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411 Video Review: Wrestlemania XIX
Posted by Bob Barron on 03.19.2004

Wrestlemania XIX

This was supposed to be up before Wrestlemania XX so my Wrestlemania rankings, top 10 matches and list of people who have never lost or won doesn’t factor in Sunday’s show.

We begin with an awesome video package where the wrestlers talk about what Wrestlemania means.

Matt Hardy Version 1 (w/Shannon Moore) v. Rey Mysterio for the WWE Cruiserweight Title

Mysterio dumps Hardy out and hits Hardy and Moore with a corkscrew plancha. Back in- it gets two. Mysterio gets a leg scissors and a leg lariat. Mysterio and Hardy battle on the apron and Moore interferes causing Mysterio to fall to the floor. Hardy dumps him on the rail and chokes him on the apron. Moore gets his shots in as well. Mysterio blocks a legdrop and then blocks the Twist of Fate with a rollup for two. Hardy comes back with the Side Effect for two. Hardy bends his arms back and chops away but eats boot. Mysterio hits a springboard crossbody for two. Mysterio hits a tilt-a-whirl leg scissors and a tornado DDT for two. Moore trips up Mysterio as he goes for the 619 and Hardy gets the Twist of Fate…for two. Well the match did just start. Hardy goes for Splash Mountain but Mysterio reverses with a hurricarana that gets two as Moore puts his foot on the ropes. Hardy ends up colliding with Moore and Mysterio gets a 619. Mysterio goes for the West Coast Pop but Hardy ducks and ends up rolling him up while holding onto the ropes. They tried to cram way too much in there (they were only given 4 minutes) and it ended up getting way too sloppy at the end. *1/2

The Catfight Girls are here! And they are argue.

Earlier tonight Big Show and A-Train left Nathan Jones laying.

Undertaker v. Big Show and A-Train in a handicapped match

Limp Bitzkit plays Taker down to the ring.

Taker gets a quick chokeslam on A-Train but Show saves. Taker nails Show and both guys bail. Taker and Show slug it out as Taker takes care of both guys. A-Train gets a clothesline but he walks into a hiptoss. Taker goes Old School. He takes out Show but walks into a Derailer. Show sends Taker into the post and drops him on the rail. A-Train gives Taker the Decapitator for two. Show and Taker slug it out. Taker blocks the chokeslam with an armbar. A-Train gets armbarred as well but Show drops a leg. Show headbutts him and locks in an abdominal stretch. A-Train is tagged in and hooks the stretch. Taker reverses and gets a gutwrench suplex. Show nails Taker and A-Train clotheslines him for two. A-Train and Taker punch each other and Taker gets a DDT for two as Show saves. Taker beats on Show and splashes both guys in the corner. Taker boots A-Train and gets a flying clothesline on Show. Train hits him with a bicycle kick and Show chokeslams him. Nathan Jones comes running in and kicks Show in the face. A-Train covers Taker for two. Jones boots A-Train and Taker tombstones him to keep the streak alive. This was pretty bad. It was way too slow and Taker didn’t really sell for them so you never thought his streak was in doubt. *

The Catfight Girls run into Torrie and Stacy.

On Heat- Storm and Venis defeated Van Dam and Kane thanks to Bubba Ray Dudley.

Victoria (w/Steven Richards) v. Trish Stratus v. Jazz for the WWE Womens Title

Jazz takes both girls out and gets a dropkick for two. Jazz hooks a bridge crossface on Trish and boots Victoria. Trish gets a Lou Thesz Press on Jazz. Victoria pulls Trish out and dumps Jazz. Trish goes after Jazz but Victoria beats on her and hits a legdrop. Jazz pulls Victoria out and legdrops Trish for two as Victoria saves. Jazz and Victoria decide to double team Trish. Victoria powerslams Trish for two. Victoria works Trish over but Trish rolls her up for two. Victoria clotheslines her. Trish comes back with a boot but Jazz comes back and attacks her. Jazz slams Trish for two. Jazz goes after Victoria but Trish joins in and rams their head together. Trish goes after Jazz but Victoria stops her. Jazz kicks Victoria and Trish rolls her up for two. Trish hits Jazz with the Chick Kick but Victoria saves. Victoria knees Trish but she comes back with the handstand rana. Trish chops Victoria and dumps her out. Jazz comes back in and licks in a half Boston crab and turns it into an STF. Richards runs in and dumps Jazz out. Trish comes back with a rollup on Victoria for two. Victoria reverses- for two. Jazz clotheslines Victoria and locks Trish in a chicken wing. Jazz releases her and Victoria misses a moonsault. Victoria recovers and dumps Jazz. Richards run in with a chair but Trish moves and it bounces off the ropes into his face. Trish hits him with the Stratusfaction. Victoria goes for the Widow’s Peak but Trish pushes her off and hits the Chick Kick for the win and the title. A couple of botched spots but Trish was able to hold this thing together.**1/4

Team Angle v. Los Guerreros v. Chris Benoit and Rhyno for the WWE Tag Titles

A pier-6 brawl starts us off. Haas and Chavo start proper. Chavo gets a backdrop suplex and a standing dropkick. Benoit comes in and walks into a back suplex. Eddie is tagged in and comes in with a hilo on Benoit. Benoit responds by chopping the shit out of him. They both collide with each other and Rhyno is tagged in. Eddie works him over but walks into a powerslam. Eddie tags Benjamin. Benjamin takes control and tags Haas. They double dropkick Rhyno but Chavo saves. Benoit comes in and chops Haas. Suplex- two. Back suplex- two. Rhyno is tagged in but Haas goes to work on him. I don’t know who Rhyno pissed off but he’s getting nothing in this match. Benjamin is tagged in and Rhyno headbutss him in the gut. Eddie is tagged in and gets a dropkick. Benoit is tagged in and we get Benoit v. Eddie Part II. Benoit chops him but Eddie gets a back suplex. Benoit comes back with a superplex. Benjamin saves. Benoit throws Eddie in the air and on the way down locks in the crossface. Haas saves. Eddie hits Benoit with a brainbuster but again- Haas saves. Chavo is tagged in and cleans house but he runs into Benoit. Benoit hits the Rolling Germans but walks into a superkick. Eddie saves. Eddie and Benoit collide in midair. Benjamin slams Benoit and legdrops him. Eddie saves with a frog splash. Chavo gets back suplexed. Rhyno has seen enough and hits Haas with the GORE GORE GORE. Chavo also eats a GORE GORE GORE. Eddie pulls Rhyno out of the ring but Benjamin sneaks in and covers Chavo for the win. This was way too rushed but still really good. I liked how Team Angle would come in and pick their spots the whole match and it even played into the finish. This match could’ve been excellent had it been given more time. ***

The Catfight Girls and Torrie and Stacy squabble some more.

Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels

Everyone figured that Jericho going over was the most logical choice since if he lost the feud would be pretty pointless and a waste of time.

Shawn’s entrance takes forever as he shoots confetti out of a gun. Why? I don’t know. They edit out Jericho flipping him off for some reason.

They lockup. They lockup again and Michaels gets a headlock-Jericho reverses into a headscissors. Jericho armdrags him, Michaels headscissors him and he’s in the ropes. Lockup- Michaels gets a headlock and they trade hammerlocks. Michaels armdrags him and they battle it out on the mat. Lockup- Michaels gets a headlock. Jericho rolls him over for two. Michaels goes back to the headlock. Jericho takes him down and slaps him. Michaels dumps out. Michaels baseball slides him and hits a crossbody but Jericho rolls through and gets two. Jericho hits a spinning heel kick and he hammers away. Jericho chops him and chokes him. Michaels blocks a bulldog by crotching Jericho on the middle rope. Michaels hooks a figure 4 but Jericho rolls over and they roll into the ropes to break. Michaels works on his leg but get sent into the post. Jericho dumps Michaels who skins the cat back in. While skinning the cat Michaels headscissors Jericho out. They brawl on the outside. Michaels goes for a dropkick but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho! Jericho slams him into the post twice and then hits a missile dropkick that sends Michaels out. Jericho hits a back suplex and then suplexes him again for two. Jericho pulls Michaels hair and hits a backbreaker. The ARROGANT COVER gets only two. Jericho goes to a chinlock which Michaels breaks. Jericho rakes him in the eyes but Michael comes back with a DDT. Michaels hammers away but Jericho gets a forearm and kips up. Michaels kips up from behind him and hammers away. He nips up again and starts kicking some ass. A moonsault gets two. A sunset flip gets two. Jericho reverses and gets a near fall as they do a series of pinfall reversals. Jericho goes for the Walls but Michaels kicks him away. Jericho hits a Northern lights suplex for two. Michaels bridges up and they fight over a backslide. Jericho clothes him and bulldogs him. Lionsault gets two. He covers again for two. Michaels boots him and goes for a hurricarana but Jericho blocks it and hooks the Walls. Michaels makes the ropes. Jericho goes for the Walls again but Michaels turns into a small package for two. Jericho backbreaks him and hits a reverse elbow. Jericho then tunes up the band and adds some juke and jive for fun. Sweet Jericho Music gets two. Jericho hammers away at him but Michaels comes back with a crossbody for two. Jericho nails him in the back. He goes for a superplex but Michaels reverses it to a crossbody for two. Jericho kicks the ref into the ropes to crotch Michaels on the top. Michaels blocks a superplex and drops Jericho to the mat. Michaels hits a flying elbow and tunes up the band. Jericho ducks and locks in the Walls. Michaes makes the ropes again. This kind of gave away the fact that Jericho wasn’t going to win since he had locked in the Walls three times now and Michaels still hadn’t given up. Anyway- Jericho walks into Sweet Chin Music for two. Michaels hammers away but does a Flair flip into the ropes. He comes back and surprises Jericho with a rollup for the win.

This was just great wrestling the whole way through (except for some psychology issues) and it kept building towards the finishing sequence. Jericho jobbing hurt the match a little bit and I don’t get why HBK didn’t just go over with Sweet Chin Music. Of course all the Shawn marks defended the outcome by saying Jericho would win in a rematch. They had a rematch in July, the match was flat and boring and Jericho only won cause of Randy Orton and Ric Flair. So he should’ve gone over at Mania. ****

Post-match Jericho kicks him in the balls.

Sylvain Grenier goes into Vince’s office.

Goldberg has arrived in the WWE according to this as.

Limp Bitzkit performs Crack Addict.

The Coach is out with the Catfight Girls. Stacy interrupts and joins in. Torrie interrupts and rips off her shirt. Torrie spanks Stacy and they roll over Coach. Coach celebrates and gets pansted and pinned.

Triple H (w/Ric Flair) v. Booker T for the World Heavyweight Title

The way this feud was built and all the video packages pretty much had you thinking that Booker T was going to win because if he didn’t- he’d look like a major loser.

Lockup- Booker sends him into the corner. HHH sends him into the corner and doesn’t give him a clean break. Booker chops and hammers away. HHH chops back but Booker keeps chopping. Booker backdrops him and he continues to bring the chops. HHH elbows him. He goes up top but Booker armdrags him off the top rope. They brawl on the outside with Booker controlling. HHH boots him and takes him down. Booker comes back with a clothesline for two. Booker hammers away and gets two spinkicks. HHH dumps him out but Booker lands on his feet. HHH rams him into the turnbuckle and ring steps. Booker rolls back in and gets stomped. HHH drops an elbow and kicks him in the face. A neckbreaker gets two. HHH hammers away. Booker tries to come back but he walks into a spinebuster for two. HHH hits a running clothesline for two. They slug it out and chop it out- won by HHH. Booker blocks a suplex and hits a DDT. Booker and HHH slug it out- won by Booker. Booker with a spinkick and a sidewalk slam. He hits HHH hard and gets two. Booker chops away and goes for a kick but he walks into a sleeper. Booker breaks it but walks into a high knee for two. HHH chops away and hits a facebuster. Booker comes back with a spinebuster for two. Booker chops away but walks into a boot. HHH comes off the top but walks into a sidekick for two. Booker misses two scissor kicks and goes outside. Flair drops Booker on the ring steps. It should be noted that King and JR are hilarious on commentary throughout this entire match- just bickering the whole time through. HHH hooks an Indian deathlock. Booker makes the ropes. HHH works on the leg and mocks the 5 time pose. Booker gets a sunset flip for two. Booker blocks the Pedigree and gets a rollup for two. HHH kicks him in the leg but Booker comes back with a flying elbow and a scissors kick for two. Booker nails Flair but walks into HHH and gets his ass kicked. Booker blocks a superpelx and dumps HHH to the mat. Flair gets nailed again. Booker hits the Houston Hangover and it only gets two as Flair puts HHH’s feet on the ropes. Booker’s leg then gives out and he walks into a Pedigree and his main event push ends all at the same time. It should be also noted that HHH laid around after hitting the Pedigree and didn’t cover him for 30 seconds.

The match was a bit too slow paced but had really good psychology and the work was solid. The problem is that during the match Booker was never really presented as a big threat to the title except when he hit the Hangover. Him kicking out of the Pedigree and then fighting for a few minutes would’ve made the match and Booker mean a lot more. It’s ridiculous hearing King rag on him the whole match and then give Booker his due after the guy choked and looked bad while doing it. Despite the stupid booking it’s still a good match. ***

Hulk Hogan v. Vince McMahon in a streetfight with Hogan’s career on the line

McMahon slaps him to start. Hogan takes him down and hammers away. Hogan clotheslines him and hammers away. Hogan kicks and punches him. Hogan chokes him. McMahon elbows him and clotheslines him. McMahon kicks him and rams his shoulder into him. McMahon knees and elbows him. McMahon punches him and works on the arm. This is the problem with these matches. Neither guy can really wrestle and they can’t go to the big spots right away so the first 5 minutes are utter shit. Hogan finally breaks McMahon’s arm offence but McMahon kicks him and dumps him. McMahon clubs him in the back and sends him into the post. Hogan ducks a chairshot and sends him into the post. He nails McMahon in the head with a chair and McMahon blades. Hogan works on the cut. He hammers away at him but McMahon bails. Hogan chairs him in the back. Hogan goes for another chairshot but McMahon ducks and Hugo Savinovich gets laid out instead. Hugo blades too. McMahon ballshots Hogan and kills him with a chairshot. McMahon gets a ladder and sends Hogan to the announce table. Hogan has bladed now as well. McMahon hits a legdrop off the ladder through the table which is your big McMahon bump of the night. That gets two. McMahon covers again and only gets two. We then get a hilarious shot of McMahon’s bloody forehead with an evil look on his face as he gets a lead pipe. Hogan ballshots him and both guys are out. Rowdy Roddy Piper shows up (What the hell?) and the crowd goes crazy. Piper teases hitting both guys with the pipe. He hits Hogan and then leaves. Okay then. McMahon covers him for two. McMahon beats up Brian Hebner (nearly decapitating the poor guy) and Sylvain Grenier comes out. Grenier lays out Mike Sparks (I think- we don’t see it on camera) McMahon legdrops Hogan but he Hulks Up. Grenier gets tossed. Hogan punches McMahon three times, big boots him and drops three legdrops for the win.

Once they got going this was a fun match to watch with blood, a big bump, a ref getting decapitated and random Rowdy Roddy Piper cameos. Good enough for me. **

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. The Rock

I always found it odd that they kept reiterating that Rock had never beaten Stone Cold at Wrestlemania since I don’t recall Rock ever beating him in a singles match.

Austin hammers away but Rock blocks the Stunner and bails. Austin clotheslines him on the outside and rams him into the turnbuckle. Austin chops him and clotheslines him onto the Smackdown! Table. Austin drops him on the railing and sends him into the steps. Stone Cold stomps away and chokes him. Rock comes back with a chopblock. Austin bails and Rock gets another chopblock. Rock works on his knee. Austin fights back with punches but Rock boots him in the face and kicks him in the leg. Rock locks in the Sharpshooter. Austin makes the ropes. Rock keeps working on the leg. Rock then puts on Austin’s vest. Austin punches him and clotheslines him. Austin punches him and hits the Lou Thesz Press. Austin punches him and hits the FU Elbow. Austin stomps a mudhole and walks it dry. Rock gets a flying clothesline and nips up but walks into a Rock Bottom from Austin for two. Rock blocks the Stunner and hits a stunner himself for two. Rock hammers away but misses a punch and walks into KICK WHAM STUNNER…for two. Rock ballshots him but misses the People’s Elbow. Rock blocks a stunner and hits a spinebuster. The People’s Elbow gets two. Rock hits the Rock Bottom…for two. Austin elbows him but walks into Rock Bottom #2 and that only gets two. Austin is dead anyway so Rock just Rock Bottoms again (and holds him up for a while-making him think about it) and this time Austin isn’t getting up. ***3/4

Rock checks on Austin after the match and Rock poses. Rock celebrates with his family and as he leaves- Rock taps his chest and points to Austin.

Austin walks to the back unassisted and you get the feeling that this is it even though they never actually acknowledge it.

I really love the finishing sequence to the match. It made both guys look strong and it put over Austin greatly in his final match. He was pretty much dead after the second Rock Bottom but he knew he could get up- and he did. Rock was his usual awesome self and helped carry the match through the slow portions. The post-match stuff was a great touch.

Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title

They lockup- Lesnar wins. Lockup- Angle gets a front headlock but Lesnar reverses into an armbar. Angle with a fireman’s carry into an armbar. Lesnar gets a headlock- Angle reverses into a headscissors and they trade off. Lesnar takes him down and they reverse waistlocks. They continue to battle on the mat with Angle getting a headlock. Lesnar takes him down via his shoulder. Angle leg trips him but Lesnar reverses into a waistlock takedown. Lesnar armdrags him. Angle knees him but walks into an elbow. Lesnar walks into an elbow but powerslams him for two. Angle Germans him but Lesnar gets right back up and clotheslines him. Angle bails. Angle attacks Lesnar coming in and hammers away. Lesnar press slams him. Angle boots him and Germans him into the corner. That’s pretty sick. Lesnar bails. Angle rams him into the barricade and gets a back suplex for two. Angle stomps away and suplexes him for two. Angle hooks a free style bow-n-arrow. Tazz attempts to explain the psychology of the move and make it mean something but nobody buys it and comes across like a really boring rest hold. Lesnar rams into two corners to FINALLY break the hold. Lesnar stomps away but Angle comes back with a belly to belly for two. Angle knees him twice and Lesnar goes out of the ring. Angle throws him back in but walks into a spinebuster. Angle hammers away but gets kneed. Angle rakes his eyes but Lesnar clotheslines him and starts kicking his ass. Lesnar runs into an elbow but comes back with two overhead suplexes. Angle blocks another overhead suplex and gets 4 Germans. Lesnar blocks the Angle Slam and goes for the F5. Angle blocks the F5, trips him up and hooks the anklelock. That was a great sequence. Lesnar rolls out so Angle hooks a ½ Boston Crab. Lance Storm may not have made the card but his legacy lives on. Lesnar makes the ropes but Angle knees him. Angle charges and gets dumped out. Angle misses a charge but comes back and hits a SICK SICK SICK GERMAN dropping Lesnar right on his head. That boy ain’t right. Angle Slam gets two. Angle goes for Angle Slam #2 but Brock gets a spladel for two. I think that was the same move Angle used to beat John Cena in Cena’s first match. Lesnar hits the F5 but it only gets two. Angle hooks the anklelock and turns it into the heel hook. This is guaranteed victory for everyone else but not Brock as he makes the ropes. Lesnar kicks away at an ankelock attempt. Lesnar goes for F5 #2 but Angle rolls him up for two. Brock F5s him but doesn’t cover and instead goes for a Shooting Star Press. But he slips, hits his head, gives himself a concussion and freaks everyone out. Oops. Angle covers him for two. Lesnar boots him and F5s him for the win. How he did that F5 I’ll never know.

I liked the story the match told. Angle did everything he did to beat Brock that had beaten other people (Angle Slam, Anklelock, Heel hook) and nearly killed him with a German, he kicked out of the guy’s finisher and watched as Lesnar gave himself a concussion and he still couldn’t beat him because Lesnar was just too good. The match was a bit slow at times and the rest hold in the middle really hurt the flow but overall this was a great match and a great way to end Wrestlemania.


The Bottom Line- Despite some crappy booking this is a really good show with two **** matches, three ***+ matches and an entertaining streetfight with Hogan and McMahon. Just try not to let Jericho and Booker jobbing ruin the show like it almost did for me.


Now let’s wrap this up with me ranking the WMs-

2. X
3. III
4. XIV
5. XIX
7. V
8. XVI
9. X-8
10. VII
12. XIII
13. XII
14. XV
15. II
16. I
17. XI
18. IV

Now my top ten matches-
1.Bret v. Owen
2.Bret v. Austin
3.Steamboat v. Savage
4.HBK v. Razor
5.Savage v. Flair
6.Austin v. Rock (WMXVII)
8.Triangle Ladder Match
9.Savage v. Warrior
10.Angle v. Lesnar

And just to prove to you that I have too much time on my hands, here are a list of people that have won every match they’ve been in at WM- (Heat doesn’t count)

Wendi Richter (1-0), Mr. T (2-0), Fabulous Moolah (1-0), Cpl Kirshner (1-0), Terry Funk (2-0), Dory Funk (1-0), Tom Zenk (1-0), Little Beaver (1-0), Haiti Kid (1-0), Tama (1-0) Demolition Axe (3-0), Arn Anderson (1-0), Tully Blanchard (1-0), Terry Taylor (1-0) Dusty Rhodes (1-0), Sapphire (1-0), Sato (1-0), Tanaka (1-0), Kerry Von Erich (1-0)
Undertaker (11-0), Kitao (1-0), Tenyru (1-0), Hawk (3-0), Animal (3-0), Virgil (2-0), Tatanka (2-0), Rick Steiner (1-0), Scott Steiner (1-0), Alundra Blayze (1-0), Mo (1-0),
Lawrence Taylor (1-0), Marc Mero (1-0), Sable (2-0), Butterbean (1-0),
Shane McMahon (2-0), Edge (3-0), Terri (1-0), Chyna (2-0),
Rob Van Dam (1-0), DDP (1-0), Shelton Benjamin (1-0), Charlie Haas (1-0), Brock Lesnar (1-0)

The following wrestlers have lost every match they’ve been in at WM-

Buddy Rose (0-1), SD Jones (0-1), Barry Windham (0-2), Big John Studd (0-2)
Lelani Kai (0-2), George Steele (0-2), George Wells (0-1), Velvet McIntyre (0-1)
Ted Arcidi (0-1), Tony Atlas (0-1), Brian Blair (0-3), Jim Brunzell (0-3),
Pedro Morales (0-1), Bruno Sammartino (0-1), Danny Spivey (0-1), Jimbo Covert (0-1)
Bill Fralic (0-1), Russ Francis (0-1), Ernie Holmes (0-1), Harvey Martin (0-1),
William Perry (0-1), Uncle Elmer (0-1), Bob Orton (0-1), Lord Littlebrook (0-1)
Little Tokyo (0-1), Raymond Rougeau (0-3), Koko B. Ware (0-3), Ron Bass (0-1),
Sam Houston (0-1), Ken Patera (0-1), Jim Powers (0-1), Paul Roma (0-2), Sika (0-1)
Boris Zhukov (0-2), Warlord (0-2), Mr. Fuji (0-1), Ronnie Garvin (0-1),
Sherri Martel (0-1), Jimmy Snuka (0-2), Crush (0-4), Ric Flair (0-2), Skinner (0-1)
Sid (0-2), Samu (0-1), Bob Backlund (0-2), Giant Gonzales (0-1), Dink (0-1)
Pierre (0-2), Adam Bomb (0-1), Jacob Blu/DOA (0-2), Eli Blu/DOA (0-2)
Bart Gunn (0-3), Savio Vega (0-3), Henry Godwinn (0-2), Phineas Godwinn (0-2)
Phil LaFon (0-1), Doug Furnas (0-1), Miguel Perez (0-1), Chainz (0-1),
D-Lo Brown (0-3), Mark Henry (0-1), Ricky Morton (0-1), Robert Gibson (0-1)
Jesus Castillo (0-1), Jose Estrada (0-1), Steve Blackman (0-2), Flash Funk (0-1)
Sniper (0-1), Aguila (0-1), Ken Shamrock (0-2), Al Snow (0-2), Val Venis (0-2)
Tori (0-1), X-Pac (0-2), Funaki (0-1), Crash Holly (0-1), Pete Gas (0-1), Joey Abs (0-1)
Matt Hardy (0-3), Jeff Hardy (0-3), D-Von (0-3), Bubba Ray (0-3), Perry Saturn (0-1), Dean Malenko (0-1), Big Show (0-4), William Regal (0-2), Godfather (0-3), Raven (0-1)
Ivory (0-1), Vince McMahon (0-2), Brother Love (0-1), Jim Cornette (0-1),
Duke Droese (0-1), Gobbedly Gooker (0-1), Goon (0-1), Michael Hayes (0-1),
Kamala (0-1), KimChee (0-1), Booker T (0-2), Trish (0-1), Lita (0-1), Rey Mysterio (0-1), Victoria (0-1), Rhyno (0-1), Chavo Guerrero (0-1)

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.

The 411
Final Score:  0.0   [ Torture ]  legend


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