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From The Network-WWE Battleground 2014
Posted by Dylan Diot on 08.28.2014

WWE Battleground 2014
Tampa, FL

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL.

2 out of 3 Falls Match for the WWE World Tag Team Championships- The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) © vs. The Wyatts (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)
Jey and Rowan start and Jey just slaps him to send a message. Rowan overpowers Jey and Harper tags in. Dropkick by Jey knocks Harper out of the ring and Jimmy dropkicks Rowan off the apron. Back in, Harper dumps Jey to the floor in an awkward spot and back in, he hits a suplex. Tag to Rowan and he slams Jey for 2. Neck crank by Rowan but Jey fights out so Rowan connects with a back elbow for 2. Tag to Harper and he grabs a rear chinlock. Jey breaks with a back suplex and he tags Jimmy. He goes up and leaps but misses and Harper DRILLS him with a big boot for 3!!! Wyatts 1-0.

Harper with an Avalanche in the corner for 2. Tag to Rowan and he hits a big splash for 2. Rowan bends Jimmy against the ropes and he grabs a double head vice. Jimmy fights out and goes for a slam but Rowan blocks for 2. Tag to Harper and he steps on Jimmy. Uppercuts by Harper but Jimmy fights back with rights. Hard right by Harper ends that and he goes for a back suplex but Jimmy escapes into the tag on Jey. Jey rolls Harper up for 3!!! Tied 1-1.

The Wyatts attack Jey right after the fall to take back control. Fall-a-way slam by Rowan gets 2. Knee drop by Rowan and he tags Harper. Harper slingshots Jey in the ropes for 2. Harper knocks Jey down and Rowan tags in. He charges in the corner but misses and hits the post shoulder first. Harper tags in and he misses the Yakuza kick, crashing all the way to the floor. Tag to Jimmy and he hits a suicide plancha to Harper on the floor!!! Jimmy low bridges Rowan and he hits another suicide plancha to the floor!!! Jimmy runs the barricade and dives onto Harper again!!! Back in, Jimmy goes up and hits a crossbody off the top for 2. Enzuigiri by Jimmy and he hits a basement hip check in the corner. Harper comes back with an avalanche and Jimmy escapes a powerbomb. Whisper in the Wind by Jimmy gets 2. Harper blocks the superkick and he hits a Yakuza kick knocking Jimmy to the floor. Suicide dive to the floor by Harper!!! Harper looks to dive on Jey but Jey blocks with a kick to the head, allowing Jimmy to roll him up for 2!!! Sit-out powerbomb by Harper gets 2!!! Tag to Rowan and he goes up. He misses a flying splash so now Harper goes up. Jimmy crotches him and Jey goes up. Flying splash off the top by Jey to Rowan gets 2!!! Jey goes up again but Harper stops him, allowing Rowan to follow up. Jimmy tags in and he goes up. Rowan rams the Usos’ heads together and DOUBLE SUPERPLEXES THE USOS!!!! What an awesome callback to their match last month. Rowan covers for 2!!! Jey saves Jimmy from the T-Gimmick and Harper rolls through a roll-up attempt into a superkick on Jimmy. Jimmy returns the superkick but HAPRER CATCHES HIM WITH A DISCUS LARIAT for 2 as Jey saves!!!! Superkcik by Jimmy and Jey tags in. Double super kick to Harper and Rowan!!! Both Usos go up and they hit a double flying splash for 3!!!
Winners and Still WWE World Tag Team Champions- The Usos ****1/4 ( This was so awesome. The first two falls were decent but they were a tad too short but at least told a consistent story of the Wyatts dominating them and the Usos stayed in it on a fluke. The final fall was phenomenal and topped their match from last month and it came across as a decisive, feud ending finish. The WWE opener streak is still undefeated and this may be the best opener of the year.)

Video package for Rollins/Ambrose airs.

Seth Rollins says tonight is a historic night when he finally puts the dagger in Dean Ambrose for good. He calls Ambrose a cockroach and says tonight, he gets squashed. Rollins claims he’s going to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion when Ambrose appears and attacks Rollins!!! Officials try to pull him off and Triple H throws Ambrose out of the building!!!

WWE Diva’s Championship- AJ Lee © vs. Paige
Loud “CM Punk” breaks out. Knee to the midsection by Paige but AJ rolls her up for 2. Superkick by Paige gets 2. Head butt by Paige and she stomps away on AJ in the corner. Slam by Paige gets 2. Paige throws some knees at the midsection of AJ for 2. Chinlock by Paige and she converts it into the surfboard. AJ rolls through so Paige connects with a clothesline for 2. AJ comes back with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and both ladies are down. Paige tackles AJ to the floor and she tosses AJ into the barricade. Back in, Paige goes up but AJ follows so Paige takes her off with a very sloppy sunset flip bomb for 2. Paige charges in the corner but eats boot and AJ goes for a crossbody off the top but Paige catches her. AJ catches her in the Black Widow but Paige pulls her by the hair to break. Paige Turner gets 2!!! Paige goes for the Scorpion Cross Lock but Paige rolls through for 1. Shining Wizard by AJ gets 3.
Winner and Still WWE Diva’s Champion- AJ Lee ** ( Another month, another mediocre women’s match. I hope Paige’s heel turn is a turning point for her cause she has been nothing but a constant disappointment for me. There were flashes of good stuff in very minimal moments but this was still incredibly sloppy and there was a point here where you could have heard a pin drop in the building. )

Randy Orton is preparing his speech to Kane when Kane appears. Orton admits to Kane that he was wrong and apologizes to Kane. Orton wants an apology in return but Kane doesn’t oblige. He reminds Kane that their enemies tonight are Cena and Reigns and Kane promises that they won’t walk out with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Kane declares that the new champion is standing right here.

Our panel tonight is Booker T, Christian, and Alex Riley once again. They make their picks for the main event and no one chooses Cena.

Rusev w/Lana vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter
The build to this match has been great, using the classic US vs. Foreign heel formula that still works like a charm. Lana cuts a promo blaming US propaganda for issues overseas and claims Vladimir Putin takes responsibility. Cutting a political promo in the wake of the Ukraine air strike, probably not the smartest idea. Zeb goes to cut a promo but Lana slaps him and Rusev attacks Swagger. Swagger fights back and he clotheslines Rusev to the floor. Back in, Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock but Rusev quickly bails. Back in, Rusev works Swagger over in the corner and he hits some rights. Rusev charges in the corner but misses and Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock but again, Rusev quickly bails. Swagger follows out and goes after Rusev on the floor. Back in, Swagger hits an avalanche in the corner and he throws some knees at Rusev. Rusev trucks Swagger and he hits a fall-a-way slam. Rusev stomps away and he grabs a nerve hold. Swagger starts to fight out so Rusev knocks him down with a kick to the chest. Rusev rakes the face of Swagger and he goes to the double nerve hold. Swagger stomps the foot to break and Rusev backdrops Swagger to the floor. Rusev prevents Swagger from entering the ring but this fires Swagger up and he snaps Rusev’s neck off the ropes. Back in, Swagger knocks Rusev down with a clothesline and he hits a big boot. Swagger Bomb by Swagger gets 2. Rusev fires away but Swagger comes back with a powerslam for 2. Rusev kicks Swagger in the chest again and he goes for the superkick but Swagger catches him in the Patriot Lock!!! Rusev eventually makes the ropes to break and he bails to recover. Swagger follows and grabs the Patriot Lock on the floor. Rusev powers out and the momentum sends Swagger crashing into the post. Rusev beats the count back in but Swagger doesn’t. Rusev throws Swagger into the ring and grabs the Accolade after the match.
Winner by Count-Out- Rusev **1/4 ( The first portion of the match was dull and the crowd heat wasn’t there until Swagger’s comeback at which point things picked up. The finish sucked and it didn’t do Rusev any favors as he had to sneak out a win rather than have the decisive, dominant victory that he has had of late.)

Goldust and Stardust cut a creepy promo about the cosmic key, whatever that is.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins declares that since Ambrose has been thrown from the building, he wants to be declared the victor by forfeit. The ref raises Rollins’ hand in victory.
Winner by Forfeit- Seth Rollins NR ( Yeah, this bait and switch sucks.)

As the announcers are talking, Dean Ambrose comes out and attacks Rollins!!! They brawl into the crowd and Ambrose tosses Rollins off the barricade onto the announce table!!!! Security is able to pull Ambrose off of Rollins but Ambrose is able to escape them and he leaps onto Rollins to attack him some more!!! Triple H comes out and security actually attempt to carry Ambrose out. Now Rollins leaps onto Ambrose to get him some. Officials finally get them separated.

Video package for Wyatt/Jericho airs.

Bray Wyatt w/Wyatt Family vs. Chris Jericho
Knee to the midsection by Wyatt and he hammers away on Jericho. Jericho fights back with chops and Wyatt nails him to end that. Wyatt chokes Jericho in the ropes and Jericho fights back with forearms. Back elbow by Jericho and he chokes Wyatt in the ropes. Chops by Jericho and Wyatt comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Back elbow by Wyatt gets 2. Wyatt goes for a suplex but Jericho blocks and goes for the Walls of Jericho. The Wyatts distract Jericho, allowing Wyatt to knock him down. Boot to the face by Wyatt gets 2 and he goes to the rear half nelson. Jericho fights out and dropkicks Wyatt to come back. Springboard dropkick knocks Wyatt off the apron and he goes up. Jericho dives onto all three members of the Wyatts on the floor!!! Harper grabs the leg of Jericho, preventing him from entering the ring so the ref kicks Harper and Rowan out of ringside!!! Wyatt knocks Jericho off the apron, sending him crashing to the floor. Wyatt kicks away on Jericho on the floor and back in, he covers for 2. Wyatt works Jericho over in the corner and he charges but misses and hits the post shoulder first. Jericho goes up and hits a double axe handle off the top onto Wyatt. Swinging gut buster by Wyatt gets 2. Wyatt trucks Jericho and he goes for the back senton but eats knees. Enzuigiri by Jericho gets 2. Jericho goes up but Wyatt stops him and follows up. Jericho blocks the superplex but Wyatt catches him with a hanging jawbreaker for 2. Wyatt charges but eats boot and Jericho hits the bulldog. Lionsault eats knees and both men are down. CRABWALK~!!!!! Urinage by Wyatt gets 2. Avalanche in the corner by Wyatt and Jericho comes back with a corner forearm. Jericho rolls Wyatt up sending him crashing into the turnbuckle for 2 as Wyatt was in the ropes. They head to the apron and Wyatt catches Jericho with an apron DDT for 2. Wyatt goes for Sister Abagail but Jericho rolls through. He goes for the Walls of Jericho but Wyatt blocks. Flying forearm by Wyatt gets 2. Codebreaker by Jericho gets 3!!!
Winner- Chris Jericho ***1/4 ( I liked the match, I enjoyed the way it was structured but man the crowd was not into this like they could have been. If they played along with the story of the match and actually got into it, it would have elevated the atmosphere and make this into something great. A shame, this should have been a bigger deal.)

Seth Rollins is leaving the building and he looks around to make sure Ambrose isn’t around. Ambrose POPS OUT OF THE TRUNK OF A CAR!!!! Ambrose attacks Rollins and Rollins is able to get into the car and drive away.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal
Bad News Barrett comes out to deliver some BAD NEWS~!!! He promises when he returns, whoever is Intercontinental Champion will eat a Bull Hammer. Everyone goes after Great Khali to start but Khali fights all of them off!!!! Khali dumps Xavier Woods and Zach Ryder to eliminate them. Brogue Kick by Sheamus to Khali and everyone dumps Khali to eliminate him. Sin Cara attempts to springboard but Bo Dallas shoves him to the floor to eliminate him. Ryback tosses R-Truth to the floor to eliminate him and Big E dumps Curtis Axel. Miz is just chilling on the floor at this point but the announcers make no mention of it. Diego clotheslines Damien Sandow to eliminate him. Ryback tosses Diego to the floor to eliminate him. Ryback is going after anyone he can get his hands on and he slams Dallas. Ryback and Sheamus have a face off and Sheamus hits some rights. Sheamus escapes a powerbomb attempt and hits a Brogue Kick that knocks Ryback to the floor!!! Miz reenters the ring and goes to dump Sheamus but Sheamus holds on. Ziggler hits a flying forearm on Miz and Miz bails to the floor again. Reapt backbreaker by Titus O’Neal on Sheamus but Dallas hits a knee to the back knocking O’Neal to the floor. Cesaro knocks Dallas down and he tries to backdrop Kofi to the floor but Kofi holds on to Cesaro’s body to pull himself back in!!! Dropkick by Kofi and Del Rio catches Ziggler with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dropkick by Ziggler to come back and Del Rio catches Ziggler with the cross arm breaker in the ropes. Ziggler snaps Del Rio’s neck off the ropes to knock him off the apron and eliminate him. Miz goes to dump Ziggler but Sheamus saves. Big E trucks Miz, forcing him to bail again. Cesaro belly to belly suplexes Big E to the floor to eliminate him. Cesaro dumps Kofi to the apron and goes to knock him off but KOFI LEAPS ONTO BIG E’S SHOULDERS TO SAVE HIMSELF!!!! Kofi pulls Cesaro to the apron butCesaro dead lift suplexes Kofi into the ring!!! Cesaro blocks a monkey flip and he goes to dump Kingston but he still holds on. Cesaro suplexes Kofi to the floot to finally eliminate him. HEATH SLATER DUMPS CSARO!!!! Sheamus dumps Slater to the apron but Slater snaps Sheamus’ neck off the ropes to come back. Brogue Kick by Sheamus knocks Slater off the apron. Dallas goes to dump him but Sheamus holds on and hits a slingshot shoulderblock back in. Irish Clubs by Sheamus and Ziggler dropkicks Dallas off the apron to eliminate him. Sheamus and Ziggler slug it out and Sheamus hits a knee lift. Ziggler clips the leg of Sheamus and he hammers Sheamus after a botched Zig Zag. They botch another spot and both men are down. Sheamus catapults Dolph but Dolph hangs on to avoid elimination. Ziggler clotheslines Sheamus to the floor but Sheamus holds on. Sheamus goes to slingshot but Ziggler superkicks Sheamus to eliminate him. Miz dumps Ziggler from behind to win!!!
Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion- The Miz **3/4 ( This was pretty good for a battle royal. They had more time to focus on several stories occurring in the ring and there was no dead spots or overfill during the match which is rare for a WWE battle royal. The Sheamus/Ziggler finale was pretty ugly and I’m not a fan of the stay out of the ring sneak in and win method but for Miz’s character it worked. )

Video package for Cena/Reigns/Orton/Kane airs.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship- John Cena © vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Roman Reigns
All four men brawl to start and Cena and Orton head to the floor. Orton sends Cena into the steps and in the ring, Reigns hits some punches in the corner to Kane. He hits some to Orton as well and Kane knocks Reigns down. Orton and Kane charge at Reigns in the corner and Reigns fights back on both. Reigns hits a second rope double clothesline and Orton and Kane come back with a double suplex. Orton covers for 1 and Cena catches Orton with a release Fisherman’s suplex for 1 as Kane saves. Cena bulldogs Orton but walks into a sidewalk slam. Orton covers for 2 and he stomps away on Cena. Cena goes for the AA but Kane saves Orton. Back elbow by Kane and Orton covers again for 2. Orton stomps the midsection of Cena and Cena cleans house to come back. Blue Thunder Bomb by Cena and he hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena dumps Orton to the floor and Reigns enters the ring for a faceoff with Cena. Kane and Orton break that up before it could even go down and Kane catches Reigns with a DDT for 2. Orton scolds Kane for making the cover and Kane hammers away on Orton. Kane puts Orton on top and follows up. Cena and Reigns stop him and it’s the TOWER OF DOOM~!!!! Cena and Reigns double team Kane but Orton catches Reigns with the Orton back breaker. Orton hits the double hanging DDT on Cena and Reigns for 1 as Kane saves. Big boot by Kane to Orton gets 2 as Reigns saves. Samoan Drop by Reigns to Kane gets 2. Reigns hits some rights to Orton and Orton catches Reigns in the half crab. Reigns powers out and he catches Orton in a half crab of his own. Cena catches Orton in the Crossface at the same time!!! Kane breaks it up and Cena hits the AA on Kane. Cena catches Orton in the STF and Reigns pulls Orton to the floor to prevent him from tapping. Reigns dumps Orton over the announce table and he faces off with Cena again. They slug it out and Reigns trucks Cena. Cena goes for the STF but Reigns blocks and hits a Samoan Drop. Superman Punch misses and Cena hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. SUPERMAN PUNCH~!!!! Spear by Reigns gets 2 as Kane saves!!! Leaping clothesline by Reigns to Kane and he hits a corner clothesline. SUPERMAN PUNCH~!!!! Reigns hits the leaping boot from the floor on Cena and then hits one on Orton on the announce table!!! Leaping boot by Reigns to Kane from the floor and he SPEARS ORTON THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!!! Back in, Reigns goes for the Spear but Kane blocks. Reigns blocks the Chokeslam and hits the Spear for 2 as Cena saves!!! Cena dumps Reigns to the floor and he hits the AA on Kane for 2 as Reigns saves!!! Cena hits the AA on Reigns for 2 as Kane saves. Chokeslam by Kane to Cena and he chokeslams Reigns for 2. Reigns escapes the Tombstone and he Spears Kane for 2 as Orton saves. RKO by Orton to Reigns and Cena hits the AA on Orton on top of Kane. Cena covers Kane for 3!!!
Winner and Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion- John Cena ***1/4 ( The firs thalf of the match was like every four way match you have ever seen. A bunch of moves, no individual stories, and the crowd was not into the Kane helping Orton stuff. Once Reigns became the focus of the match it picked up and got pretty good in the final stretch. The crowd is getting behind Reigns and in my opinion he is thriving when he is given the opportunity to shine. He worked his ass off here and saved what was becoming a dull main event. )

The 411: From an in ring standpoint, this show wasn't that bad. A couple of solid matches combined with yet another awesome opener makes for a good night in the ring. The issue with this show is the structure and pacing of the show. This was one of the worst paced shows the WWE has put on in a long time. They did a bait and switch on Ambrose and Rollins which would have made me angry if I bought the PPV or the Network to finally see them clash. They also didn't seem to have an idea of how to fill the time lost by eliminating the match, as there was a lot of filler and they dragged out matches and entrances which was annoying. Overall, this is the weakest effort of the WWE Network era but it wasn't the actual wrestling that was the issue.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend


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