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From The Shelf- NJPW G1 Climax 24 Day Five
Posted by Dylan Diot on 07.28.2014

NJPW G1 Climax 24 Day Five
Miyagi, Japan

Yuji Nagata and Togi Makabe have the day off.

Block A- Doc Gallows (2, 1-2) vs. Tomohiro Ishii (4, 2-2)
Chops by Ishii have no effect and Gallows overpowers Ishii. Gallows charges in the corner but eats boot and he hits some elbow drops to Ishii for 2. Gallows works the chest of Ishii and he hits some rights but Ishii fights back with chops. Gallows steps on Ishii and Ishii fights back with forearms. Knee to the midsection by Gallows but Ishii fights back with forearms again. Forearms and chops in the corner by Ishii and Gallows charges in the corner but misses. Gallows counters the Brainbuster into a suplex but he misses a big splash. Corner clothesline by Ishii and he hits a suplex for 2. Gallows knocks Ishii down with a right and he hits a fall-a-way slam. Big splash by Gallows gets 2. Avalanche in the corner by Gallows and he goes up. Vader Bomb eats boot and Gallows catches Ishii with a high kick. Pump Hnalde Slam by Gallows gets 2. Release German suplex by Ishii and he hits some lariats that don’t knock Gallows down. Big boot by Gallows but Ishii comes back with the lariat for 2. Bicycle kick by Gallows and he hits Gallows Pole for 2!!! Head butts by Ishii and he hits a basement lariat for 2!!! They battle for the Brainbuster and Ishii hits an enzuigiri. Brainbuster by Ishii gets 3.
Winner- Tomohiro Ishii ***1/2 ( This is Gallows’ best match of the tournament so far. Ishii was a perfect match for Gallows’ slow paced and powerful style and the result was a good, hard hitting power match that the crowd was super-hot for and Ishii didn’t have to kill himself like in his other performances. )

Block B- Lance Archer w/Taka Michinoku (2, 1-2) vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan (4, 2-2)
They trade chops and forearms to start. Then they begin to trade shoulder chops and Tenzan ends that with a head butt. Tenzan overpowers Archer and he works over Archer in the corner. Taka distracts Tenzan, allowing Archer to snap his neck off the ropes and he rams Tenzan into the railings. Archer works Tenzan over on the floor and back in, Archer trucks Tenzan. Archer chokes Tenzan with his boot and he hits a short arm clothesline for 2. Camel Clutch by Archer but Tenzan fights out and throws some chops. Archer charges in the corner but eats elbow and Tenzan hits a lariat on Archer. Tenzan knocks Taka off the apron and hits a corner clothesline to Archer. Tenzan goes up and hits the standing knee drop off the top for 1. Tenzan blocks the Chokeslam and throws a head butt. Facebuster by Archer and Tenzan comes back with a Samoan Drop for 2. Tenzan goes up and hits a flying clothesline off the top for 2. Anaconda Vice by Tenzan but Archer is able to power out. Sidewalk slam by Archer and he grabs the Boston Crab. Tenzan makes the ropes to break. Spinning heel kick by Tenzan gets 2. Tenzan goes up and misses the moonsault. Chokeslam by Archer gets 2. Archer puts Tenzan on top and follows up. Tenzan blocks the superplex and he throws some head butts. Big boot by Archer and he hits Blackout for 3.
Winner- Lance Archer *** ( This is the type of match that benefits from NJPW’s day off schedule for the G1. Last year, this match would have sucked due to Tenzan’s injuries but here, because he is fresh, you get good performances out of him and the result is a surprisingly fun, competitive match such as we had here. )

Block A- Davey Boy Smith Jr. w/Taka Michinoku (2, 1-2) vs. Satoshi Kojima (4, 2-2)
Smith Jr. works the left arm of Kojima to start but Kojima escapes and we reach a standstill. Smith Jr. overpowers Kojima and Kojima blocks a big boot before throwing elbows at the leg. Kojima overpowers Smith Jr. and Smith Jr. dumps Kojima to the floor. Smith Jr. works Kojima over on the floor and Kojima chop blocks him on the apron. Apron DDT by Kojima and back in, Smith Jr. rakes the face of Kojima. Sidewalk slam by Smith Jr. and he stomps the midsection of Kojima. Delayed suplex by Smith Jr. gets 2. Surfboard by Smith Jr. but Kojima goes to the ropes to break. Smith Jr. misses a corner knee strike and Kojima throws rapid chops in the corner. Corner forearm by Kojima and he goes up. Flying elbow drop by Kojima gets 2. They trade chops and forearms and Smith Jr. hits a butterfly suplex for 2. Kojima blocks the Saito suplex and he hits a rolling elbow. High knee by Smith Jr. and he hits a Saito suplex for 2. Sharpshooter by Smith Jr. but Kojima makes the ropes to break. Kojima clotheslines Smith Jr. to the floor and back in, Kojima hits the Ace Crusher for 2. Lariat by Kojima gets 2. Knee to the midsection by Smith Jr. and he goes for the powerbomb but Kojima blocks. DDT by Kojima and he goes for Taka but he moves. Tiger suplex by Smith Jr. gets 2 and Smith Jr. catches him with a powerslam. Sit-out power bomb by Smith Jr. gets 3.
Winner- Davey Boy Smith Jr. ***1/2 ( Smith Jr. for me is Mr. Consistency. He hasn’t put on great matches, but each of his matches has been rock solid and he is a really good ring technician and works well with anyone. This match was pretty good but this one of the rare occasions so far where I thought the match died out a bit toward the end but the rest of the match was damn good stuff. )

Block B- Yujiro Takahashi (2, 1-2) vs. Minoru Suzuki w/Taka Michinoku (2, 1-2)
Yujiro attacks as Suzuki was making his entrance and he snap mares Suzuki into a basement kick. Yujiro chokes Suzuki with his boot and Suzuki bails. Yujiro sends Suzuki into the railings and Taka nails Yujiro from behind. The distraction allows Suzuki to drive a chair into the back of Yujiro. Suzuki sends Yujiro into the railings and he bends Yujiro’s neck against the railings. Back in, Suzuki bends Yujiro’s neck against the ropes and Yujiro begins to fight back. Knee to the midsection ends that and Suzuki works him over. Slaps by Yujiro but Suzuki takes him down into the grapevine. Yujiro makes the ropes to break and Suzuki blocks a Brainbuster by locking in the front facelock. Yujiro is able to power Suzuki into the Brainbuster to come back. They trade chops and Yujiro rakes the eyes of Suzuki to come back. Yakuza kick by Yujiro and he goes for a neckbreaker but Suzuki blocks. Yujiro toys with Suzuki so SUZKI SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!!!! Yakuza kick by Suzuki and he snap mares Yujiro. Penalty Kick is blocked and Yujiro rakes the eyes. Sleeper by Suzuki but Yujiro counters into the Olympic Slam for 2. Lariat by Yujiro gets 2. Suzuki blocks Miami Shine and he throws some slaps. Running basement boot by Suzki and he grabs the sleeper. Judo toss and he grabs Saka Otoshi. Yujiro gives.
Winner- Minoru Suzuki ***1/4 ( Good match that had a similar dynamic to the Nagata/Nakamura match from Day Four but the difference was Yujiro was acting like a little shit while Nakamura just acts goofy, so the tougher Suzuki just brutalized him and beat him to teach him a lesson. It was a blast to watch. )

Block B- Karl Anderson (2, 1-3) vs. Toru Yano (4, 2-2)
Anderson attacks as Yano enters the ring and he puts on Yano’s jacket to mock him. Yano rakes the eyes but Anderson catches him with a leg lariat. Anderson exposes the corner and he sends Yano into the exposed corner. Anderson dumps Yano to the floor and he continues to mock Yano. He sends Yano into the railings and back in, Anderson covers for 2. Anderson sends Yano into the exposed corner again he grabs a chinlock. Uppercuts by Anderson and Yano charges but misses and hits the exposed corner. Drop toe hold into the exposed corner by Yano and he rolls Anderson up for 2. Forearms by Yano but he pulls the EARS of Anderson to come back. Spinebuster by Anderson and he hits the TKO for 2. Gun Stun is blocked and Yano catapults Anderson into the exposed corner. Anderson blocks the powerbomb and he blocks the low blow. Bicycle kick to the back by Anderson but Gun Stun is blocked again. They both use the ref as a shield and Yano goes low on Anderson. Cradle by Yano gets 3!!!
Winner- Toru Yano *** ( I’ve turned a complete corner on Yano compared to last year. Him in the babyface role is so much better it’s not even funny. His matches are just fun to watch and he makes you WANT to see him win. Anderson was just the biggest asshole in this match and this probably the best match of the tournament in terms of just pure funny entertainment. )

Block A- Shelton X Benjamin w/Taka Michinoku (8, 4-0) vs. Katusyori Shibata (4, 2-1)
They grapple on the mat to start and they go to the ropes to break. Shibata holds a headlock but Benjamin breaks it up and goes for the Ankle Lock but Shibata quickly goes to the ropes to block. They trade strikes and Benjamin takes Shibata down with a spinebuster. They go to the floor and Benjmain swings Shibata against the railings multiple times. Back in, Benjamin sends Shibata hard into the corner for 2 as Shibata gets his foot on the ropes to break the count. Suplex by Benjamin gets 2. Rear chinlock by Benjamin but Shibata goes to the ropes to break. Stinger Splash by Benjamin and Shibata comes back with a knee strike. They trade forearms and Shibata peppers him in the corner. Corner basement dropkick by Shibata and he hits a butterfly suplex for 2. Spinning heel kick by Benjamin gets 2. Delayed butterfly suplex by Benjamin gets 2. Shibata blocks the superkick and they trade forearms. Backfist by Shibata and he goes for the GTS but Benjamin counters into the Ankle Lock!!! Shibata makes the ropes to break. Shibata counters a suplex into the sleeper and he turns that into a Release German suplex. Super kick by Benjamin and he hits a second one!!! Shibata counters Pay Dirt into the sleeper and Benjamin tries to roll out but Shibata holds on. Benjamin backs him into the corner to break and he misses the spinning heel kick. Shibata goes back to the sleeper and he releases to hit the Penalty Kick for 3.
Winner- Katsuyori Shibata ***1/2 (The winning streak ends!!! This was a very good match, as Shelton was a lot more aggressive here; knowing the weaker Shibata was the worst his striking would be down the stretch. However, Shibata counters were much better than Benjamin’s and he caught Benjmain before he could catch him to win. )

Block B- AJ Styles (2, 1-2) vs. Hirooki Goto (6, 3-1)
Styles goes for the arm early but Goto goes to the ropes to block. Styles takes Goto down and begins to work the leg but Goto attempts to go to the arm and Styles quickly goes into the ropes to block. They grapple on the mat and Goto catches Styles in a head scissors. He converts it into a cover for 2 and Styles bails to regroup. Back in, Goto holds a headlock but Styles escapes so Goto overpowers him. Elbow drop misses and Styles comes back with chops. Corner splash misses and Goto hits a hip toss. Sliding D by Goto and Styles bails. Back in, Goto stops Styles from running away and Styles nsaps his neck off the ropes. Slingshot back senton by Styles and he hits a delayed Brainbuster. Shoulders to the gut in the corner by Styles and he hits a corner forearm for 2. Muta Lock by Styles but Goto makes the ropes to break. Elbows to the back of the neck by Styles but Goto fights back. Dropkick by Styles edns that and he goes to the chinlock. Goto fights out so Styles throws a head kick that pisses Goto off. Forearms and chops by Styles but Goto catches him with a lariat to come back. Spinning heel kick in the corner by Goto and he hits a Saito suplex for 2. Back suplex gordbuster by Styles gets 2. Goto blocks the Styles Clash and Styles puts him on top. He follows up but Goto fights him off with forearms. Styles follows up but again Goto fights back and HITS CODE RED OFF THE TOP FOR 2!!! Styles escapes the Brainbuster and hits the Pele. Forearms by Styles and he fires some strikes at Goto. Goto catches him with the DVD back breaker and he goes for Shouten Kai but Styles blocks and hits Bloody Sunday. Styyles Clash gets 3.
Winner- AJ Styles ***3/4 ( Excellent match. The stalling from Styles early was a tad annoying but the match kept building slowly and Goto’s near falls became meaningful as a result. The final stretch was, pardon the pun, phenomenal and we starting to see the crowd buying into Styles as a legitimate champion in the company with each match since he’s putting on these great performances and his wins and losses have been viewed as something meaningful in the grand picture of the tournament. )

Block A- Bad Luck Fale (4, 2-2) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (6, 3-1)
Fale pulls the hair and shoves Tanahashi down off the clean break. Test of strength and Tanahashi catches Fale with a drop toe hold. Basement dropkick by Tanahashi and he stands on the back of Fale. Fale bails and they go to the floor. Fale sends Tanahashi into the railings and Fale knocks Tanahashi down with a clothesline. Back in, Fale stands on Tanahashi and he slams Tanahashi for 2. Fale drives his knee into the back of Tanahashi and he pulls him by the hair before going to the chinlock. Elbow drop to the back by Fale and he goes to the Camel Clutch. Fale releases and covers for 2. Chops by Tanahashi but Fale ends that with a forearm shot. Fale works over the midsection in the corner and he clubs Tanahashi in the corner. Fale chokes Tanahashi with his boot and he goes for the Avalanche but misses. Tanahashi hammers Fale in the midsection and he dropkicks the leg of Fale. Dragon screw leg sweep by Tanahashi and he goes for a slam but Fale blocks. Tanahashi counters a powerslam into the Final Cut for 2. Fale trucks Tanahashi and he hits the Avalanche in the corner. Big splash by Fale gets 2. Tanahashi blocks the Samoan Spike and Fale goes to dump him but Tanahashi skins the cat into a headscissors taking Fale to the floor. Tanahashi goes up and hits a crossbody off the top to the floor. Back in, Tanahashi hits Slingblade and he goes up. High Fly Flow by Tanahashi but FALE CLUTCHES HIM on the way down and hits the Samoan Spike for 2!!! Tanahashi escapes Bad Luck Fall but Fale catches him with a Samoan Drop. Bad Luck Fall by Fale gets 3!!!
Winner- Bad Luck Fale ***3/4 ( This is possibly the biggest win of Fale’s career to date and likely his best match as well. This was an awesomely executed big man vs. small man story with Tanahashi showing resiliency but Fale just overpowered him and the toll the tournament has already taken on Tanahashi came back to bite him. )

Block A- Shinsuke Nakamura (4, 2-1) vs. Tomoki Honma (0, 0-4)
Chops by Honma and he hits a back elbow. Slam by Honma and he misses the dropping head butt. Honma overpowers Nakamura and Nakamura catches him with a kick to the head from the apron, Running knee lift by Nakamura and he hits a guillotine knee drop off the apron. Back in, Nakamura toys with Honma and Honma tries to fight back with chops. Kick to the chest ends that and he snap mares Honma into a knee drop for 1. Delayed knee drop by Nakamura and he throws some knees at Honma. Honma comes back with a lariat and he chops away on Nakamura. Corner forearm by Honma and he hits the bulldog. Dropping head butt by Honma gets 2. Spinning heel kick by Nakamura and he throws some kicks to the chest. Enzuigiri by Nakamura and he puts Honma on top. Running knee lift in the corner by Nakamura gets 2. Standing front facelock by Nakamura but Honma fights out and hits a DDT. Basement blockbuster by Honma and he hits a piledriver for 2. Sleeper by Nakamura and he turns it into the lungblower. Release back suplex by Nakamura and he goes for Boom Ye! but Honma catches him with a leaping shoulder block. Brainbuster by Honma gets 2!!! Honma goes up and he misses the diving head butt. They trade forearms and Honma throws some head butts. Nakamura hits the second rope knee strike and he goes for Boom Ye! but Honma catches him with a roll-up for 2. He goes for a cradle but they land in the ropes so no cover. Enzuigiri by Nakamura and he hits Boom Ye! for 2!!! Running knee strike by Nakamura gets 3!!! Honma gets a standing ovation after the match.
Winner- Shinsuke Nakamura **** (I swear, Honma is putting on some of the most awesome underdog babyface acts I may have ever seen. The energy and fire coming out of him is something else and I hope the poor guy gets some wins in this tournament cause he deserves some recognition. Match was awesome and the crowd was losing their minds at different points. )

Block B- Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo (6, 3-1) vs. Tetsuya Naito (6, 3-1)
Winner of this match will take the lead in Block B. They battle for the arm to start and Naito goes gto the ropes to end that. Dropkick by Naito and he snap mares Okada into a chinlock. Forearms in the corner by Naito but Okada fights back with his own. Okada puts Naito on top and dropkicks him to the floor. Okada bends Naito’s neck off the railings and back in, Okada slams Naito. Hilo by Okada gets 1. Okada stomps away in the corner and Naito starts to fight back so Okada snap mares him into a basement dropkick. DDT by Okada gets 2. Back elbows in the corner by Okada and he charges in the corner but misses. Hanging neck breaker by Naito and he hip tosses Okada into a basement dropkick. Standing summersault senton by Naito and he goes up. Missile dropkick by Naito and he goes for the slingshot basement dropkick but Okada catches him and hits the Air Raid Backbreaker!!! Slam by Okada and he goes up. Flying elbow drop by Okada and Naito avoids the Rainmaker before hitting a Tornado DDT. Slingshot basement dropkick by Naito and he puts Okada on top. Naito follows up and hits a Frankensteiner off the top. German suplex by Naito gets 2. Okada blocks the hammerlock sidewalk slam and Naito misses the flying forearm. Dropkick to the back by Okada and he hits the Tombstone. Naito blocks the Rainmaker and he hits an enzuigiri. Release Dragon suplex by Naito and both men are down. They trade forearms and Okada throws some uppercuts. Flying forearm by Naito and Okada comes back with a dropkick. Naito counters the Rainmaker into an exploder suplex and he hits Shining Wizard. Slam by Naito and he goes up. Stardust Press by Naito gets 3!!!
Winner- Tetsuya Naito **** ( Awesome main event. They went balls to the walls here, throwing everything they had at each other and Naito picked up a big win. NJPW has done a great job rebuilding Naito during this tournament, as he has beaten both the IWGP Champion and got his win back from Wrestle Kingdom in back to back shows. )

Block A: Benjamin (8, 4-1), Shibata (6, 3-1), Nakamura (6, 3-1), Fale (6, 3-2), Tanahashi (6, 3-2), Ishii (6, 3-2), Smith Jr. (4, 2-2), Kojima (4, 2-3), Gallows(2, 1-3), Nagata (2, 1-3), Honma (0, 0-5)

Block B: Naito (8, 4-1), Okada (6, 3-2), Yano (6, 3-2), Goto (6, 3-2), Makabe (4, 2-2), Suzuki (4, 2-2), Styles (4, 2-2), Archer (4, 2-2), Tenzan (4, 2-3), Takahashi (2, 1-3), Anderson (2, 1-4)

The 411: This was an awesome show. It wasn't the best show of the G1 cause I believe Nights One and Four are better, but I think this is the most well balanced of all the show so far. Not a single match below three stars and the final four matches were all great with two of them up there with the best matches of the tournament so far. Although the great matches from last years' tournament are better than the ones from this year to this point, the first five shows of this tournament have smoked last years. Bring on Night Six!!!
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend


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