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Views from the Hawke's Nest: PWG All Star Weekend 6 - Night 2
Posted by TJ Hawke on 09.02.2014

January 6, 2008
Van Nuys, CA

Commentator: Excalibur & Bryce Remsburg

Karl Anderson vs. Alex Koslov
I have very low expectations for this match.

Koslov looked pretty energetic at the start. He snapped off a sharp headscissors that sent Anderson to the floor and then hit a springboard plancha. Anderson came back with a DDT on the apron. Anderson mocked Koslov for being a Mexican superstar when he’s fucked women on four different continents. Koslov came back and hit a nice enzuigiri for a nearfall. Anderson came back with a big Liger Bomb for a nearfall. Koslov got a nearfall with a superkick. Anderson came back with a spinebuster and then transitoned into the Boston Crab. Koslov tapped out!

What a surprisingly fun match! These two had sharp chemistry, and Koslov’s “Russia is the best” act works much better as an ironic babyface. Thumbs up!
Match Rating: **3/4

Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston
This is one of my least favorite matchups in all of wrestling. These two bring out the worst in each other.

This was a huge brawl, which is exactly what I’m talking about when I say these two bring out the worst in each other. After a lot of back and forth brawling, Kingston managed to get the advantage in the ring. Kingston worked him over for a while. Hero fought back, and they ended up trading a bunch of strikes. This match is so dull and uninspired. Kingston got a nearfall with a German. Hero seemingly hurt his knee on a slingshot baseball slide. Kingston gave him a massive lariat in the ring. Hero blocked a Backfist attempt and then transitioned to a pinfall: 1…2…3! Yay, it’s over!

I do not get the appeal of these two together, but so many companies have insisted on putting them against each other over the years. Oh well. Life moves on.
Match Rating: ¾*

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Age of the Fall [Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs]
The Bucks were running through AotF for a while. Tyler eventually caused Matt to moonsault his brother. The AotF then worked over Matt. This went on for a long time. Matt eventually hit Tyler with the quesadora, and then Nick made a hot tag. The Bucks quickly started doing double team movez, which kind of kills the beatdown Matt suffered. The teams almost immediately started going back and forth. Jacobs seemed to massively hurt his knee. Matt gave him the slingshot DDT on the apron. Nick took out everyone with a corkscrew hilo. Jacobs and Black prevented a variation of the More Bang for Your Buck and then hit Matt with their own double team movez. Jacobs got Matt in a guillotine, and Matt almost immediately tapped out.

I liked this match more than either of these teams’ matches from the first night of the weekend. I think these two teams could have put together something really special a few years after this, but they just didn’t have the dynamic perfectly down yet.
Match Rating: ***1/4

Best of Three Series: Match #2
Jack Evans vs. Roderick Strong
Evans won the first match in their mini-series. Their match was very underwhelming given the chemistry they have.

Roddy was in control early on, but Evans came back and hit a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. Roddy avoided the springboard spinning shin kick, which was a big move in Evans’ victory on Night 1. Roddy then went back to being in control. They were on the floor, and Roddy tossed Evans onto some chairs. Roddy then hit a number of backbreakers. Evans came back and hit a springboard moonsault hip attack. They started going back and forth. Evans hit a standing corkscrew moonsault for a nearfall. Roddy got a nearfall with a Sick Kick for a nearfall. Roddy hit a middle rope fallaway slam for a nearfall. Evans came back with a knee stomp to a Roddy trapped in the Tree of Woe. Evans went for the 630, but Roddy avoided it. Roddy pinned him, but Evans kicked out. Roddy then hit a turnbuckle backbreaker and powerslam for another nearfall. Roddy then hit a gutbuster, a shitty Gibson Driver, and then a Kondo Clutch. Evans had to tap out.

Once again, these two underwhelm this weekend. I’ll give this match slightly more credit for having a better structure and some callbacks to the first match in the series. Still though, this match was very disappointing and makes me never want to see them face each other again.
Match Rating: **1/4

Human Tornado vs. Candice LeRae
Chris Hero is barred from ringside.

Candice was kicking his ass early on. She hit him with a tope suicida. Back in the ring, Tornado took her down with a brutal roundhouse kick. Tornado then got the heat. Candice was able to come back after using a chair. Candice was the first person to ever cause damage to Human Tornado’s considerable member. Tornado started to come back, but Candice hit an avalanche German and then hit a moonsault: 1…2…NO! Tornado came back with a Funplex. He then hit another one. He then said he would urinate on her. Chris Hero came out, but Eddie Kings. ton punched him. Candice was disqualified for Hero coming out.

This was pretty solid, and you can see Candice had a strong connection with the crowd which continues to carry her to this day (2014). The finish was obviously very weak, but I guess this feud must go on and on and on.
Match Rating: ***

Necro Butcher came out to chase Tornado away. Claudio Castagnoli came out to chase him off. We have a match!

Necro Butcher vs. Claudio Castagnoli
They quickly ended up on the floor. Necro piled a bunch of chairs on him and then did a somersault on the chairs and Claudio. Necro dominated the brawl on the floor for a long time. Claudio eventually tossed Necro from the apron to the cement floor. That looked unpleasant. Claudio then gave Necro a giant swing into the chairs over and over. Fantastic. Claudio worked him over in the ring after that. Necro came back with a big punch, but Claudio avoided the Tiger Driver. Claudio worked him over again, but Necro hit another huge punch. Tiger Driver: 1…2…NO! VIOLENCE PARTY! Claudio avoided the super ‘rana and then hit a diving European uppercut for a nearfall. Claudio hit the Waterslide for another nearfall. Claudio went for a Waterslide on a chair, but Necro avoided it and got the O’Connor Roll: 1…2…3!

This match was a lot like the Necro match from the night before. It was great when it was a crazy brawl, and the air went out of the room when it turned into a regular match. I enjoyed it overall though.
Match Rating: **3/4

El Generico vs. Susumu Yokosuka
This match could be really good if Yokosuka controls the match.

Generico went for a split-legged moonsault, but Yokosuka got his knees up. Yokosuka started to work Generico over. Generico began to come back, but Yokosuka hit an exploder into the corner. This match is absolutely lifeless. Yokosuka got a nearfall with a super exploder. Yokosuka ate a half-nelson suplex but then hit the Jumbo No Kachi:1…2…NO! Generico took a big bump for that. Generico came back with the yakuza and went for the turnbuckle brainbuster. Yokosuka blocked it and gave Generico a lariat that sent him back to the mat. JUMBO NO KACHI: 1…2…NO! Generico ate a lariat but then came back with a brainbuster. TWISTER from Generico: 1…2…3!

This picked up considerably down the stretch, but the first two thirds of the match were quite lifeless. That held the match down quite a bit. Dragon Gate is not having a blowaway weekend as of right now.
Match Rating: **3/4

Muscle Outlawz (Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino) vs. The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scott Lost w/ Jade Chung)
PWG loves putting Joey Ryan and Naruki Doi in matches.

Excalibur explained that Ryan and Yoshino had history in Wrestling Society X. I really need to track down the WSX DVD set. I believe Doi was in WSX as well. The Dynasty isolated Doi for a bit and worked him over. The Muscle Outlawz came back and worked Lost over. This is one of those matches that is going to need a hell of a finishing stretch to make up for the slow beginning. The Muscle Outlawz were heeling it up a bit, which is clearly something that comes naturally to them. I’ve never seen the tag team work as a heel before. I’m intrigued. Lost eventually hit Yoshino with a dropsault. Ryan tagged in and made a comeback. Lost got involved quickly enough, which kills the extended beatdown he received. The match broke down quickly enough. The teams were going back and forth. Lost actually hit Jade. Ran accidentally hit Lost. Lost hit Doi Fives. Ryan hit a Torbellino and a Bakutari Sliding Kick: 1…2…NO! The Outlawz hit Ryan with a Sling Blade Doomsday Device, but the referee was out of commission. Jade hit Doi with an Ace Crusher. He then ate another one from Lost. Yoshino had to save Doi from defeat. Lost ate a massice Sling Blade. Big Fat Kill for Yoshino. Lost and Ryan then Dropped the Hammer on Doi: 1…2…3

This was incredibly dull and has to be considered a failure. Doi and Yoshino were a great team back in the day, and PWG completely wasted them here.
Match Rating: *3/4

Super Dragon vs. Taro
Hey, Super Dragon in 2008! Needless to say, he does not look to be in great shape.

Dragon hit some heavy strikes early on, but Taro came back with a senton to the floor. Dragon was heeling it up a bit. He tossed Taro into some chairs. Dragon was really heeling it up as he worked over Taro. Excalibur discussed Taro’s battles with alcoholism after Super Dragon took his mask. Taro accepted this match to in order to get an apology from Taro apparently. I think Taro does not fully understand the 12 Step program. Dragon called for a Psycho Driver, but Taro reversed it into a hurricanrana for a nearfall. Taro hit a satellite DDT and then a pair of tope suicidas. Taro hit the tope tornado DDT. Taro hit a diving DDT in the ring, which got him a nearfall. This match is sad. Is this the SoCal equivalent of Sting vs. Flair for TNA in 2011? Dragon reversed a diving hurricanrana into a powerbomb for a nearfall. Cobre clutch suplex from Dragon. Dragon only covered him with a single finger, which allowed Taro to kick out. Taro went for a super ‘rana, but Dragon reversed it into a Styles Clash piledriver: 1…2…3

This was really sad to watch.
Match Rating: DUD

Bryan Danielson vs. Cima
These two had a thirty minute draw back at the 2007 DDT. Cima won the 2007 BOLA. Cima was cashing in this weekend, but Dragon lost the belt to Low Ki the night before this show. Now, they’re just having a match.

Dragon got the first advantage and started going after Cima’s knees. Cima got a kneebar out of nowhere to put a stop to Dragon’s momentum. Cima worked Dragon over after that. He targeted Dragon’s neck. Cima was in complete control. He even applied the Stump Puller! Dragon fought back and kicked out Cima’s left arm. Dragon then went after the injured arm. Ok, so Dragon’s neck is injured, and Cima’s left arm is injured. Let’s see what these two do with that. Dragon remained in control for a while. Cima eventually came back with a double stomp on the neck and a tope suicida. Cima hit a double stomp on the chest back in the ring. Dragon roared back with a leg lariat and kicked his fucking head in. Triangle choke! Cima survived and then reversed a super back suplex into a crossbody for a nearfall. Cima hit a superkick and a perfect driver. They did a pinning combination sequence. Dragon got Cattle Mutilation. Cima came back with a double stomp from the ringpost and then a coast-to-coast dropkick! Schwein: 1…2…NO! But the neck!?!??! Dragon avoided the avalanche Schwein Redline and hit a super back suplex. Danielson rained down the elbows: 1…2…NO! Crossface chickenwing! Ref bump! No! Bryce Remsburg ran down. Cima avoided passing out, and they did a variation of the Austin/Hart Survivor Series corner pinfall. Cima tapped out while Dragon fell to a three count. The two refs had two different finishes. Shenanigans. Tomfoolery. Dumpster fire.

Excalibur officially ruled it a draw and said neither man got a shot at the PWG Championship. Dino Winwood came out attacked Excalibur. The fans wanted five more minutes. Dragon said no. Cima said he could do five more days. Cima got a translation for that and changed his offer to five more seconds. He changed it again to six more seconds. Danielson tried to schoolboy him, but Cima kicked out.

Danielson ran away. Cima told the fans that Dragon Gate may come to America and said PWG should go to Tokyo. I really hope that American DG company works out. No reason for that to fail whatsoever.

This was a really long match with a very specific in-ring story that did not pay off at all. Not only that, but there was an awful finish. I understand that Cima could not lose at this time as he was the Dream Gate Champion, but they just should not have done this match.
Match Rating: ***1/4

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The 411: Once again, this show was a mixed bag. Unlike the first night from this weekend, there isn’t one match that I can strongly recommend. In fact, the Dragon Gate matches underdelivered to such a degree that I have to give this show a thumbs down overall. It should be noted that both main events this weekend ended on a deflating note.
Final Score:  5.5   [ Not So Good ]  legend


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