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From The Network- A Raw Batch #2 (Episodes 5-8)
Posted by Dylan Diot on 07.23.2014

WWF Monday Night Raw
Manhattan, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett, and Randy Savage.

Brutus Beefcake and Ted Dibiase cut promos on each other to hype their match and Jimmy Hart continues to show concern for Beefcake.

Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) vs. Glen Ruth and Bobby Who
Scott and Ruth start. Release Dragon suplex by Scott and Rick tags in along with Who. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Rick and Scott tags in. Dropkick by Scott and Savage is flipping out over microphone issues. Tag to Rick and they hit a powerbomb/elbow drop combo. Rear chinlock by Rick and Who goes to the ropes to break. Clothesline by Rick and Scott tags in. Butterfly power bomb by Scott and the Steiners hit the Doomsday Bulldog for 3.
Winners- Steiner Brothers SQUASH (The Steiners destroy bitches. That is all. )

Yokozuna w/Mr. Fuji vs. Ross Greenberg
Clothesline by Yokozuna and he hits a belly to belly suplex. Leg drop by Yokozuna and he hits the hip check into the corner. Yokozuna hits the Bonzai Drop for 3.
Winner- Yokozuna SQUASH ( Another day, another squash for Yokozuna. )

Battle Royal
There are sixteen men in the battle royal. Kamala goes after Kim Chee but Chee quickly bails to avoid facing him. He finally comes back in and rakes his eyes. Iron Mike Sharpe is backdropped out by Bob Backlund. Koko B. Ware works over Shawn Michaels and tries to dump him but Shawn holds on. Koko charges but Shawn backdrops him out to eliminate him. Tatanka hammers Skinner with tomahawk chops while Owen Hart now tries to eliminate Michaels. Typhoon clotheslines Skinner from behind to eliminate him. Damian Demento is dumped by Kamala. Berzerker slams Owen and Owen catches him with a sleeper. Berzerker dumps him out of the ring to break the hold and eliminate Owen. Kamala super kicks Berzerker out of the ring to eliminate him. Kim Chee tries to dump Kamala but he holds on. Kim Chee assists Typhoon in eliminating Kamala!!! Kamala comes back in and attacks Kim Chee. He dumps Chee to the floor to eliminate him and Kim Chee is chased through the crowd by Kamala. We go to break.
Back and Kamala is STILL chasing Kim Chee around the building. That’s actually pretty funny. Typhoon splashes Michaels in the corner a few times but Shawn finally catches him and dumps him to the floor. Backlund and Terry Taylor were also eliminated off camera, so the final four is Michaels, Razor Ramon, Tito Santana, and Tatanka. Santana fights Ramon while Shawn goes after Tatanka. Flying forearm by Santana to Ramon and Shawn pokes the eye of Santana. Dropkick to Tatanka by Shawn and Santana knocks him down to come back. Santana and Tatanka double team Shawn and they kick Shawn to the floor to eliminate him. Ramon attacks Tatanka but Santana saves. They double team Ramon but Giant Gonzalez comes out. He rams Tatanka and Santana’s heads together before dumping Tatanka to the floor. He dumps Santana and Ramon wins!!!
Winner- Razor Ramon ** ( I don’t know why this battle royal was even booked and it sucked for most of the way. The Kamala/Kim Chee stuff was entertaining and the final four salvaged this a little bit. )

Ted Dibiase w/Jimmy Hart vs. Brutus Beefcake
This is Beefcake’s first match in about three years. Dibiase hammers away and Beefcake comes back with some rights, forcing Dibiase to bail. Back in, Beefcake hits some rights, knocking Dibiase back to the floor. Back in, Dibiase hammers the back and Beefcake catches him in a head lock to come back. IRS comes out and nails Beefcake in the back with a briefcase for the DQ. Money Inc. work over Beefcake after the match and IRS looks to nail Beefcake in the head with the briefcase. Jimmy Hart tries to stop him but IRS shoves him out of the ring. IRS creams Beefcake with the briefcase!!! Jimmy checks on Beefcake and Dibiase goes to nail him again. Hart blocks it and this time, Money Inc. decides they’ve done enough and leaves.
Winner by DQ- Brutus Beefcake ¼* (They did absolutely nothing during the match but the post-match angle was pretty good. )


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scott Taylor
SCOTTY 2 HOTTY~!!!!!! Bigelow overpowers Taylor to start and hits a clothesline. Taylor escapes a suplex attempt and Bigelow hits the electric chair. Standing chin lock by Bigelow and he rakes the eyes of Taylor. Butterfly back breaker by Bigelow and he goes up. Diving head butt by Bigelow and he goes up again. A second diving head butt by Bigelow gets 3.
Winner- Bam Bam Bigelow SQUASH ( A fun squash, and 1993 Scotty 2 Hotty is a crazy sight.)

We see a sit down interview between Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan where he discusses the mistakes he has made, showing that he isn’t perfect. He promises the Hulkamaniacs are about to go to another level and he wants to become the leader of the 90s. He has something important to say tonight.

Beverly Brothers (Beau and Blake Beverly) and Shawn Michaels vs. Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) and Tatanka
Everyone brawls to start and Tatanka nails the Beverly Brothers with a double tomahawk chop. He backdrops Shawn to the floor and Shawn takes a scary bump off that. The Nasty Boys deliver the pit stop to the Beverly Brothers. Shawn pokes the eye of Knobbs and hits a back elbow. The Beverly Brothers work Knobbs over in the corner and Knobbs slams his face off the mat to come back. Knobbs cleans house and Tatanka tags in along with Beau. Chop by Tatanka knocks him down and he works the arm of Beau. Tag to Sags and he drives Beau’s shoulder into the corner. Shoulder breaker by Sags gets 2 as Blake saves. Tag to Tatanka and he fights out of the opposing corner. Shawn keeps avoiding Tatanka as Knobbs catches Beau with an atomic drop. Tatanka knocks him down with a chop and he goes to the arm bar. Tag to Knobbs and Beau rakes his eyes as we go to break.
Back and The Beverly Brothers low bridge Knobbs, sending him crashing to the floor. Back in, Shawn tags in and he rakes the eyes of Knobbs. The Beverly Brothers hit the leap frog jump onto the back of Knobbs and Shawn covers for 2. Tag to Beau and he hits an axe handle off the top for 2. Tag to Blake and he grabs the bear hug. Tag to Shawn and he charges in the corner but misses and hits the post shoulder first. Tag to Beau and he prevents the tag. Snap mare and Beau hits a fist drop. Tag to Blake and Knobbs kicks him in the face to come back. Knobbs does the same to Shawn and they collide mid-ring. Tag to Tatanka and he works Shawn over in the corner. He kicks Shawn, causing him to get crotched in the ropes. Clothesline by Tatanka and he hits a power slam for 2 as Beau saves. Tatanka chops The Beverly Brothers and he hits some running tomahawk chops. He goes up and hits a tomahawk chop off the top for 2. Samoan Drop by Tatanka gets 2 as Beau breaks with a leg drop. The Nasty Boys clear the ring of the Beverly Brothers and Shawn goes for the Saito suplex but Tatanka counters into the sunset flip for 3!!!
Winners- Tatanka and Nasty Boys **1/4 ( I think they got way too much time, as Brian Knobbs made for a boring face in peril so watching him get beat up for a long time was pretty dull. Shawn and Tatanka’s stuff was pretty good though. )

Crush vs. Terry Taylor
Taylor hammers away with no effect and Crush hits a dropkick. Press slam by Crush and Taylor bails. Taylor pokes the eye of Crush and he snaps Crush’s neck off the ropes. Taylor chokes Crush in the ropes while Rob Bartlett does a terrible Arnold Schwarzeneggerimpression. Chinlock by Taylor and Crush starts to power out so Taylor hits a jaw breaker. Swinging neck breaker by Taylor gets 2. Rights by Crush and he knocks Taylor down with a head butt. Inverted atomic drop by Crush and he hits a clothesline. Tilt-a-whirl back breaker by Crush and he grabs the Kona Clutch. Taylor is done.
Winner- Crush * ( Crowd could not have cared less about Crush despite the company’s best attempt to get him over. )

Hulk Hogan makes his return and announces Brutus Beefcake is going to be OK. He thanks Jimmy Hart for the help last week and he declares he is on a mission. He says he is officially back in the WWF and he calls out Brutus Beefcake. Beefcake looks forward to getting his hands on Ted Dibiase and IRS once again and Hogan says they are going to take their assets once at a time, starting with Jimmy Hart, who is their manager now. He tells Dibiase and IRS to start saying their prayers. Hogan calls themselves the Mega Maniacs and he promises to run wild on Money Inc.

Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Skinner
Skinner clotheslines Taker to the floor as we go to break.
Back and Skinner chokes Taker with his gator claw. The show runs out of time and we will see the conclusion on the next episode. Well then….


WWF Championship- Bret Hart © vs. Fatu w/Afa
Rob Bartlett is dressed as Elvis at ringside and I don’t know what the hell was in Vince’s mind with the Bartlett stuff. Fatu catches Bret on a cross body attempt and slams him. He misses an elbow drop and Bret begins working the arm of the challenger. Fatu trips up Bret but Bret comes back with a roll-up for 2. Bret goes back to the arm and he slams Fatu’s face off the mat. Fatu comes back with a super kick for 2. Fatu blocks a hip toss attempt with a clothesline for 2. Nerve hold by Fatu and he rakes the face of Bret. Back elbow by Fatu gets 2. Cross body by Bret gets 2 and the kickout sends Bret to the floor. Samu comes out and he slams Bret on the floor. He drops some head butts onto Bret as we go to break.
Back and Fatu throws some elbows at Bret. Back breaker by Fatu gets 2. Pile driver by Fatu gets 2. He bites the head of Bret and works Bret over in the corner. He sends Bret into the corner sternum first and delivers another dropping head butt for 2. Sidewalk slam by Fatu and he goes up. Diving head butt off the second rope by Fatu gets 2. Fatu goes up but Bret crotches him and follows up. Superplex by Bret gets 2. Bulldog by Bret gets 2. Back breaker by Bret and he goes up. Second rope front elbow by Bret and he grabs the Sharpshooter. Afa distracts the ref, allowing Samu to come in and break it up. Samu takes over for Fatu and covers Bret for 2. Fatu comes back in and Bret grabs a sleeper. He sends Fatu into Sami and hits the side Russian leg sweep. He dropkicks Afa off the apron and Bret grabs the Sharpshooter. Fatu gives.
Winner and Still WWF Champion- Bret Hart *** ( This was a good match and it made sense for Bret to have a title defense against a heavier opponent since he has a match with Yokozuna coming up at Wrestlemania. )

Crush is on the beach in Hawaii and he promises to crush Doink’s head like a coconut, which he himself proceeds to crush.

Doink the Clown vs. Koko B. Ware
Doink attacks at the bell and he works the leg of Koko. STF by Doink and he releases the hold. Swinging neck breaker by Doink and he locks in the Stump Puller. Koko gives.
Winner- Doink the Clown SQUASH ( Well, Koko B. Ware was basically at the end of his usefulness when he was getting destroyed by Doink. )

Rob Bartlett goes to interview Doink and he wants to grab some food out of Doink’s box. Doink pies Bartlett and he sells it as something funny even though Doink is a heel. God damn Bartlett is unbearable.

Money Inc. comes out and Dibiase complains about a friend of his getting a $10 million retirement package. He turns his attention to the return of Hulk Hogan and he claims Hogan cut their losses by taking Jimmy Hart away. IRS says he gave Beefcake a wakeup call and he warns Hogan about the things they will do to him with the briefcase, which now has a sticker of Hogan on it. Money Inc. says they will put the tag titles on the line against Hogan and Beefcake at Wrestlemania IX and claims the odds are against the challengers.

Lex Luger vs. PJ Walker
JUSTIN CREDIBLE~!!! I love the famous jobbers of the early 90s. Luger sends Walker hard into the corner a few times and he hits a back breaker. Suplex by Luger and Bobby Heenan is on the phone arguing with Bartlett and making stupid jokes with the announcers. Luger kicks at the ribs of Walker and he overpowers Walker. He covers Walker with his pinky for 3.
Winner- Lex Luger SQUASH (My god the announcing team was something else man. Oh yeah, a match happened too. )

Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) vs. Duane Gill and Barry Hardy
GILLBERG~!!! Scott starts with Hardy. Scott overpowers Hardy and clubs the back. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Scott and Rick tags in. Rick clotheslines Hardy to the floor and back in, Rick drives Hardy into the corner sternum first. Tag to Gill and Rick backdrops him. Tilt-a-whirl back breaker by Rick and Scott tags in. Pump handle slam by Scott and he dropkicks Gill. Tag to Rick and he grabs the Camel Clutch. Tag to Scott and he hits a butterfly power bomb. Frankensteiner by Scott gets 3.
Winners- Steiner Brothers SQUASH ( Damn, the Steiner’s were never kind to the jobbers. )


The Mega-Maniacs say the contract is signed for the match with Money Inc. at Wrestlemania IX. They say they are going to ride across the country on their motorcycles with the WWF Tag Team Titles hanging from them.

Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and IRS) vs. Tito Santana and Virgil
DiBiase and Santana start. DiBiase works him over in the corner and Santana catches him with a back elbow for 2. Tag to Virgil and IRS. Hip toss and Virgil follows with some clotheslines, forcing IRS to bail. Santana goes after him on the floor and back in, Santana and Virgil hit a double back elbow for 2. Santana and Virgil take turns working the arm over as we go to break.
Back and IRS catches Santana with a knee to the gut. Tag to DiBiase and Money Inc. wishbone Santana. They collide mid-ring and both men are down. Tag to Virgil and he hammers away on IRS. Virgil cleans house and he slams IRS. DiBiase trips up Virgil, allowing IRS to catch him with a back suplex for 3.
Winners- Money Inc. ** ( This served the purpose of getting the champs a nice competitive win heading into their Wrestlemania match. )

Rick Martel kicks out the ring girl and takes her job since no one can model better than he can.

Tatanka vs. Phil Apollo
Tatanka hip tosses Apollo to the floor and follows out. Chops by Tatanka and back in, he knocks Apollo down with a chop. He pokes the eye of Tatanka and Tatanka comes back with a power slam. He misses an elbow drop and Apollo works him over in the corner. They have a Shawn Michaels phone interview as the match is going on hyping his Wrestlemania match with Tatanka. Tomahawk chops by Tatanka and he knocks Apollo down with a chop. Samoan Drop by Tatanka gets 3.
Winner- Tatanka ¼* ( Surprised Apollo actually got to be the aggressor for a few moments, but Tatanka gets the strong win to boost his credibility as the top contender to the Intercontinental Title. )

Papa Shango vs. Mike Edwards
Shango attacks to start and he slams Edwards. Elbow drop by Shango and he works Edwards over in the corner. Avalanche by Shango and he hits a back suplex for 2 as Shango pulls him off the mat. A second back suplex by Shango gets 2 as he gets off the cover this time. He steps on the face of Edwards and he hits a dropping head butt to the midsection. Shoulderbreaker by Shango gets 3.
Winner- Papa Shango SQUASH ( I don’t know why they felt the need to give Papa Shango a squash showcase but whatever. )

Bob Backlund vs. Tony Demoro
Backlund wants a handshake but Demoro won’t oblige. Judo toss by Backlund and he wins the grappling contest with Demoro. He sweeps the legs of Demoro, forcing Demoro to bail. Back in, Demoro ends the grappling with a back elbow. Backlund comes back with a butterfly suplex and he cradles Demoro for 3.
Winner- Bob Backlund SQUASH ( This was a different kind of squash with Backlund out grappling Demoro and showcasing his amateur skills. )

Rick Martel complains about the filth in the building and will show that he has class.

Rick Martel vs. Mr. Perfect
Hip toss by Perfect and he slams Martel. Martel returns the favor and we reach a stand still. Knees to the gut by Martel and he shows off his jumping jacks. Martel gets a cheap shot in and he throws some knees to the midsection in the corner. Perfect charges in the corner but eats knee and Martel works him over. Single arm suplex by Martel and he goes to the key lock. Perfect runs to the ropes to break, sending Martel crashing to the floor as we go to break.
Back and Martel hammers the back of Perfect. Gut wrench suplex by Martel gets 2. Sitting chin lock by Martel but Perfect fights out. Knee to the midsection by Martel and he hits a back breaker. Martel goes for a slingshot splash but eats knees. Shot to the mid-section by Martel and he goes up. He leaps but Perfect nails him in the mid-section on the way down. Atomic drop followed by an inverted atomic drop by Perfect. Back drop by Perfect as we go to break.
Back and Perfect won the match during the commercial break with the Perfect Plex. Wonderful.
Winner- Mr. Perfect **1/2 ( I wonder when they realized not airing the finish was beyond stupid. Match was solid but the crowd didn’t care that much and Perfect really didn’t do much until the finish. )

The 411: Episode 5: 5.0 Episode 6: 5.5 Episode 7: 6.0 Episode 8: 6.0 I'm not a fan of this batch of episodes. The primary focus of these shows was to build up the Money Inc./Mega Maniacs match at Wrestlemania IX. The angle where Money Inc. went after Beefcake's reconstructed face was well executed but when they brought Hogan in he made it all about himself and made the whole angle with Beefcake an after though and Hogan's ego was starting to dominate the show which became a big problem during his 1993 stint. The rest of the shows featured mostly squash matches and mediocre matches so there is nothing to see in that regard. Also, the first episode of Raw without Rob Bartlett on commentary will get an automatic 10 rating, he is just unbearable and Vince's attempts to play off his insanity made things worse. Feel free to skip these episodes.
Final Score:  5.5   [ Not So Good ]  legend


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