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Kayfabe! Timeline: The History of the WWE - 1992 as told by Bret Hart
Posted by Mike Campbell on 08.07.2014

Timeline Ė The History of WWE 1992 as told by Bret Hart

This edition of the Timeline series easily had all the anticipation as the 1984 version with Roddy Piper, but, this has the bonus of living up to the anticipation. Everything that was wrong with the í84 Timeline is right about this. Piper was clearly not comfortable in the interview setting, and Bret is. Piper was going off on longwinded, and uninteresting, tangents. Bret isnít a man of few words, but, he stays on track, and gives very detailed answers, and isnít boring in the least. As weird as it may sound to some, considering that this is just a shoot interview, but, Bret seemed to take this production very seriously. He doesnít use this forum to grind axes or knock those he dislikes. Heís there to give his perspective on the year that he considers his best year in the business. Well, thatís not totally true. He does knock the WBF. He hates bodybuilders in general, and, the boys were getting shafted on payoffs, while the WBF guys were making big money, even though nobody watched their show. Bret isnít happy that they basically stole the idea of the ladder match from him (he didnít invent it, but he had been pitching the idea of doing one for ages), and turned into Shawnís match, but, again, he doesnít spew venom on the subject.

Bret addresses the usual major and minor happenings throughout the year. He puts to rest the rumor of him dropping the title to the Mountie because he was talking to WCW. The plan was always to drop it, and then get it back at WrestleMania. The WCW thing was a non-issue since he was locked up until September, and theyíd told him that he wasnít going to be making the kind of money that he was making from Vince. He tells a funny story about Jim Neidhart getting fired, and hurling a monitor across the room. And, then mentions that, after heíd punched out Vince in Montreal, Anvil made the comment that at least no monitors were thrown. On the subject of, what I consider, to be the worst angle of the year (Papa Shango curses Ultimate Warrior and makes him hurl), Bret starts to say it left a bad taste, but then realizes the irony of the metaphor. Heís even complimentary to Sid, who is pretty much everyoneís punching bag on these interviews.

The other thing that I really liked that Bret brought up, was that he felt the reason that guys like he and Shawn were pushed and got over so well, was because after eight years of Hogan, and all the muscle-heads that came and went, the fans just wanted to see wrestling, and thatís what Bret, Shawn, Flair, Savage, and others were able to do. Before he got fired, the plan for the Royal Rumble was Bret beating Warrior with the Sharpshooter, which I think speaks for itself in supporting Bretís theory.

Unlike other Timeline releases, there really isnít a ďMain EventĒ or one big story that gets told. So, in that regard itís rather low key compared to others. But, and I appreciate this far more than a single great story, itís consistent. Iíd rather have two hours of amusing stories like Anvil chucking the monitor, Bret ribbing on Vince and making him think he was getting fired, before telling him heís getting the title (although, itís too bad that Sean didnít ask if Bret knew about the rumors of Tito Santana being the original choice), or George Steele being a prick and fining Bret and Owen for being two minutes late, so they stole his haliburton and Owen threw it off a bridge, rather than fifteen minutes of basic conversation with no real insight, that leads to one awesome story.

The 411: This stands right alongside Cornette and Bruno, as the best WWE Timeline releases that KC has done. It's interesting, it's funny, and it's consistent.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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