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The Name on the Marquee: WWF Championship Wrestling (11.16.1985)
Posted by Adam Nedeff on 08.13.2014

-Originally aired November 16, 1985.

-Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura.

-Mike is in the unenviable “find something to do with him” position, and I’m actually kind of amazed that they bothered having Captain Lou come to the ring with him.

-Rotundo and Lee jockey for position and Lee gets the upper hand. Barbie tries a stepover toehold but gets kicked away. Dog tags in and works the arm. Barbie fights back with a bearhug and Dog gets backed into the wrong corner and hammered. Dog fights back with headbutts, and Rotundo finishes Barbie with the airplane spin.

-Lord Alfred Hayes profiles noted professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, who has received numerous offers to appear on talk shows, soap operas, and commercials, but for the moment, he’s far more interested in wrestling a match against his nemesis, Roddy Piper.

-Haley goes on a star-making offensive, attacking from behind and absolutely beating Steamboat mercilessly before Steamboat’s removed his gi. Steamboat fights dirty tactics with dirty tactics, strangling Haley with his belt and beating him hard enough to knock a strap off Haley’s singlet. Backdrop by Steamboat, and he dropkicks Haley out to the floor.

-HARD chops by Steamboat before they head back into the ring. He suplexes Haley into position and meets him with a chop from the top. But Steamboat’s still pissed about the attack, so he goes back up just to hit Haley with a flying bodypress for the three-count. BIG pop from the crowd; remember, if you make your opponent look good, you’ll look like a bigger star for beating him.

-Gene Okerlund hypes the tremendous card happening tonight in Los Angeles. Hulk Hogan defends the gold against Randy Savage, and Paul Orndorff steps into a steel cage with Rowdy Roddy Piper. Good lord, I would have bought a ticket for that.

-Series of boots by Volkoff all over the body of Powers. “Russia sucks!” chant erupts and Volkoff oddly reacts to it by turning a cartwheel. Volkoff trades headbutts with Jones. Jones gets the upper hand and figures, hell, that’s good enough, and tags back in the guy who already got his ass kicked. Sheik dodges a dropkick and suplexes Powers, and Volkoff finishes with the wedgiebreaker for three.

-Gene Okerlund touts the debut of newcomer Danny Spivey tonight in Los Angeles. Mean Gene talks to Roddy Piper about his steel cage battle tonight in the main event. Piper says Orndorff has to kill him to beat him.

TITO SANTANA (Intercontinental Champion) & PEDRO MORALES vs. BARRY O & JOHN RIZZO
-Weird commentary from Jesse, saying that Pedro Morales is planning to change his middle name to Mohammed following a recent tour of Egypt.

-Barry O gets the early edge with a dropkick, but Tito fires back with slams. Pedro elbows Barry down and cradles him, but Barry kicks out. Jimmy Hart suddenly shows up to hype Terry Funk’s impending appearance on the show next week and promises that he has a big surprise and that the Junkyard Dog had better beware. Jimmy explains that he’s here because somebody from the Hart Foundation is going to win the Intercontinental Title from Tito in the very near future.

-Tito beats up both opponents for the heck of it and clears Barry from the ring and then knocks Rizzo over “like a tub of lard.” Pedro tags in and beats on Rizzo a little more before finishing with a roll-up.

-Piper’s guest is Corporal Kirchner, and the gag they’re going for here is that Piper, from Scotland, is an idiot because he doesn’t understand the difference between the Army and the Marines. Just to show how totally transparent the attempted goal was with Corporal Kirchner, they actually are redoing a previous Piper’s Pit with Sgt. Slaughter, chapter and verse. Piper taunts Kirchner for fighting for his country in Vietnam when all they did was jeer and spit at him when he came back, and Kirchner fights back with a totally incoherent frothing rage-dump.

RANDY “Macho Man” SAVAGE (with Elizabeth) vs. RICK HUNTER
-Big “Hogan” chant from the crowd, and Savage angrily blames Elizabeth. Vince totally goes off on Savage’s gutless attack on Hulk Hogan last week and the way he sent Elizabeth into the ring to taunt Hogan instead of doing it himself. Jesse replies, “It’s a wonder Hogan didn’t punch her, knowing Hogan.” Savage tears up a bunch of Hogan signs around ringside to psyche himself up before the match.

-Hunter works the arm and flips and tumbles around the ring with it in a way that no guy in his late 40s with no physique should be able to do. Savage manages to get a bodyslam and finishes immediately with the flying elbow before issuing another challenge to Hulk and tearing up more signs.

-Sammartino shoves Lombardi and Lombardi oversells it by falling across the ring and through the ropes, and Jesse actually reacts to that with an incredulous “Yeah…” David armdrags Mr. X all over the ring. David goes for a press slam, the same move that he nearly killed a jobber with eight months earlier. This time around, he doesn’t put enough spin on it, and X lands facefirst even though David aimed it so he’d land on his back.

-Lombardi gets suplexed around. X tags in and throws punches until David tags out. Daddy clears the ring to thunderous applause, and David tags back in as the crowd gets a “Bruno, Bruno” chant started. Series of punches and chops by David, and the powerslam finishes. Less than a week later, David gave his notice during a Philadelphia Spectrum house show, when he let jobber Ron Shaw absolutely squash him, offered no offense, and nodded his head and screamed “YES! YES!” emphatically when Shaw had a resthold bearhug applied. Gorilla’s commentary during said match was just the weirdest thing ever, trying to pass it off as the referee screwing up and pinning 100% of the blame on the poor guy when it was 100% obvious that David got his ass kicked.

The 411: Another one of those filler weeks. Nothing missed and nothing gained from it.
Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend


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