets 2. Small package by DDP gets 2. Clothesline by Hennig gets 2. DDP blocks the Hennig Plex and DDP swings around Hennig into the Diamond Cutter for 3!!!
Winner and NEW WCW US Champion- Diamond Dallas Page ** ( Considering this match had good build prior to the match and DDP being one of the most over guys in the company at this point, I surprised by the lack of heat for the match until the finish. The match itself was dull for the most part and you can see Hennig was declining as a worker at this point due to his years of bumping like a madman. )

Eric Bischoff w/Scott Hall vs. Larry Zbyszko
Eric gets control of Monday Nitro if he wins while Zbyszko gets a match with Scott Hall at Souled Out if he wins and Bret Hart is the guest ref. Yeah, Bretís first major WCW appearance after the Montreal Screwjob was to special referee this match. WCW in a nutshell. Both men try to pick their spot to attack and Bischoff goes to the floor to consult with Hall. Back in, Bischoff lands a kick to the head of Zbyszko and immediately celebrates. Zbyszko finally attacks Bischoff and rubs his face off the mat. Bret pulls him off and Zbyszko grabs the sleeper. Bret forces him to break again. Head scissors by Zbyszko and again, Bret forces him to break. Slam by Zbyszko and he grabs a standing Figure-4 but Bischoff makes the ropes to break. Bischoff bails to the floor and Zbyszko sends him into the post. Zbyszko sends Bischoff into the steps and back in, Bischoff catches Zbyszko with a high kick. He hammers away on Zbyszko in the corner and Bischoff begins to tire himself out. Suplex by Zbyszko and he hits a swinging neck breaker. He knocks Hall off the apron and puts Bischoff in the tree of woe. Bret pulls him away, allowing Hall to put a steel place into Bischoffís foot attire. High kick and the metal plate FLIES out of Bischoffís gear. Bischoff and Hall celebrate so Bret NAILS Bischoff. Bret cleans house on Hall and puts him in the Sharpshooter!!! Zbyszko chokes Bischoff with a belt and Bret raises Zbyszkoís arm??? I guess itís over. They announce Zbyszko as the winner even though I donít know how the hell he actually won. A look at Wikipedia declares that it was a DQ even though it wasnít announced as such. My head hurts.
Winner by DQ- Larry Zbyszko DUD ( This was utter garbage. They got ELEVEN MINUTES to stink the joint out and they protected ERIC BISCHOFF??? REALLY?!?!?! This was a colossal waste of Bret and the funny thing was this match wasnít even the worst screw up on the show. )

WCW World Heavyweight Championship- Hollywood Hogan © vs. Sting
Sting makes an EPIC entrance. Rights by Hogan and he hits a corner clothesline. Slam by Hogan and he misses an elbow drop. Dropkick by Sting knocks Hogan to the floor. Back in, Sting dropkicks Hogan and again, Hogan is knocked to the floor. Back in, Sting holds a head lock and Hogan escapes and hits a clothesline. Suplex by Hogan but Sting no sells and hammers away on Hogan in the corner. Hogan pokes the eye to kill the momentum and he dumps Sting to the floor. Hogan nails Sting in the back with the bat and he works Sting over on the floor. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but misses and crashes into the railings. Hogan crotches Sting on the railings and back in, Hogan hits an inverted atomic drop. He steps on the head of Sting and hits a big boot. Leg drop by Hogan gets 3!!! Bret Hart prevents the bell from being rung, saying that he is not going to let this happen again. He nails the ref and rolls Hogan into the ring. Sting hits the Stinger Splash and the N.W.O comes out. Sting clears the ring of them and hits the Stinger Splash again. Sting grabs the Scorpion Deathlock and Hogan gives!!! The WCW locker room comes out and celebrates with Sting.
Winner and NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Sting DUD ( OK, letís dissect this piece by piece. First, Hogan beat the crap of Sting the entire match. You build up Sting as Hoganís biggest fear and threat for over a year, and then you Hogan destroy him in their meeting. Then, they try to do a screw job type moment with Nick Patrick counting the fast three. Problem though, Nick Patrick never made a fast count, so technically, Hogan won fair and square. Then, Bret claims he will not allow another screw job even though it was a fair count, and Sting makes Hogan give. So at the end of the day, Hogan is the one that actually got screwed. The way WCW managed to screw this up, after having over a year to prepare and not having a Sting destroys Hogan match which would have made for an iconic moment and they would have drawn huge houses through all of 1998 as a result, is still talked about to this day. The sad thing is, it wasnít a surprise they fucked it up. )

The 411: Oh boy, where to start. One of the major criticisms of the show at the time was the number of heel wins on the biggest show of the year. Looking at the card, that didn't bother me that much since a good portion of the babyfaces would get their moments in the following months. Now, the double main events, on the other hand, live up to the reputation of being absolute trash. Zybysko/Bischoff was so unnecessarily overbooked and the finish was so damn bad it was sickening. But Sting/Hogan tops it and might be the worst booked match I have ever seen. They could not have made Sting look any worse and they spit in the face of fans who have followed the story for over a year and paid to watch this crap. I'm recommending this just to see the screw up of epic proportions that was the main event. The rest of the show is total garbage and WCW managed to screw up a show that seemed impossible to screw up.
Final Score:  3.0   [ Bad ]  legend


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