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From The Shelf- NJPW G1 Climax 24 Day Three
Posted by Dylan Diot on 07.25.2014

NJPW G1 Climax 24 Day Three
Yamagata, Japan

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura have the day off.

Also, please check out TJ Hawkeís review of select matches from the first two nights of the G1. Itís a great perspective on some of the standout matches of the tournament.

Block A- Doc Gallows (0) vs. Tomoki Honma (0)
Forearms by Honma but Gallows overpowers him to come back. Gallows misses an elbow drop and Honma misses the dropping head butt. Gallows dumps him to the floor and sends Honma into the railings. Back in, Gallows hits some elbow drops for 2. Gallows charges in the corner but eats elbow and Honma goes up but Gallows kicks him down for 2. Chinlock by Gallows but Honma fights out. Honma goes for the sunset flip but Gallows blocks and goes for a seated senton but misses. Basement dropkick by Honma and he chops away on Gallows. Slam by Honma and he hits the dropping head butt. Delayed suplex by Gallows and he hits a hip check in the corner. Back elbow by Gallows and he hits a Pump Handle Slam for 2. Rights by Honma and he hits a lariat on Gallows. Honma goes up and he misses a diving head butt. Lariat by Gallows gets 2. Gallows Pole gets 2. Honma blocks a second one and he rolls Gallows up for 2. Big boot by Gallows and he hits another Gallows Pole for 3.
Winner- Doc Gallows **3/4 ( Decent opener. Honma again played his underdog role well but here he didnít have as many hope spots and it was a stronger win for Gallows than Nagata and Tanahashi had against Honma. )

Block B- Karl Anderson (0) vs. Lance Archer w/Taka Michinoku (0)
Anderson attacks to start and Archer tosses him overhead. Dropkick to the leg by Anderson and he stomps on the leg of Archer. Anderson stomps on the leg of Archer and they head to the floor where Archer works him over. Archer goes for a big boot but misses and gets crotched on the railings. Anderson stomps on the leg of Archer and he rakes the eyes of Archer. Back in, Anderson clips the knee of Archer and he throws chops that have no effect. Anderson stomps the knee and he charges in the corner but eats elbow. Archer trucks Anderson and he hits a sidewalk slam. Chokeslam by Archer gets 2. Anderson escapes the Blackout and hits a bicycle kick in the corner. TKO by Anderson gets 2. Archer blocks the Gun Stun and hits a reverse DDT. Blackout by Archer gets 3.
Winner- Lance Archer *** ( Iím shocked Anderson is starting this tournament 0-3. Hopefully heíll have a run down the stretch. This is the first match in the tournament that I can flat out call fun. The heel vs. heel dynamic works in New Japan and they didnít take themselves seriously, so some of the facial reactions in certain spots were just fun to watch. )

Block B- Yujiro Takahashi (2) vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan (2)
Yujiro bites the hand of Tenzan and takes control with a headlock. Tenzan fights out and he begins to work over Tenzan. Saito suplex by Tenzan and Yujiro bails to the floor. Tenzan follows out and he sends Yujiro into the railings. Yujiro rakes the eyes and snap mares Tenzan on the ramp. Running basement dropkick on the ramp by Yujiro and back in, Yujiro throws some back elbows in the corner. Hre chokes Tenzan with his boot and he hits a swinging neck breaker for 2. Yujiro stomps away and he steps on the head of Tenzan. Elbow drops to the back of Tenzan by Yujiro gets 2. Tenzan fights back and throws some head butts in the corner. Tenzan charges in the corner but misses and Yujiro hits a Yakuza kick in the corner. Fishermanís Buster is countered into a suplex by Tenzan. Shoulder chops by Tenzan and he hits a corner clothesline. Tenzan goes up and hits the standing knee drop off the top for 2. Tenzan stomps away so Yujiro rakes the eyes and Tenzan catches him with a Samoan Drop for 2. Tenzan goes up and misses a diving head butt. Big boot by Yujiro and he hits a Brainbuster for 2. Basement sliding kick by Yujiro gets 2. Tenzan blocks the Buckle Bomb and he backdrops Yujiro. They trade forearms and Tenzan hits some shoulder chops. Lariat by Yujiro gets 2. Head butts by Tenzan and he hits TTD for 2. Anaconda Cross and Yujiro gives.
Winner- Hiroyoshi Tenzan ***1/4 ( Iím pleasantly surprised by the performance of Tenzan so far in this G1. Heís working hard and looks like he is finding a bit of his old self, putting on decent matches and doesnít look slow or worn down. This was a good competitive match and Yujiro doesnít look bad at all in defeat. )

Block A- Shelton X Benjamin w/Taka Michinoku (4) vs. Tomohiro Ishii (2)
Forearm by Benjamin knocks Ishii down and Ishii fires back. Benjamin overpowers Ishii and he hammers Ishii on the mat. Benjamin sends Ishii hard into the corner for 2 and he hits more forearms. Ishii fires back again but again, Benjamin is able to knock him down. Rear cravat by Benjamin and he sends Ishii into the corner. Stinger Splash misses and Ishii hits a powerslam. Corner lariat by Ishii and he hits a Brainbuster for 2. They trade forearms and Benjamin catches him in the Ankle Lock. Ishii rolls through into his own but Benjamin does the same. Benjamin grabs the Grapevine. Ishii grabs the ropes to break and Benjamin hits the Stinger Splash. Rolling German suplexes by Benjamin gets 2. Spinebuster by Benjamin gets 2. Release German suplex by Ishii and both men are down. Head butt by Ishii and he hits a Northern Lariat. Lariat by Ishii gets 2. Head butt by Ishii but Benjamin comes back with a spinning heel kick. Superkick by Benjamin and he hits Pay Dirt for 3.
Winner- Shelton X Benjamin **1/2 ( And the shocking win streak for Benjamin continues. This is really uninspired for a Ishii match, lacking the real magic and emotion that makes him a pleasure to watch. Benjamin didnít do anything to light the world on fire either and it has to be said, he throws the worst German suplexes in wrestling. )

Block B- Toru Yano (2) vs. Tetsuya Naito (2)
When Naito attempts to do anything, Yano goes straight into the ropes for protection. Naito works the arm of Yano and Yano pulls the hair to come back. Dropkick by Naito and Yano bails. Naito misses a baseball slide and Yano nails him with a chair. Naito is busted open from the shot and Yano takes this opportunity to expose the corner. Back in, Yano sends Naito into the exposed corner and he chokes Naito in the ropes. Yano sends Naito into the exposed corner again and he rakes the face of Naito. Brainbuster by Yano gets 2. Naito charges in the exposed corner but misses and he comes back with a swinging neck breaker. Hip toss into a basement drop by Naito and he hits a summersault senton for 2. Slingshot basement dropkick in the corner by Naito and he goes up. Missile dropkick to the back by Naito and Yano drop toe holds Naito into the corner. Inverted atomic drop by Yano and he catapults Naito into the corner. Powerbomb by Yano gets 2. Forearms by Naito and Naito uses the ref as a shield to block a low blow. Enzuigiri by Naito and he hits a flying forearm. German suplex by Naito gets 2. Reverse DDT by Naito and he goes up. Stardust Press gets 3.
Winner- Tetsuya Naito *** ( Yano in the G1 this year is more fun to watch now that he is a babyface. He has more charisma with the crowd as a face and the Eddie Guerrero cheat to win style babyface act works for him. Naito also outsmarting Yano at his own cheating game and finish him off was a great finish and capped off a good match. )

Block A- Davey Boy Smith Jr. w/Taka Michinoku (0) vs. Katsuyori Shibata (2)
They battle for control to start and Smith Jr. goes for the leg so Shibata goes to the ropes to block. Smith Jr. works Shibata over in the corner and dumps him to the floor. Smith Jr. works him over but Shibata catches him with a big boot. Back in, they trade uppercuts and then forearms. Shibata peppers him in the corner and he charges but Smith Jr. catches him with a big boot. Rights by Smith Jr. but Shibata comes back with a back fist. Forearms in the corner by Shibata and he hits the corner basement dropkick. Front facelock by Shibata but Smith Jr. gets in the ropes to break. Sleeper by Shibata but Smith Jr. attempts to break with a back suplex. Shibata holds on so Smith Jr. goes to the ropes to break. Back suplex by Shibata but Smith Jr. comes back with one of his own. Knees to the midsection by Smith Jr. and he hits a butterfly suplex for 2. Powerslam by Smith Jr. gets 2. Shibata blocks a powerbomb attempt so Smith Jr. throws some knees. Shibata counters the powerbomb into the Triangle Choke and Smith Jr. attempts to fight out but collapses. Shibata misses the Penalty Kick so he kicks Smith Jr. in the back. Smith Jr. blocks the GTS and Shibata hits a big boot. Lariat by Smith Jr. gets 2. Sit-out powerbomb by Smith Jr. gets 3.
Winner- Davey Boy Smith Jr. ***1/4 ( About the same level as their match last year. It was a good match but it was a more condensed version of what we normally see from Shibata and the lack of crowd heat cause this match to suffer a bit.)

Block A- Bad Luck Fale (2) vs. Yuji Nagata (2)
Nagata kicks away at Fale to start but Fale trucks him to end that. Elbow drop misses and Nagata throws some kicks to the chest. Big boot by Nagata knocks Fale to the floor. Back in, Nagata works the shoulder of Fale but Fale nails him in the midsection to come back. Fale hammers away at Nagata in the corner and he steps on Nagata. Slam by Fale and Nagata tries to fight back but Fale hits a hard forearm to ends that. Camel Clutch by Fale and he releases and covers for 2. Forearms by Fale and he goes for the Avalanche but misses. Dropkick to the leg by Nagata and he throws kicks to the leg of Fale. Another dropkick to the leg and Nagata hits a big boot. Side Russian leg sweep by Nagata and he grabs a Figure-4. Fale makes the ropes to break and he hits an Avalanche in the corner. Big splash by Fale gets 2. Nagata escapes a suplex and he hits an Exploder suplex on Fale for 2. Corner knee strike by Nagata and he hits a release German suplex for 2. Fale blocks the Saito suplex and Nagata hits an enzuigiri. Fale blocks another Exploder suplex and he goes for the Samoan Spike but Nagata counters into the Fujiwara arm bar. Nagata fires away and he hits a spinning heel kick. Fale catches Nagata with a Spear and he hits the Samoan Drop for 2. Bad Luck Fall by Fale gets 3.
Winner- Bad Luck Fale **1/2 ( Decent match. The first portion of the match was dull and Fale ignoring the leg that Nagata had worked over annoyed me but the final few minutes made up for it a tiny bit. )

Block B- Minoru Suzuki w/Taka Michinoku (0) vs. Hirooki Goto (4)
Suzuki goes for the arm but Goto goes into the ropes to break. They trade chops and Goto overpowers Suzuki. Forearms by Goto but Suzuki catches him in the cross arm breaker in the ropes. Suzuki sends Goto into the railings and he nails Goto with the ring bell. Penalty Kick on the ramp by Suzuki and Goto makes it back in at 18. Suzuki throws some knees and Goto tries to fight back with chops but Suzuki laughs it off. Forearms by Suzuki and he hits a head butt on Goto. Lariat by Goto and both men are down. Suzuki holds onto the ref, allowing Taka to come in and attacks. Goto lays him out with the DVD back breaker. Spinning heel kick in the corner on Suzuki and he hits a Saito suplex for 2. Slap by Suzuki and he hits a basement boot for 2. Sleeper by Suzuki and he goes for the Gotch Piledriver but Goto blocks. Backdrop by Goto and Suzuki slaps him. Suzuki goes back to the sleeper and he goes for the Gotch Piledriver again but Goto cradles him for 3!!!
Winner- Hirooki Goto *** ( Good sprint from these two that I wish got more than just seven minutes to develop because they probably couldíve done something special. Suzukiís reaction to yet another surprising defeat is an interesting development and I hope it has some sort of payoff over the course of the tournament. )

Block A- Satoshi Kojima (2) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (4)
They battle for control on the mat and reach a standstill. Kojima overpowers Tanahashi and Tanahashi comes back with a dropkick forcing Kojima to bail. Tanahashi goes up but Kojima goes to the opposite side of the ring. Baseball slide by Tanahashi and he hits a slingshot pescado to the floor. Tanahashi snaps Kojimaís arm off the ropes and back in, he snap mares Kojima into some knees to the shoulder. Wristlock by Tanahashi but Kojima goes to the ropes to break. Tanahashi works the shoulder of Kojima and Kojima grabs a sleeper to come back. DDT by Kojima and he grabs a standing chinlock. Neckbreaker over the knee by Kojima and he throws rapid chops in the corner. Corner forearm by Kojima and he goes up. Flying elbow drop by Kojima gets 2. They trade forearms and chops and Tanahashi catches him with an uppercut. Rolling elbow by Kojima and Tanahashi comes back with a flying forearm. Slam by Tanahashi and he goes up. Second rope summersault senton by Tanahashi gets 2. Ace Crusher by Kojima and he puts Tanahashi on top. He follows up but Tanahashi fights him off. Lariat by Kojima knocks Tanahashi all the way to the floor!!! Back in, Kojima hits a Brainbuster for 2. Straight Jacket German by Tanahashi gets 2. Ace Crusher by Tanahashi and he goes up. High Fly Flow eats knees and Kojima fires away with forearms. CCD by Kojima gets 2. Lariat by Kojima gets 2!!! Northern lariat by Kojima and Tanahashi catches him with Slingblade. Tanahashi goes up and he hits a crossbody off the top. Tanahashi goes up again and hits High Fly Flow for 3!!!
Winner- Hiroshi Tanahashi **** ( Great physical match but you would expect nothing less from these two. I loved that Kojima used things from his move set that he hasnít used in the tournament yet because he would need them to take down Tanahashi but it wasnít enough. )

Block B- Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo (4) vs. Togi Makabe (2)
Forearms by Makabe and he overpowers Okada. Forearms in the corner by Makabe and he slams Okada. Suplex by Makabe and Okada bails. Okada sends Makabe into the railings and Okada hits a big boot. Okada bends Makabeís neck against the railings and back in, he slams Makabe. Hilo by Okada and he throws back elbows in the corner. Forearms by Makabe but Okada ends that with an uppercut. Chinlock by Okada and Makabe fights out so Okada snap mares him into a basement dropkick. Okada stomps away and throws forearms but this fires Makabe up. DDT by Okada and he slams Makabe. Okada goes up and hits the flying elbow drop. Rights by Makabe and he hits a lariat, taking both men down. Corner lariats by Makabe and he hits some punches in the corner on Okada. Northern lights suplex by Makabe gets 2. Lariat by Makabe and they go to the floor. Okada sends Makabe into the railings and Makabe comes back with a clothesline on the floor. Makabe sends Okada into the post and back in, he goes for a piledriver but Okada counters into the Air Raid backbreaker. DVD by Okada and he grabs the STF. Makabe grabs the ropes to break and Okada hits some uppercuts. Lariat by Makabe and Okada comes back with a dropkick. Makabe counters the Rainmaker with a lariat and again, both men are down. Another lariat by Makabe and he hits a DVD. Powerbomb by Makabe gets 2. Northern lariat in the corner by Makabe and he puts Okada on top. Makabe follows up and hits the hanging German suplex. King Kong Knee Drop misses and Okada dropkicks him in the back. Makabe blocks the Tombstone and Okada counters a lariat into a German suplex for 2. Rainmaker by Okada gets 3!!!
Winner- Kazuchika Okada **** ( Makabeís injured jaw story is probably my favorite thing going in the tournament so far. In this match, Okada didnít really work it over and it wasnít a focal point but it didnít have to be. Makabe was constantly selling the impact the jaw was having on him and the story became Makabeís resilience to overcome the injury and just keep fighting and striking harder knowing he has a weak spot going forward. A great main event but man I canít put over Makabe enough for this performance. )

Block A: Benjamin (6), Tanahashi (6), Fale (4), Shibata (2), Smith Jr. (2), Nakamura (2), Ishii (2), Kojima (2), Nagata (2), Gallows(2), Honma (0)

Block B: Okada (6), Goto (6), Tenzan (4), Naito (4), Styles (2), Archer (2), Takahashi (2), Yano (2), Makabe (2), Suzuki (0), Anderson (0)

The 411: The under card on this show was one of the weakest I have seen to date since I reviewed G1 Climax shows. While nothing was bad, you'd just come to expect more from a G1 show. However, the double main events delivered big time and got a relatively quiet crowd rocking by the end of both matches. Kojima and Makabe are my MVPs of the tournament so far, just putting on outstanding individual performances and I was blown away by how the double main event turned out. It boosted this up to a pretty good and quality "B" show. This show is worth a watch as a whole since there are a few fun but not high quality matches on the undercard but go out of your way to at least check out the double main event.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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