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411 Video Review: Clash Of The Champions XVII
Posted by Bob Barron on 10.22.2002

This tape comes from the fine folks at wrestletapes.net, the great dudes who also supplied me with my Regal comp. They have so much stuff its amazing and these guys can make comps of anything- it’s almost scary how much ass they kick. So if you ever win the lotto, or have some cash to kick around or want to see the best of Abdullah the Butcher- head on over to wrestletapes.net.

Live from Savannah, Georgia. Your hosts are JR and Tony.

This show was done a month after Halloween Havoc. Paul E had just formed the Dangerous Alliace and brought in Rick Rude, Lex and Sting were the top two champions and The Enforcers (Arn Anderson and Larry Zybysko) has just injured Barry Windham’s hand.

Also someone had bringing Sting weird boxes and stuff.

Missy Hyatt and Eric Bischoff are backstage. Missy is gonna get to interview WCW’s newest rookie- you’ll find out later.

Thomas Rich (w/Alexandra York) v. Big Josh in a lumberjack match

Rich was a mentor to Big Josh and then left him for the York Foundation. Alexandra York is Terri Runnels from when she used to eat. Rich attacks him to start and kicks his ass. The Freebirds, Todd Champion and Ricky Morton are some of the lumberjacks. Big Josh comes back- Rich tries to bail but can’t cause it’s a lumberjack match. The Freebirds keep banging on the mat. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker is also a lumberjack. Rich bails into the heel side but the Freebirds force him back in. Josh rolls out where Terrence Taylor (also part of the York foundation) kick ass. The Young Pistols also are lumberjacks. Back in- Rich kicks some ass. Elbow-two. Josh hammers away but Young chokes him with the tape. Steve Armstrong (who I guess turned heel) jumps on the apron and chokes out Josh. Josh won’t die though but he misses a blind charge. Rich goes up top but gets slammed down and Josh hits a suplex for two. Taylor accidentally trips Rich and Josh hits the Northern Exposure for the win. **

Firebreaker Chip v. “Beautiful” Bobby

Lockup- Bobby gives him clean break. Bobby with a hiplock takeover. Lockup- Chip with a headlock. JR calls Chip “very muscular”. Chip is just super awful blowing moves- except for a headlock. Poor Eaton. Eaton totally like no-sells a backslide for a couple seconds before rolling over. Eaton with a belly to back suplex for the win. DUD

Starrcade: The Lethal Lottery will be 12.29.91. What if Scott faces Rick or Sting teams with Lex? O the possibilities.

Tony introduces Sting who comes out to get his final box. Medusa comes out all dressed up and tries to seduce Sting who no-sells. Sting: OWWWWWWW! Luger sneaks out from behind and beats the shit out of Sting. Ain’t that a bitch. Sting’s friends come out to help.

Z-Man v. Diamond Studd

Diamond Studd is Razor Ramon. We cut to the back while they attend to Sting and take him to hospital. Z-Man with a crucifix for the win. DUD Diamond Studd gives him the Diamond Deathdrop (Razor’s Edge) post-match.

“Stunning” Steve Austin (w/Lady Blossom) v. PN News for the WCW TV Title

Austin had a ponytail back then. Austin attacks to start but PN News picks him up and throws him. PN News hammers and runs into Austin and works him over. Austin bails and they brawl on the outside. Austin tries to slam News but he falls back on him for two.

JR: PN News- is so into this match- he didn’t want to rap before it got started.

Austin chucks him out on the ramp and charges at him but gets backdropped back in. News with a belly to belly but Blossom puts Austin foot on the ropes. PN News goes after Blossom but Austin flies out right onto News. Austin so rules. Back in- News misses a blind charge and Austin wins with the Flair pin. Damn- Austin was the man back then. **1/4

Missy Hyatt is with the newest rookie sensation Marcus Alexander Bagwell who is a graduate of Spraybury High School and trained with Dustin Rhodes. Damn you Dustin! Eh- you still rule.

Cactus Jack v. Van Hammer

Van Hammer has is own music video. Seeing him cover a guy while banging his head is too funny. This is the worst music video ever. Hammer comes out with his guitar. He does everything but play his guitar. His entrance is kinda like the DX entrance but the DX entrance had a lot of quick cuts and was you know- cool. WCW did everything but teach Hammer how to play the guitar obviously.

JR and Tony both tell Hammer to not turn his back on Cactus Jack. Hammer turns his back on Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack attacks him and kicks his ass. Now why couldn’t Tony of done commentary like that when WCW was going down the shitter instead of proposing they put the world title on an actor Hammer dropkicks Cactus out. He does a plancha to the outside but doesn’t fly onto Cactus. He planchas out again and then beats on Cactus. Legdrop-two. Cactus with a Cactus clothesline and he does his patented elbow to the outside. Back in- Cactus kicks his ass. Van Hammer somehow was employed by WCW for like nine years and I think either was quit for fired for the dumbest reason.

See Hammer joined the Misfits in Action and everyone got a funny name like Lt. Loco, Cptn. Rection, ect. Hammer was called Private Stash (Get it?) but kept bitching because he wanted to be Major Stash. Yes folks- Hammer left/fired by WCW because of his ranking in MIA.

Cactus hits him with Hammer’s guitar for the win but Hammer kicks his ass post-match including a suplex on the ramp. *1/4

Jim Ross is on the telephone talking to Eric Bischoff who is at medical facility in Savannah. WCW has a map of Georgia with Savannah labelled and a picture of Eric on the left.

One of the orderlies gave Eric a quick ‘thumbs up’ and that’s all Eric knows for now.

If any a segment deserved three minutes- there ya’ go. As usual Eazy E is a massive tool.

JR and Tony go over the Enforcers-Dustin feud.

The Enforcers v. Dustin Rhodes and ??? (w/Barry Windham) for the WCW Tag Titles

Barry Windham announces that since he had surgery he can’t wrestle tonight but Dustin has a friend with him. Some dude with a lizard head comes out confusing everyone. The lizard is then revealed to be Ricky Steamboat and the crowd explodes. Arn is SHOCKED. Arn: Not Ricky Steamboat!!! Larry is incredulous.

Anderson and Steamboat start. Lockup- Steamboat kicks his ass. Anderson goes to the eyes and they double team him but Steamboat is having none of it. A pier-4 brawl erupts and the faces clean house. Anderson continues to have this shocked look on this face as the Enforcers bail. Anderson: He’s just a man. Steamboat grabs a headlock and shoulderblocks Larry down. Steamboat tags Dustin who takes control and tags Steamboat back in. Steamboat with a top-rope chop and he rams Larry’s hand right into the post twice as revenge for what Larry did to Windham. Tag Dustin. Dustin works Larry over but he tags Anderson behind Dustin’s back and Anderson goes to work on the young kid. Dustin misses a blind charge. Anderson goes up top but Dustin tries to slam him down so Anderson goes to the eyes to take control. Anderson misses two blind charges and bionic elbows for everyone and the faces clean house again. Anderson calls timeout. Anderson tags Larry who yells at everyone. Steamboat comes in and kicks Larry. Larry slaps Steamboat and immediately runs away. It’s of course a trap allowing Anderson to attack from behind. Larry kicks Steamboat’s ass and tags Anderson who does the same. Steamboat fights back with chops but Anderson hits a lowblow. Steamboat with a sunset flip but Anderson tags just in time. Larry comes in and does an abdominal stretch holding onto Anderson for leverage. Dustin runs in at various times letting his emotions get the best of him. Anderson beats on Steamboat but puts his head down and Steamboat capitalises. Steamboat is too worn out to tag Dustin. Larry comes in and kicks some ass advancing his rook and capturing Steamboat’s bishop. Anderson comes in and cheapshots Dustin who promptly runs in allowing more double teaming. Anderson with a bearhug as the crowd tries to get him to rally back. Steamboat tries a bodyscissors but Anderson counters with a Boston Crab with Larry pushing on his head for leverage. Larry with a Boston Crab on Steamboat. Steamboat tries to fight to Dustin and HOT TAG Dustin. BUT WAIT! The ref was distracred by Anderson allowing more chicanery from the Enforcers. Steamboat with an atomic drop but Anderson counters with a headbutt. Anderson goes up top but Steamboat puts his foot up. Steamboat slooooowly crawls to his corner and HOT TAG Dustin!!!! Dustin comes in and beats the shit out of the Enforcers. Bulldog to Double A. Larry throws Steamboat out but he sneaks back in and hits the flying bodypress on a dazed Anderson for the pin and the titles and the crowd goes apeshit. ****1/4 Note to WWE: If you do tag matches like this- people may take the tag division seriously. This was just such an emotional match that had everything in three with each side playing they’re roles to perfection.

The announcers discuss what we’ve seen and what we will see and cut to a special musical look at Jushin Liger in Japan- including showing him v. Benoit.

Paul Heyman comes out and says that are they shocked and saddened by what happened to Sting and are ashamed to have met Luger and Medusa and hope Sting can still fight Rude for the title. But Page 12, Section 6.1 Article 6 of the contract for the US Title match says should the US Champion by accident, Act of God or injury not appear in the ring by belltime the US Championship will be forfeited and the title will be assumed by Rick Rude.

JR is talking to Eric Bischoff. Eazy E informs Sting of what Paul E said and we get a photo of Sting next to Bischoff. Sting had just commandeered an ambulance and is on his way of back. It should be noted instead of actually seeing all this we just saw a map of Georgia, and some file photos.

“Flyin’” Brian Pillman v. Johnny B. Badd (w/Teddy Long) for the WCW Lightheavyweight Title

Teddy and Badd dance in the middle of the ring. JR informs us that Johnny B. Badd had to work diligently to make weight. Badd and Long blow kisses at each other. Badd hammers away but Pillman comes back and kicks his ass. Pillman dropkicks him out onto the rampway and flies out after him. Badd sends him into the steel railing . Back in- Pillman with a bodypress and powerslam. He comes off the top but Badd puts his knees up. Badd comes off the top but Pillman meets him with a dropkick. Pillman with a spinning kick for two. Badd with a flying clothesline and a top-rope sunset flip but Long is distracting the ref. JR calls Long ‘peanut head’. Badd collides with Long and gets rolled up. Good but way too short. *** Badd ends his managerial relationship with Long post-match.

JR and Tony hype the next match.

Sting v. “Ravishing” Rick Rude for the WCW US Title

JR goes over the history of the forfeit clause. Heyman again talks about the horrible tragedy- Sting letting everyone down. Sting doesn’t care about anyone and can’t appear before belltime.

Sting comes back in the middle of Paul E’s rant as Paul E begs the ref to ring the bell. Hilarious stuff here by Paul E. Sting tries with all his might to make it and he does. Rude and Sting brawl on the ramp and Sting press slams him but that hurts Sting’s knee. Sting and Rude brawl and Sting kicks his ass while trying not to hurt the knee. Sting clotheslines Rude out but Rude is able to ram Sting’s knee into the post. Rude nails him from the top and swivels. Sting with all his might blocks the Rude Awakening but Rude pokes him in the eye. Sting fights back with punches. Sting turns to OWWWWW but Rude falls right onto the knee. Paul E then takes the opportunity to nail Sting with the cell phone…for two. Sting with a DDT but he makes the mistake of going after Paul E. Rude clips him from behind and rolls him up (holding the tights) for the win. Really short but really good. *** JR is in shock.

Tony is with Paul E. It was a set up all along as Paul E spits on everyone and says you answer to US! The Dangerous Alliance rules, Sting sucks, the Stingers suck and WCW sucks. Nice guys…finish last.

JR is with an injured Ron Simmons.

Lex Luger (w/Mr. Hughes and Harley Race) v. Rick Steiner (w/Scott Steiner) for the WCW Title

Hughes gets sent to the back. Lockup- Steiner sends Luger back and I think I hear some swearing. Lockup as JR talks about Luger’s football career. Steiner takes Luger down who goes into the ropes. Steiner takes Luger down who goes into the ropes, again. They trade waistlocks and Luger again goes into the ropes. Steiner shoulderblocks Luger who backs off. Lockup- Steiner kicks some ass and Luger bails. Back in- Luger works him over. Steiner starts no-selling and backdrops Luger. Steiner hammers away but Luger goes to the eyes. Steiner with a German suplex for two. Luger comes back but is blown up pretty badly so is offence is pretty generic and super boring. Steiner comes back with a suplex as Luger goes to the eye. Again. Luger works him over and tosses him outside. Race gets his shot in. Back in- Luger continues with offence but Steiner starts no-selling and kills Luger with a suplex for two. Steiner with a top-rope bulldog as JR goes crazy. But Luger’s foot is on the rope. Mr. Hughes runs in but Scott takes care of him. Rick beats up Race but Luger bops him with the belt for the win. Whoopity do for Luger. 3/4* Luger has a black eye and a busted lip probably cause Rick was working stiff.

The Bottom Line- An awesome tag match and some great stuff involving Paul E. Dangerously make this an automatic kick ass show. If you want this or any other Clash- just head on over to wrestletapes.net. The quality is excellent and you will very pleased with your order.


The 411
Final Score:  0.0   [ Torture ]  legend


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