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From The Network- NWA Clash of the Champions II: Miami Mayhem
Posted by Dylan Diot on 07.16.2014

NWA Clash of the Champions II: Miami Mayhem
Miami, FL

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Bob Caudle.

NWA US Championship- Barry Windham © w/JJ Dillon vs. Brad Armstrong
Windham goes to the arm in the early going but Armstrong ends that with a slam, forcing Windham to bail. Back in, Armstrong hip tosses Windham and Windham catches Armstrong in the head scissors. Armstrong gets to the ropes to break and Windham has a meeting with Dillon on the floor. Back in, Windham knocks Armstrong down with a cheap shot and he slams Armstrong. Fist drop misses and Windham bails. Back in, Armstrong goes to the side headlock but Windham backs him into the ropes to break. Slam by Armstrong and he arm drags Windham into the chinlock. Windham counters a side headlock takeover attempt with a back suplex. Powerslam by Windham gets 2. Slam by Windham and he grabs the Figure-4. Dillon provides an added assist to Windham and after the longest time, the ref catches Windham and forces him to break the hold. Windham dumps Armstrong to the floor and he follows out, where he drops Armstrong onto the railings. Windham slingshots him back into the ring and he slams Armstrong. Windham goes up and misses the flying elbow drop. Armstrong hits a dropkick and a knee lift. Slam by Armstrong and he goes up. Crossbody off the top by Armstrong gets 2. He goes up again and hits a second one but Windham rolls through into the Claw!!! The ref counts Armstrong out.
Winner and Still NWA US Champion- Barry Windham *** ( Good opening match. Windham turned up the aggression and was beginning to thrive in his new role as a heel. Armstrong being put in the Figure-4 for like four minutes and not tapping drove me nuts though. )

The Rock Ní Roll Express declares they are back and no tag titles are safe as long as they are around.

We see a contract signing aboard a ship called ďThe BlackhawkĒ for Ric Flair and Lex Luger at the Great American Bash.

The Four Horsemen arrive to the building and they warn Lex Luger that he still has to make it to Baltimore for the match at the Bash.

Lex Luger arrives to the building and the Horsemen attack him!!! They lay him out in the parking lot and Luger is busted open. This angle would play into the finish at Great American Bash 88.

NWA US Tag Team Championships- The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton) © vs. The Sheepherders (Luke Williams and Butch Miller) w/Rip Morgan
Butch attacks Rogers to start and Luke tags in. Crossbody by Rogers gets 2 and Fulton tags in. Dropkick by Fulton and Luke bails. Tag to Butch and he catches Fulton with a back elbow for 2. The Sheepherders work over Fulton but Fulton comes back with a dropkick forcing Luke to bail. They brawl on the floor and Morgan nails Fulton from behind. He charges with a clothesline but misses and nails Luke. Back in, Luke catches Fulton with a cheap shot and Fulton catches him in the sleeper. Butch breaks and Rogers tags in. Slam into an elbow drop by Rogers gets 2. Sloppy roll-up by Rogers gets 2 and Luke knocks him down with a head butt. Tag to Butch and he hits a fist drop for 2. Dropkick by Rogers and he slams Miller. The Fantastics clear the ring of the Sheepherders who regroup on the floor. Back in, Butch snap mares Rogers into a knee drop. Chinlock by Butch but Rogers fights out. Luke knocks him down to kill the comeback attempt and he grabs the abdominal stretch. Rogers hip tosses out of the hold but gets caught in a double team attack in the corner. Rogers charges in the corner but eats the knee of Butch for 2. Butch knocks Luke off the apron by mistake and Fulton tags in. He fires away on Butch and hammers him on the mat. Luke breaks it up and covers for 2. Fulton knocks Luke down with a shoulder block and both men are down. Tag to Butch and Fulton catches both Sheepherders with a double cross body for 2. Both Fantastics take turns covering the Sheepherders for some near falls and the challengers bail again. Back in, Rogers works the left arm of Luke and Butch low bridges Rogers, sending him crashing to the floor. The Sheepherders work him over on the floor, with Butch nailing Rogers in the back with a belt. Butch nails Rogers in the back with a chair as he was trying to enter the ring. Back in, Luke hits a back drop followed by a front elbow drop for 2. Butch leaps off the second rope but misses Rogers and nails Luke!! Butch tags in and Rogers catches him with a clothesline out of the corner. Knee to the gut by Butch and Rogers sells it like death. Front elbow drop by Butch gets 2. Tag to Luke and he grabs the chinlock. Rogers begins to fight out so Luke pokes him in the eye to kill the momentum. Rogers rams Lukeís head into a chair that Butch held up on the apron!!! Tag to Fulton and he gets an OíConnor roll on Luke for 3!!!
Winners and Still NWA US Tag Team Champions- The Fantastics ***1/2 ( Very good tag match. Before becoming the Bushwackers in the WWF, the Sheepherders were awesome, dirty heels and The Fantastics were masters of baby face selling, so this came out extremely well. )

Steve Williams warns the Four Horsemen that Lex Luger will be fired up when he comes back. He slips up on his promo a few times.

Varsity Club (Mike Rotunda and Rick Steiner) w/Kevin Sullivan vs. Jimmy and Ronnie Garvin w/Precious
Kevin Sullivan is locked in a cage at ringside and Precious holds the key. The Garvins attack to start and the Varsity Club bails. Back in, Ronnie overpowers Steiner. Tag to Jimmy and he grabs a hammerlock on Rick. Rick bails to the floor to break and back in, Rotunda comes in. Jimmy goes to the arm but Rotunda goes into the ropes to block. Ronnie tags in and Rotunda takes him down by the hair to work on the arm. Steiner comes in on a ref distraction and he grabs the arm bar. The Varsity Club takes turn holding the arm bar on Ronnie as Sullivan calls Precious over from within his cage. Ronnie goes into his corner but Jimmy was protecting Precious on the floor, allowing Rotunda to regain control. Rick comes in and Jimmy gets the tag but the ref didnít see it, allowing the Varsity Club to double team Ronnie in the corner. Tag to Rotunda and he hits an axe handle off the top for 2 as Ronnie gets his foot on the ropes. Steiner comes in and Ronnie hits some rights. Tag to Jimmy and he hits a dropkick. Leg drop by Garvin gets 2. Front face lock by Garvin and he hammers away on Steiner when he tries to fight out. Chinlock by Garvin and Ronnie tags in. Roll-up by Ronnie gets 2 and he gets a jackknife roll-up for 2. Tag to Rotunda and Ronnie goes for the sunset flip. Rotunda grabs the ropes to block but the ref breaks that up and Ronnie covers for 2 as Rick saves. Backdrop by Rotunda and he hits a leg drop. Leg drop to the midsection by Rotunda and camera focuses on the piece of paper in Sullivanís hands. Rotunda chokes Ronnie with the tag rope and Steiner dumps him to the floor. Sullivan actually gets some shots in on Ronnie from the cage and back in; Ronnie catches Steiner with a head butt. Tag to Jimmy and he hits some rights. All four men brawl and Rick hits a back elbow on Jimmy. Precious finally confronts Sullivan and he grabs her hand!!! Jimmy rolls Steiner up for 3!!! The Varsity Club attack the Garvins after the match and Sullivan attacks Precious!!! Steve Williams leaves the announce table and saves her. Precious is upset and walks away from Williams and Jimmy Garvin.
Winners- Jimmy and Ronnie Garvin ** (This match wasnít good. It was mostly dull stuff with the camera and announces focusing more on Sullivan and his piece of paper, so the match took a backseat. The stuff after the match was better than the match itself. )

Al Perez w/Gary Hart vs. Nikita Koloff
Both men try to overpower the other to start but neither man gains the upper hand. Perez works the arm of Koloff but Koloff turns the tables. Perez takes Koloff down but misses the back senton. Perez works Koloff over in the corner and Perez stomps Koloff to the floor. Hart works Koloff over on the floor and Perez rams Koloff into the apron. Back in, Perez chokes Koloff in the ropes and Hart gets a cheap shot in. Koloff recovers on the floor but Perez catches Koloff off the apron from behind. Slam on the floor by Perez and he tries to slam Koloff back in but he blocks for 2. Knee to the back by Perez gets 2 and he goes to the chinlock. Koloff snap mares out but he misses an elbow drop. Sitting chinlock by Perez but Koloff powers into the electric chair to break. Perez takes Koloff down and drops a knee to the midsection. He dumps Koloff to the floor and Koloff tries a sunset flip back in but Perez goes to the ropes to block. Koloff blocks a suplex attempt and reverses into his own. Back elbow by Koloff and he hits a leaping shoulder block. Punches in the corner by Koloff and he hits a back elbow that knocks Perez to the floor. Hart distracts the ref and Larry Zybysko attempts to attack Koloff but eats a clothesline. The ref DQs Perez and he, Zybysko, and Hart triple team Koloff. They use a chain to leave Koloff lying in the ring.
Winner by DQ- Nikita Koloff ** (This should have been a fun power style match but Perez is incredibly dull as a worker and they got too much time which didnít help matters. For the second match in a row, the post-match stuff was better than the match itself. )

NWA Tag Team Championship- Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard © w/JJ Dillon vs. Dusty Rhodes and Sting
Sting and Anderson start. Anderson works the arm to start but Sting breaks so Arn bails. Back in, Arn dumps Sting to the floor and he follows out. Arn goes for a clothesline but misses and his arm hits the post. Sting wraps Arnís arm around the post and back in, Sting works the arm. Standing arm bar by Sting but Arn takes him down and misses an elbow drop. Sting goes right back to work on the arm but rn breaks and tags Blanchard. Arm drag by Sting and he hits a hiptoss. Headscissors takeover by Sting and Dusty tags in. Jabs by Dusty and he knocks Blanchard down. Dusty charges in the corner but eats boot and Blanchard leaps off the second rope but Dusty catches him and dumps him back into the corner. More jabs by Dusty and he knocks Blanchard down. Figure-4 by Dusty but Dillon distracts the ref allowing Arn to break. Tag to Anderson and he stomps away on Dusty. Dillon gets some choking in and Blanchard stomps Dusty to the floor. Back in, Blanchard goes for a suplex but Dusty blocks. Blanchard escapes a suplex attempt but walks into a leaping shoulder tackle from Dusty. Dropkick by Dusty and Sting gets the tag. Sting cleans house and he hits a press slam to Blanchard. Stinger Splash by Sting and he goes for the Scorpion but goes after Anderson as he enters. Blanchard knocks Sting to the floor allowing Arn to drop Sting sternum first onto the railings. Back in, Arn hits an elbow to the back of Sting for 2. Slam by Arn and he goes for a slingshot splash but eats knees. Tag to Blanchard and he sends Sting hard into the corner. Anderson clotheslines Sting into a sunset flip from Blanchard for 2. Blanchard pulls Sting to the floor and Anderson DDTs Sting on the floor!!!!!! Dillon rolls Sting back in and Blanchard covers for 2 as he was distracted by Dusty. Tag to Anderson and they slug it out. Backslide by Sting gets 2 and Blanchard tags in. Sting hot shots Blanchard and Dusty gets the tag. Dusty cleans house with atomic elbows and he hits a DDT to Arn. Back elbow by Dusty and he hits an elbow drop for 2 as Blanchard breaks. Sting goes after Blanchard and shoves the ref out his way in order to get to him. Dusty knocks Arn down with a bionic elbow as Barry Windham comes out. He goes up and hits an axe handle off the top to the back of Dusty for the DQ. Windham applies the claw to Dusty as Flair and the rest of the Horsemen beat down Sting.
Winners by DQ- Dusty Rhodes and Sting *** ( This was a fun main event but this didnít have the heat of the tag match of the first clash and the finish was very flat. )

The 411: This was a step down from the greatness that was the original Clash of the Champions. Still, this was a terrible follow up, with some decent matches across the show and some good angles that help build toward the Great American Bash that was coming up. The main issue is that there are matches on that show that are given way too much time and it causes the show to drag a bit and this is going to be a problem on the next couple of Clash shows. I'd say if you are bored this show is worth a glance otherwise there are better shows on the horizon than this one.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend


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