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From The Shelf- NJPW G1 Climax 24 Day Four
Posted by Dylan Diot on 07.26.2014

NJPW G1 Climax 24 Day Four
Akita, Japan

Yujiro Takahashi and Doc Gallows have the day off.

This show has a lot to live up to since Day Four of last yearís tournament is one of the greatest wrestling events ever put on. There are at least five matches on this card that have potential to be great.

Block A- Bad Luck Fale (4, 2-1) vs. Satoshi Kojima (2, 1-2)
Fale overpowers Kojima to start and Kojima fires back with forearms. Fale overpowers him again to end that and he steps on Kojima. They go to the floor and Fale sends Kojima into the railings and post. Back in, Fale covers for 1 and he grabs a nerve hold. Kojima goes to the ropes to break and Fale chokes Kojima with his boot in the corner. Avalanche in the corner misses and Kojima throws rapid chops. Corner forearm by Kojima but Fale comes back with an Avalanche. Fale peppers Kojima in the corner and he hits another Avalanche. Big splash by Fale gets 2. Kojima clotheslines Fale to the floor and back in, Kojima goes up. Flying elbow drop by Kojima gets 2. Forearms by Kojima and he hits a rolling elbow. He goes for the Brainbuster but Fale blocks. Slam by Fale and Kojima fights back with forearms. Spear by Fale and he hits the Samoan Drop for 2. Kojima escapes Bad Luck Fall and he clips Fale in the leg. DDT by Kojima gets 2. Northern lariat by Kojima and he goes for the lariat but Fale blocks. Kojima blocks the Samoan Spike and hits a lariat. Another lariat by Kojima gets 3.
Winner- Satoshi Kojima *** ( Good match. It was a simple story of Kojima withstanding the power of Fale and just wrestling a smarter match to get the win and it worked well. )

Block A- Davey Boy Smith Jr. (2, 1-1) vs. Shelton X Benjamin (6, 3-0)
Since both men are members of Suzuki-gun, Taka Michinoku didnít come out for either manís entrance. Benjamin draws Smith Jr. into a Urinage off the hand shake for 2. Spinning heel kick by Benjamin gets 2. Smith Jr. blocks Pay Dirt and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. He stomps away and chokes Benjamin with his boot. Benjamin sends Smith Jr. into the railings on the floor and he wants to use a chair but Taka wonít allow it. Smith Jr. nails Benjamin in the midsection and back with the chair and he chokes Benjamin with the chair which Taka does not approve of. Smith Jr. works him over on the floor and back in, he covers for 2. Double nerve hold by Smith Jr. and he hits a leg drop for 2. Camel Clutch by Smith Jr. and he converts it into the sleeper. Benjamin tries to fight back but Smith Jr. ends that with a knee to the midsection. Benjamin counters a delayed suplex into a neckbreaker. They trade forearms and Benjamin hits the Stinger Splash. Smith Jr. blocks a superkick and hits a lariat for 2. Butterfly suplex by Smith Jr. gets 2. Knee to the midsection by Smith Jr. and he goes for the Powerbomb but Benjamin counters into the Ankle Lock. Grapevine by Benjamin but Smith Jr. wonít break so he counters into the Sharpshooter. Benjamin makes the ropes to break and Smith Jr. hits a high knee. Benjamin backdrops out of a powerbomb and he hits a superkick. Pay Dirt by Benjamin gets 3.
Winner- Shelton X Benjamin *** ( Benjaminís shocking hot run continues. The match was good stsarting with the fun dynamic of both guys using dirty tactics on each other and then it developed into a rock solid wrestling match that would have been better with more fan interest.)

Block B- Minoru Suzuki w/Taka Michinoku (0, 0-2) vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan (4, 2-1)
They trade chops and Tenzan hits some shoulder chops. Tenzan overpowers Suzuki and works him over on the apron. Cross arm breaker in the ropes by Suzuki and he works Tenzan over on the floor. Suzuki nails Tenzan with the ring bell and he snap mares Tenzan on the ramp. Penalty Kick on the ramp by Suzuki and back in, Suzuki chokes away on Tenzan. Kicks to the chest by Suzuki and he covers for 2. Suzuki grabs the Kimura but Tenzan goes to the ropes to break. Head butt by Tenzan and he hits some shoulder chops. Corner clothesline by Tenzan and he goes up. Standing knee drop off the top by Tenzan gets 2. Suplex by Tenzan gets 2. Suzuki fires back with slaps and Suzuki throws some forearms in the corner. Yakuza kick by Suzuki and Tenzan fights back with forearms. Sleeper by Suzuki and he goes for the Gotch Piledriver but Tenzan blocks. Samoan Drop by Tenzan gets 2 and he goes for the Anaconda Vice but Suzuki goes right to the ropes. Sleeper by Suzuki and he goes for the Gotch Piledriver but Tenzan backdrops out. Tenzan knocks Taka off the apron and he hits a spinning heel kick onto Suzuki for 2. Tenzan goes up and misses the diving head butt. Basement boot by Suzuki and he goes back to the sleeper. Judo toss by Suzuki to grab a better position and Tenzan gives.
Winner- Minoru Suzuki **3/4 ( Decent match but it ran at a slow pace and Tenzan didnít near get the reaction that he has had the previous three nights. Still, this match is a step up from their ugly match from last yearís tournament. )

Block B- Toru Yano (2, 1-2) vs. Hirooki Goto (6, 3-0)
Lariat by Goto and he stomps away on Yano. Forearms by Goto and Yano pulls him by the hair to come back. Lariat by Goto and he hits a Northern lariat in the corner. Spinning heel kick in the corner by Goto and he hits a Saito suplex for 2. DVD back breaker by Goto and Yano goes low to come back. Cradle by Yano gets 3!!!
Winner- Toru Yano * ( Again, another shocking, short win for Yano thatís even more shocking coming against a guy like Goto who has been positioned as a threat in the tournament. I guess the themes of Yanoís wins this year are less than three minute shock pins and itíll be interesting to see who else falls to Yano in this fashion. )

Block A- Tomohiro Ishii (2, 1-2) vs. Tomoki Honma (0, 0-3)
Ishii overpowers Honma and they trade forearms. Honma overpowers Ishii and he misses the dropping head butt. Chops by Ishii and Honma hits some of his own. Ishii knocks Honma down with a single chip and he hits some head butts. Honma blocks a Brainbuster and reverses into a suplex. Chops by Honma and he hits a corner forearm. Bulldog by Honma and he misses the dropping head butt again. They trade chops and they are just beating the shit out of each other with chops!!! Honma wins the chop battle and then finally connects with the dropping head butt. Forearms by Honma but this fires Ishii up. Ishii knocks Honma down with a single forearm and he hits a Saito suplex for 2. Corner clothesline by Ishii and Honma comes back with a lariat. Piledriver by Honma gets 2. Honma charges in the corner but eats boot and he comes back with a back elbow. Running forearm by Ishii and Honma catches him with a DDT. They trade lariats and Honma wins that battle. Slam by Honma and he goes up. Diving head butt misses and both men are down. Ishii puts Honma on top and follows up. Superplex by Ishii gets 2. Ishii goes for the powerbomb but Honma blocks so Ishii throws a head butt. Powerbomb by Ishii gets 2. Honma escapes the Brainbuster and he cradles Ishii for 2!!! Release German suplex by Honma and he hits a lariat. Brainbuster by Honma gets 2!!! Forearms by Ishii and Honma fires back with slaps. Enzuigiri by Ishii ends that but it fires Honma up. Lariat by Ishii gets 2!!! Brainbuster by Ishii gets 3.
Winner- Tomohiro Ishii ****1/4 ( This was an awesome war. The crowd was molten for every near falls and the matched was worked where Honma was seen at the level of Ishii so it made the near falls and slugfests even more exciting and heart pounding. )

Block B- Lance Archer w/Taka Michinoku (2, 1-1) vs. Togi Makabe (2, 1-2)
Archer overpowers Makabe and Makabe clotheslines Archer to the floor. Makabe sends Archer into the railings and sends Archer into the post. Archer returns the favor and slams the back of Makabeís head off the railings a few times. Archer works over Makabe and back in, he trucks Makabe for 2. Short arm clothesline by Archer and he hammers Makabe on the mat for 2. Standing arm bar by Archer and he grabs the chin to add extra pain. Makabe fights back with forearms but Archer catches him with a full nelson slam for 2. Rights by Archer but this fires up Makabe. Head butt by Archer and he slams Makabe. Big splash by Archer gets 2. Rights by Makabe and he hits some corner clotheslines. Punches in the corner by Makabe and he hits a lariat with no effect. The second one knocks Archer down for 2. Facebuster by Archer and he hits a lariat for 2. Corner clothesline by Makabe and he hits a Northern lights suplex for 1. Makabe goes up and misses the King Kong Knee Drop. Makabe blocks the Chokeslam but Archer hits the F-5 for 2. Archer goes for Blackout but Makabe escapes so Archer hits a big boot. Reverse DDT by Archer and Archer goes up but Makabe crotches him. He follows up and takes Archer down with the hanging German suplex. King Kong Knee Drop by Makabe gets 3.
Winner- Togi Makabe **3/4 (Decent match coming out of intermission but this was Makabeís weakest performance of the tournament so far. Nothing revolved around Makabeís injury and it just felt like a normal match which sucks considering they were building a great story with Makabe in his first three bouts. )

Block A- Shinsuke Nakamura (2, 1-1) vs. Yuji Nagata (2, 1-2)
Feeling out process to start and Nakamura throws a knee to the midsection. They evade each other and reach a standstill. Test of strength but Nakamura breaks it up with a forearm. They trade blows and Nagata hits a kick to the chest. Kick to the leg by Nakamura and he throws a knee at Nagata, forcing him to bail. Knee lift on the apron by Nakamura and back in, he snap mares Nagata into a chinlock. Kneedrop by Nakamura gets 2. Nakamura throws some knees in the corner and Nagata comes back with a knee to the midsection. Kicks to the chest by Nagata and he hits a Yakuza kick. Nakamura blocks the Exploder suplex but Nagata catches him with a dropkick to the leg. Exploder suplex by Nagata gets 2. Nakamura blocks the Brainbuster and he catches Nagata with a spinning heel kick. Nakamura toys with Nagata so he throws slaps at Nakamura. He throws some knees at Nakamura in the corner and Nakamura comes back with a dropkick. Nakamura works Nagata over in the corner and he hits an enzuigiri. He puts Nagata on top and hits a knee lift in the corner. Release back suplex by Nakamura and he goes for Boom Ye but misses. Crossface by Nagata but Nakamura rolls through into the Triangle Choke. Nagata rolls through THAT into the fujiwara arm bar. Nakamura gets to the ropes to break. Big boot by Nagata and he hits a corner knee strike. Nagata puts Nakamura on top and follows up. Nakamura tries to fight him off but Nagata is holding on. Enzuigiri by Nakamura finally brings Nagata down and he hits a second rope Boom Ye! They trade forearms and Nakamura throws a knee to the midsection. Spinning heel kick by Nagata and he hits a release German suplex. Big boot by Nagata and he hits a corner knee strike to the back of the head. Saito suplex by Nagata gets 2. Nakamura blocks the Exploder suplex and throws a knee to the head. Shining Wizard by Nakamura and he hits Boom Ye! for 2!!! A second one by Nakamura gets 3!!!
Winner- Shinsuke Nakamura **** ( Awesome match. I loved how Nagata was just getting more and more fed up with Nakamuraís antics and just decided to beat the ever loving crap out of him in retaliation. The knees that were thrown in this match were nasty and the final few minutes were wild. )

Block B- AJ Styles (2, 1-1) vs. Tetsuya Naito (4, 2-1)
Naito goes for the arm of Styles but Styles dumps him to the floor to block. Back in, they battle for control of the arm and Styles maintains hold of a headlock. Naito catches Styles with a dropkick and he goes to the side headlock. Dropkick by Styles turns Naito inside out and he works over the cut of Naito that he suffered against Yano. Slam by Styles and he hits a knee drop. Styles throws elbows at the cut of Naito and Naito begins to fight back. Poke to the eye by Styles ends that and he hits a springboard forearm on Naito. Backbreaker by Styles gets 2. Chinlock by Styles but Naito goes to the ropes to break. Naito blocks a suplex attempt and hits some forearms. Back elbow by Styles and Naito backdrops him to the floor. Styles sweeps the legs of Naito on the apron and they clothesline each other on the floor. They both make it back in at 19 and Naito hits a hip toss into the basement dropkick. Snap mare and Baito hits the summersault senton. Naito goes up and hits a missile dropkick. Naito puts Styles on top and follows up. Styles sweeps the legs of Naito sending him crashing face first into the turnbuckle. Suplex into the corner by Styles and he goes for the Styles Clash but Naito blocks. Pele by Styles and he hits BLOODY SUNDAY!!!! Styles goes for the Styles Clash again but Naito blocks. Slingshot basement dropkick in the corner by Naito and he puts Styles on top. Naito follows up for the Frakenstener but Styles blocks. Naito blocks a super Styles Clash and he dropkicks Styles on the way down. German suplex by Naito gets 2. Styles throws strikes but Naito catches him with an enzuigiri to end that. Flying forearm by Naito and he hits a hammerlock sidewalk slam. Naito goes up and hits the Stardust Press for 3.
Winner- Tetsuya Naito ***1/2 ( Damn good match. It was more mat based than I figured considering the style of these guys but it was still a good wrestling effort. I like that they incorporated the cut into the match and Naito bleeding again added more heat to the contest. Give these guys more time on a PPV and you could get something special. )

Block B- Karl Anderson (0, 0-3) vs. Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo (6, 3-0)
Anderson attacks Okada during his pose and he mocks Okada. Big boot by Okada and he snap mares Anderson into the basement dropkick. Anderson bails and he bends Andersonís neck against the railings. Anderson goes for a suplex to the floor but Okada blocks. Bicycle kick by Anderson knocks Okada off the apron and he drops Okada onto the railings. He does it again and back in, he hits a backbreaker. Chinlock by Anderson with his knee driven into the back of Okada. He rakes the face of Okada and hits a back elbow for 2. Chinlock by Anderson but Okada fights out. Okada misses a dropkick and Anderson misses a back senton. DDT by Okada and both men are down. Okada cleans house and he hits a flapjack to Anderson. Anderson charges in the corner but eats elbow and Okada puts him on top. Dropkick knocks Anderson to the floor and he sends Anderson into the railings. Yakuza kick by Okada knocks Anderson into the front row and Okada hits a hanging DDT on the floor. Back in, Okada slams Anderson and he goes up. Flying elbow drop by Okada and he goes for Rainmaker but Anderson blocks. Anderson counters the Air Raid Crash into the running sit-out powerbomb for 2. Anderson goes up and hits a neckbreaker off the top for 2. Screwdriver by Anderson gets 2. Okada blocks the Gun Stun and hits a dropkick on Anderson. They trade forearms and uppercuts and Okada blocks Gun Stun again. Dropkick to the back by Okada and he hits the Tombstone. They trade counters and Anderson catches him with the Gun Stun for 3!!!
Winner- Karl Anderson ***1/2 ( Another really good match with a fantastic final sequence. Anderson beating Okada is quite the way for Anderson to finally get on the board with a win and build momentum. I felt that this was a condensed version of other matches they had as they didnít really have time to stretch out the match and really build the sequences they performed but for the time they had, they did well with it. )

Block A- Katsuyori Shibata (2, 1-1) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (6, 3-0)
Crowd is ready for this one. Battle for positioning to start and Shibata provides Tanahashi with the clean break. They slap each other to send a message and they trade forearms. Tanahashi misses a dropkick and Shibata misses the Penalty Kick. Tanahashi bails to avoid the onslaught of Shibata. Tanahashi dropkicks Shibata off the apron and he hits a slingshot pescado to the floor. Back in, Tanahashi works the leg of Shibata and he dropkicks the leg of Shibata. Tanahashi misses an Avalanche in the corner and Shibata kicks him in the chest, knocking Tanahashi to the floor. Shibata sends Tanahashi into the railings and he knocks Tanahashi into the front row with a Yakuza kick. Back at ringside, Shibata suplexes Tanahashi on the floor. Back in, Shibata throws a kick to the chest of Tanahashi and he charges in the corner but eats boot. Yakuza kick misses and Tanahashi comes back with the flying forearm. Slam by Tanahashi and he goes up. Second rope summersault senton by Tanahashi gets 2. Knee to the gut by Shibata and he works Tanahashi over in the corner. Corner dropkick by Tanahashi but Shibata no sells it and peppers Tanahashi with forearms in the corner. Corner basement dropkick by Shibata and he hits a butterfly suplex for 2. Sleeper by Shibata but Tanahashi counters into a release German suplex. Shibata returns the favor and both men are down. Tanahashi counters the Penalty Kick into the Dragon screw leg sweep and he begins to work the leg again. Texas Cloverleaf by Tanahashi but Shibata makes the ropes to break. Dragon screw leg sweep by Tanahashi and Shibata catches him in the sleeper. Tanahashi goes to the ropes to break so Shibata throws a kick to the chest. Penalty Kick misses and Tanahashi hits the Slingblade. Tanahashi goes up and hits High Fly Flow to the back. He goes up again and High Fly Flow eats knees!!! They trade forearms and Shibata starts to win the battle. Tanahashi throws strikes but Shibata KILLS him with a back fist. Shibata goes for the GTS but Tanahashi counters into a small package for 2!!! Shibata counters the Dragon suplex into the GTS. Penalty Kick gets 3!!!
Winner- Katsuyori Shibata ****1/4 ( Awesome main event and what a fantastic clash of styles this was. It was Shibataís strikes, MMA influenced style vs. Tanahashiís pure wrestling style and neither guy try to resort to the other to try and win. Shibata just hit hard enough to take Tanahashi down and win. )

Block A: Benjamin (8, 4-0), Tanahashi (6, 3-1), Shibata (4, 2-1), Nakamura (4, 2-1), Kojima (4, 2-2), Fale (4, 2-2), Ishii (4, 2-2), Smith Jr. (2, 1-2), Gallows(2, 1-2), Nagata (2, 1-3), Honma (0, 0-4)

Block B: Okada (6, 3-1), Goto (6, 3-1), Naito (6, 3-1), Yano (4, 2-2), Makabe (4, 2-2), Tenzan (4, 2-2), Suzuki (2, 1-2), Takahashi (2, 1-2), Styles (2, 1-2), Archer (2, 1-2), Anderson (2, 1-3)

The 411: It didn't top last year's show but man was Day Four awesome this year. The five matches I expected to deliver did, with three of the matches being outstanding. Shibata/Tanahashi was something special and I hope we get a rematch down the line, maybe at Wrestle Kingdom IX. I prefer Day One to this show just because we got great matches from unexpected individuals while here we got great matches from the individuals we all expected it from but this is going to up there as one of the best shows of the entire tournament. Definitely check this out. Oh yeah, Shelton Benjamin is the only one left undefeated. Yeah, you read that right.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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