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From The Shelf- ROH Round Robin Challenge
Posted by Dylan Diot on 07.24.2014

ROH Round Robin Challenge
Philadelphia, PA

Your hosts are Eric Gargiulo and Steve Corino.

Christopher Daniels claims Ring of Honor is like every other independent in the country and he says that they can keep their code of honor. He claims to be the best independent wrestler in the US.

Da Hit Squad greets the fans outside the building and get them going crazy prior to the show.

Divine Storm work on holds and American Dragon shows them up. That was a weird segment.

Round Robin Challenge Match- Christopher Daniels vs. American Dragon
Rights by Daniels and he hits a leg lariat for 1. Forearm shot by Dragon and he exchanges on the mat with Daniels. Sleeper by Dragon but Daniels goes to the ropes to break. Test of strength and Dragon catches Daniels in the Crossface. Daniels counters into a roll-up for 2 and Dragon goes to the side headlock. Daniels escapes and Dragon hits a dropkick for 2. Saito suplex by Daniels and he grabs the Cravat. Snap mare and Daniels hits a knee drop for 2. They trade chops and Daniels nails Dragon from behind with a hard forearm. Back suplex by Daniels gets 2. Daniels goes back to the Cravat but Dragon arm drags out. Clothesline by Dragon and Daniels comes back with the Final Cut for 2. Snap mare and Daniels goes to the rear half nelson. Dragon fights out and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Chops by Dragon and he hits a back elbow. Knee to the gut by Dragon and he hits some forearms in the corner. Corner forearm by Dragon and he goes for a suplex but Daniels blocks. Butterfly suplex by Dragon and he goes up. Diving Head Butt by Dragon gets 2. Daniels counters the rolling elbow with the STO. BME by Daniels gets 2!!! Kicks to the leg by Dragon and he hits the rolling elbow for 2. They trade chops and Daniels hits a lariat for 2. Blue Thunder Driver by Daniels gets 2. Dragon goes for Cattle Mutilation but Dragon canít hold it so he converts it into a rear Chickenwing but Daniels makes the ropes. Daniels blocks a Dragon Suplex attempt and hits a Piledriver for 2. Last Rites by Daniels and he grabs the Crossface. Dragon taps.
Winner- Christopher Daniels ***1/2 ( Very good competitive match, mixing some good mat based wrestling with stiff, hard hitting action that didnít overstay itís welcome. A good start to the Round Robin Challenge. )

Christopher Daniels says because American Dragon is the loser, he should shake Danielsí hand. Dragon obliges to show some class.

Eric Tuttle cleans Prince Nanaís boot.

CW Anderson says it doesnít matter who he picks as a partner for the match with Joey Matthews and Christian York. He grabs a kid on the ring crew to be his partner.

Prince Nana and Eric Tuttle w/Simply Luscious vs. Da Hit Squad (Monsta Mack and Mafia)
Nana makes Tuttle shine his shoes so Da Hit Squad hit the ring and attack. Double shoulderblock to Nana and Mafia grabs the Figure-4. Mack goes up and hits a Frog Splash to Nana. Mafia spears Tuttle and they hit a wheelbarrow Hart Attack. Burning Hammer to Tuttle by Mafia gets 3.
Winners- Da Hit Squad SQUASH (Poor Eric Tuttle got destroyed.)

The Christopher Street Connection come out and they get into it with Prince Nana. MACK TOSSES ERIC TUTTLE BUT HE FALLS SHORT OF THE PILE!!!! HOLY CRAP THAT WAS BAD. Da Hit Squad prevent Simply Luscious from attacking her and they press Luscious onto everyone, this time she safely lands in the pile. The Christopher Street Connection drags Tuttle to the back and gives him CPR until Nana saves him. Then they practice CPR on each other.

Boogie Knights talk about ribbing Eric Tuttle and then go look for the chainsaw. They find the case in the locker room and open it only to find a rubber chicken. The sound of a chainsaw is heard and the Boogie Knights run away.

York and Matthews declare they are in full effect and Anderson wonít win by picking a random jobber to team with him.

Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. CW Anderson and Elax
Anderson and Matthews start. Clothesline by Anderson and he chops away. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Matthews and York tags in. Double dropkick by Matthews and York and Elax tags in. Fireman;s carry slam into a back senton by York gets 2. Tag to Matthews and they hit a double gordbuster onto Elax. Double suplex to Elax but Anderson lays out York with a superkick. Arm stunner onto Matthews and Anderson tags in. Hammerlock Michinoku Driver by Anderson gets 2. Tag to Elax and he works the arm of Matthews. Matthews fights back so Anderson tags in and he knocks Matthews down. Anderson puts Matthews on top and follows up but Matthews blocks a superplex. Anderson crotches Matthews and finally connects with the delayed superplex for 2. Matthews comes back with a neckbreaker and York tags in. He cleans house and hits a springboard back elbow to Anderson. Inverted Gory Special to Elax and Anderson hits the Farris Wheel suplex for 2. Bulldog by Matthews gets 2. Elax goes up and hits a missile dropkick to Matthews. Spinebuster to York gets 2 as Matthews saves. Anderson is sent into Elax and Matthews and York hit the Problem Solver on Anderson for 3. Anderson attacks Elax after the match, laying him out with the spinebuster.
Winners- Christian York and Joey Matthews ** ( OK tag match. I kind of liked the way they used Elax, using him only at Andersonís convenience but his cockiness got the better of him. )

Xavier and James Maritato cut promos on one another prior to their match.

James Maritato vs. Xavier
Maritato is better known as Little Guido/Nunzio. They have a wrestling exchange in the early going and Xavier bails to the floor to regroup. Back in, Xavier misses a slingshot and Maritato goes to the head scissors. Xavier escapes into the Bow and Arrow but Maritato counters for 2. They eventually reach a standstill. Hanging gord buster by Xavier and he knocks Maritato down a few times for 2. Xavier throws some knees in the corner and he hits a running forearm for 2. Xavier puts Maritato on top and goes for a handstand Frankensteiner but Maritato counters into a hanging Boston Crab!!! Missile basement dropkick by Maritato gets 2. Backdrop by Xavier gets 2. Side Russian leg sweep by Xavier and he hits a knee drop. Maritato comes back with a DDT and Xavier bails. Fameasser off the apron by Maritato and back in, Maritato grabs the Oriental Scorpion. Xavier escapes and Maritato covers for 2. Cobra Clutch by Xavier but Maritato rolls out. Basement dropkick by Maritato gets 2. Roll-up by Xavier with a bridge gets 3!!!
Winner- Xavier **1/2 (Solid match that was filled with action and cool, innovated maneuvers even though there was a lack of flow or story to the match. )

Frank Talent of the PA State Athletic Commission gives the pre-show speech to the locker room and behind him; Spanky is brushing his teeth and listening to music.

Natural Born Sinners threaten to kill the Boogie Knights.

Boogie Knights (Drake and Tobin) vs. Natural Born Sinners (Homicide and Boogalou)
Boogalou and Tobin start. He tosses Tobin into the corner and Homicide hammers Tobin with a rubber chicken. Tag to Drake and Boogalou hammers him on the mat. Tag to Homicide and he hits a release Fishermanís suplex. Tombstone by Homicide and he goes up. Double stomp off the top by Homicide and Boogalou tags in. Powerbomb/Backbreaker combo onto Tobin and Homicide tags in. Lariat/Half Nelson suplex combo onto Tobin gets 3.
Winners- Natural Born Sinners SQUASH ( The Natural Born Sinners gimmick didnít fit the theme of Ring of Honor, but then Homicide went on to become one of the companyís biggest stars, so go figure. The match was a total ass kicking but man Boogalou is awful. )

Low Ki says heís in ROH to prove he is the best, all-around athlete. Ki says by the end of the night, Daniels will respect him.

Round Robin Challenge Match- Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki
Ki attacks to start and hits a high kick to Daniels for 2. Kick to the back by Ki gets 2. Capo Kick by Ki gets 2. Chops by Ki and he catches Daniels in the Crossface. Daniels counters into a roll-up for 2 and Ki hits some kicks to the chest. Basement high kick by Ki gets 2 and he goes to the chinlock. Daniels breaks and he puts Ki on top. Ki catches him in a hanging cross arm breaker and he is forced to break as Daniels was in the ropes during the hold. Kick to the chest by Ki and Daniels comes back with the STO. A second one by Daniels and he hits an elbow drop. Clothesline by Daniels gets 2. Suplex by Daniels gets 2. Gut wrench suplex by Daniels and he goes to the chinlock. Daniels gord busters Ki in the ropes and he goes up. Guillotine leg drop off the top by Daniels gets 2. Half crab by Daniels and he converts it into the STF. Daniels then goes to the Bow and Arrow but Ki grabs the ropes to break. Falcon Arrow by Daniels gets 2. Urinage by Daniels and he goes for the BME but Ki moves. Springboard enzuigiri by Ki and both men are down. Daniels blocks the Ki Crusher so Ki puts him on top. They trade counters and Daniels catches Ki with a palm thrust. Bow Tie slam off the top by Daniels gets 2. Angelís Wings by Daniels gets 2!!! Ki catches Daniels with the Ki Crusher and he hits the Tidal Wave for 2. Ki counters Last Rites into the Dragon Clutch and Daniels gives.
Winner- Low Ki ***1/4 ( This was a good match. It wasnít as good as the opener, as they didnít get enough time to develop a story but the action was really good and you felt the hatred between the two in the contest. )

After the match, Daniels tells Ki that his win tonight means nothing since it was his second match of the evening. He declares he wonít compete again until the ROH Title is on the line. Da Hit Squad threaten Daniels in the locker room for not shaking hands. Spanky is seen dancing to Britney Spears.

Prior to the show, Amazing Red plays basketball with Divine Storm and beats them, so they leave all pissed off. These segments are so random and wacky.

Chris Marvel vs. Paul London w/Rudy Boy Gonzalez
London stomps on Marvel to block a monkey flip attempt and he hits a spinning heel kick. Dropkick by London and Marvel bails. Moonsault off the apron by London and MARVEL BREAKS HIS LEG ON IMPACT!!!! Oh god that was bad. The match immediately ends.
Match ends in a No-Contest NR ( That was a gruesome injury. Avoid watching this if you can. )

Mark Briscoe questions if Jay can win his match tonight which pisses Jay off.

Jay Briscoe w/Mark Briscoe vs. Spanky
Both men look for the early advantage and Jay gets the inside cradle for 1. Suplex by Jay and he connects with a second one for 2. Spanky escapes a third suplex and they botch a backdrop to the floor spot. Slingshot inside cradle by Jay gets 2 and Spanky goes up. Jay stops him and follows up. Spanky CATCHES JAY WITH THE SNAKE EYES OFF THE TOP!!! Springboard knee drop by Spanky gets 2. Back elbow by Spanky and he hits a basement dropkick for 2. Suplex by Spanky gets 2 and he hits a side Russian leg sweep for 2. Cravat by Spanky but Jay fights out. Cravat facebuster by Spanky gets 2. Jay blocks Sliced Bread #2 and he hits a release German suplex. Spanky is busted open and Jay chops away. Backdrop by Jay and he hits a back elbow. Dropkick by Jay and he hits the sit-out Gordbuster for 2. Clothesline by Jay and Spanky escapes a powerbomb attempt. Leg lariat by Spanky and Jay comes back with a big boot. Jay puts Spanky on top and follows up. Spanky blocks and knocks Jay to the floor. Double springboard crossbody to the floor by Spanky!!! Back in, Spanky goes up for a flying splahs but eats knees. Powerbomb by Jay gets 2 as Spanky grabs the ropes to break. Sliced Bread #2 by Spanky gets 3.
Winner- Spanky *** ( Shaky to being with but when Spanky got cut, the match intensity picked up and went a long way to making Spanky into a star instead of the goofy kid that he was portraying. )

Gabe Sapolsky and the RF Video group look at a poll about who the best wrestling academy student is. American Dragon wins with 64%.

Elimination Match- Divine Storm (Quiet Storm and Chris Devine) vs. SAT (Jose and Joel Maximo) vs. Amazing Red and Brian XL
XL and Devine start. They exchange arm drags and reach a stand still. Storm and Joel come in. Wheelbarrow arm drag and a hurricanrana by Storm. Hurricanrana by Joel and he throws some kicks. They trade slaps and then they shake hands. Jose and Red come in. Spin kick by Red and Jose comes back with a springboard hurricanrana. Rights by Red and they reach a standstill. Dropkick by Storm to Joel and he hits the Tope Con Hilo to the floor!!! Hurricanrana by Devine to Jose and they go to the floor. XL goes up and hits a cannonball dive to the floor!!! Red hits a spinning Asai moonsault press to the floor!!! Back in, Tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Red to Storm and Storm comes back with Spinal Shock for 2. Northern Lights Bomb by Storm to Joel. Missile dropkick by XL to Storm. Real Deal by Devine to XL. DVD by Devine to Jose. Suicide dive by Devine to XL and Jose on the floor. Joel and Storm go up and Joel hits a superplex. Red goes up and hits a double knee drop to the back of Joel. Red Star Press onto both and he covers Storm for 3!!! Divine Storm is eliminated.
Spinning enzuigiri by Red and he hits a Saito suplex on Joel. Brainbuster by Red gets 2. Joel counters a hurricanrana attempt into Fade to Black for 2. Spin kick by XL and he hits a standing moonsault for 2 as Jose saves. Skellet Driver is blocked and Jose catches XL with a Aid Raid Crash flatliner for 2. XL goes up and they botch a summersault hurricanrana spot. Exclamation Point by XL gets 2 as Joel saves. Red goes low on Joel and hits a spinning enzuigiri to the back. Red goes up and goes for Code Red but Joel blocks. Red finally connects with Code Red for 2. Double spinning enzuigiri to Jose and Red goes up. Red Alert misses and XL botches a springboard 450 splash. XL and Red argue about taking the cover and Jose rolls Red up for 3.
Winners- SAT **1/4 ( Well, they packed a lot of moves in this one. They did some cheap, lucha knockoff stuff and while the action was nonstop, they were incredibly sloppy and too many of the spots came off choreographed. )

Low Ki recaps making Christopher Daniels submit and he promises to prove he is the best against American Dragon.

Round Robin Challenge Match- American Dragon vs. Low Ki
Before the match, Ken Shamrock comes out and wants to be the ref for the match. He gets a ref shirt and he is the official for the main event. They exchange on the mat and Ki catches Dragon with some forearms on the mat. Body scissors by Ki but Dragon escapes into the standing row boat. Dragon goes for the Rear Naked Choke but Ki escapes and Dragon catches Ki in the side headlock. Dragon nails Ki with some crossfaces and goes back to the Rear Naked Choke. Ki escapes again and they go into the ropes to break. Ki throws some strikes but Dragon catches him in the inverted cross arm breaker. Ki goes to the ropes to break and Dragon throws some head butts at Ki. Ki goes for the cross arm breaker but Dragon blocks with a powerbomb. Inverted STF by Dragon but Ki makes the ropes to break. High kick by Ki catches Dragon and he is knocked loopy to the floor. Back in, they battle for position again and Dragon grabs a rear Mexican surfboard. Grapevine by Dragon but Ki fights out of it. Ki throws some kicks to the head of Dragon and Dragon bails to the floor to escape Kiís wrath. Back in, Dragon takes Ki down and he fires away. Cross arm breaker by Dragon but Ki quickly goes to the ropes to break. Small package by Dragon gets 2. Back suplex by Dragon and he snap mares Ki. Kick to the back by Dragon and he chops away on Ki for 2. Dragon goes for the surfboard but Ki breaks with the Pele. Chops by Ki and he snap mares Dragon into a kick to the back. Rear Naked Choke by Ki and Dragon tries going to the floor to break but Ki maintains the hold!!! Back in, Ki covers Dragon for 2 and he hits a double stomp onto Dragon. Dragon blocks the Ki Crushing and hits the rolling elbow. Dragon suplex by Dragon gets 2. Butterfly suplex by Dragon and he goes up. Diving head butt by Dragon eats knees!!! Ki covers for 2. Tidal Wave by Ki and he hits a Dragon suplex for 2. Cattle Mutilation by Ki!!! Dragon counters into the Dragon Clutch!!! Ki makes the ropes to break. Cravat suplex by Dragon gets 2. Corner forearm by Dragon and he hits a Northern lights suplex for 2. They trade chops and Ki goes for a springboard kick but Dragon blocks with a dropkick for 2. Dragon goes for a suplex but Ki blocks and hits a Brainbuster. Ki covers for 2. Ki throws some kicks to the head and he hits the Ki Crusher for 2!!! Backbreaker by Ki and he goes up. Phoenix Splash eats knees and Dragon hits a Dragon suplex for 2. Dragon puts Ki on top and follows up. Back superplex by Dragon gets 2. Dragon puts Ki on top and follows up again. Ki Crusher off the top by Ki!!!! Dragon smartly rolls to the floor to prevent the pin fall. Back in, Ki covers for 2 as Dragon gets his foot on the ropes to break. Chops by Ki and he goes for the Tidal Wave but Dragon blocks. Regal Plex by Dragon gets 2!!! Cattle Mutilation by Dragon and Ki passes out!!!
Winner- American Dragon ****1/4 ( This match is not going to be for everyone. The first twenty minutes were more technical; shoot style wrestling and then they kicked it into overdrive with impact and exciting wrestling. For what they were going for, I thought they did a phenomenal job and the finish protected Low Ki while putting Dragon over a force to be reckoned with. )

Amazing Red, Brian XL, SATs, and Divine Storm argue in the locker room and Mikey Whipwreck freaks out on them. He promises to find Amazing Red a partner.

The TWA students are backstage and Spanky claims American Dragon stuffed the ballot box. Rudy Boy Gonzalez says heíll talk to the ROH office about putting them all in a match at the next show to prove who the best man is.

The 411: The actual round robin challenge was pretty good with the main event being a great follow up to the awesome main event of the first ROH show. However, the rest of the card was filled with useless crap and for a company that was trying to get off the ground emphasizing the idea of not being sports entertainment, they put a large amount of sports entertainment segments all over the crowd. The early ROH shows spent too much time being cute with backstage skits and using pro wrestling insider stuff and it did take away from some of the quality of the in ring action. Go out of your way to catch the main event but I don't advise you to sit through all this stuff to get to it.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend


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