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From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Hell in a Cell
Posted by Robert Leighty Jr. on 08.26.2014

From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Hell in a Cell

-I didnít even realize they posted a new episode of this so sorry I got this one up later than normal. Iím just amazed I found time to get this done thanks to most of my free time being eaten up by The Simpsons Marathon. It has been a while since Iíve seen the early shows and just so amazing how great this show as during Seasons 2-9 or so.

-The talking heads discuss the differences between a normal cage match and a Cell Match. Cody calls the match then end all, be all match in WWE history. Tim White says the best word to describe the match is ďscary.Ē They discuss how it is supposed to keep people in the Cell, but doesnít always go that way.

10: No Way Out 2000: WWF Title: HHH vs. Cactus Jack

-Damn, it seems kind of early for this one, but I have seen opinions differ on the match. HHH talks about how Mick put him on the map at a point when he was trying to proof he was worthy to be the top guy in the business. Foley mentions that for all intents and purposes it was only the 3rd Cell Match (he is not counting the ones on RAW it seems) and they had a lot to live up to. Miz mentions that if someone came at him with barbed wire he would run and scream like a girl. They show Foley talking the fall from the side of the Cell (much safer than his previous Cell match). Kofi talks about how seeing 2 guys fighting on the Cell never gets old. They discuss the barbed wire 2x4 being set on fire and how there really wasnít anything that could top that. Foley then takes a much safer bump through the roof of the Cell as they gimmicked the ring for his own protection. It didnít take anything away from the spot either as it still looked awesome. HHH pins Foley and ends his career (not really, but it was the intent). Foley says that he wishes in many ways that it was his last match. I can see his point, but I would have been left without his classic matches with Orton and Edge.

9: SummerSlam 2008: Edge vs. The Undertaker

-Taker and Edge feuded for most of 2008 and Edge got put into this match when cheated on Vickie with Alicia Fox. Various Divas pop up and stand up for Vickie as they mention Edge needed to be put in his place. Edge discusses how he knew nobody was going to give him a chance of surviving, so he needed to go completely off the rails with his character. Damn fine match between these two and in the end Edge pays for his sins as he gets his ass handed to him and then gets choke slammed to hell. Cole says the ending spot is what makes it one of the Top 10 Cell Matches of all Time. No Cole, it was a top 10 Cell match before the gimmicked ending.

8: Judgment Day 2002: HHH vs. Chris Jericho

-Now this one I would rank below the 2 that were already discussed. Jericho says it is his favorite Cell match of all time, and really the only note worthy thing with this one was Tim White having his career ended. White discusses his injury and they show the bump in slow motion, and it does look rather painful. I will mention that seeing both guys wearing a crimson mask is pretty awesome just because we donít see it anymore (not that I want to see blood for the sake of blood). This was the first Cell Match to end on top of the Cell as HHH hits a Pedigree to get the pin on the roof. They spend the rest of the time talking about Whiteís career being over following the match.

7: No Mercy 2002: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

-Newer fans probably arenít aware that Lesnar steamrolling Taker isnít a new thing. This was during Brockís rookie season and just a few months after crushing The Rock for the Undisputed WWF Title. This was a bloody war that included Heyman getting split open as well. Heyman mentions that Vince asked him what his management style was during Hell in a Cell and he says ďpure panic.Ē As you would expect Heyman puts over the brutality of the match and CM Punk mentions that Brock was so young he probably didnít realize what he was getting into which may have been a good thing. Heyman calls it the greatest cell match of all time, but the fans donít apparently agree with him.

6: Bad Blood 2004: Shawn Michaels vs. HHH

-This is by far the longest Cell match of all time, and a match I have only sat through and watched once. I just couldnít get myself to sit down and watch the thing again. It could be a hell of a match, but I just remember it dragging for some reason as I think they were thinking length would make it an all time classic. The highlights seem to indicate it was pretty damn good and I may have to break this out on the Network or the DVD copy I have to see it again. HHH mentions that since it was his friend in the ring they didnít have to pull punches because there isnít anyone you want to hit harder than your friend. Nice! HHH puts over the emotional aspect of the match. They include the commentary where JR mentions it went just over 47 minutes. Damn that seems way too long!

-Recap of things to this point.

5: Armageddon 2004: Six Man Hell in a Cell

-This was basically the precursor to the Elimination Chamber as they threw 6 of the biggest stars and tossed them inside the Cell. In this case it was Angle defending his WWF Title against Austin, Rock, Taker, HHH, and Rikishi. This match is just pure carnage with weapons, blood, and brawling all over the Cell and stage area. I love this match more than most as it was just non-stop action with 6 men beating the hell out of each other. We get cool insight from the Usos as they discuss their dad, Rikishi, taking the fall off the top of the Cell into the back of a truck (gimmicked thankfully). They admit they were very proud of their dad. I would hope so! Angle somehow walks out the match with the title and that helped to solidify him as a player in the WWF.

4: Unforgiven 2006: DX vs. The McMahon and Big Show

-No way this should be higher than some of the others on this list. This was the culmination of the Shawn/Vince feud that led into The McMahons and Spirit Squad against DX. This was also the debut of the larger cell that we see today. With that new design we still have yet to see anyone get tossed off the top of that thing and I am pretty sure we will never see it happen. CM Punk puts over Shane pulling off the Coast to Coast leap and yeah, still crazy the son of the boss goes balls to wall like that. Shane and Vince take a grade A ass kicking as you would expect and of course Vince takes his comeuppance like a man as he gets his bloody face shoved into the ass of The Big Show. Everyone gets a laugh when discussing Vince getting his head shoved in Showís ass and Show himself talks about how weird it was having that happen to his boss. The ending is sick as Vince gets a sledgehammer broken over his head and Shane looks damn near dead. Fun match, but not sure it is top 5.

-We take a break for Lawler to give us 5 facts about the Cell that we may not have known:

1) the Cell is 3500 sq feet
2) The Cell weighs 5 tons
3) the cell is 20 feet high
4) 17 of the first 20 featured HHH or The Undertaker
5) The Cell took 11 workers and 524 man hours to build

3: Bad Blood 1997: The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

-This is the first Hell in a Cell Match and in my opinion it is still the best one of the bunch no matter what the fans voted for with this countdown. Shawn talks about how he was giddy when he saw the Cell for the first time because he had so many ideas about what he could do in it and on top of it. The match is just fantastic and easily one of the greatest matches you will ever see. Shawn gets the piss beaten out of him as Taker stalks him throughout the match and delivers just a brutal beating. They show the mother of all chair shots as Shawn takes one for the team. Shawn mentions he has never been hit that hard with a chair and thankfully nobody ever will be hit with one like that on WWE TV again. The match is historic for another reason as Kane debuts and 17 years later he is still here when most thought it was a one off character for a run with Taker. Bryan calls it one of the greatest matches ever and also the greatest cell match ever. Again, I would have it in the top spot as well.

2: WrestleMania XXVIII: HHH vs. The Undertaker

-It was only fitting these two had a one on one match in the Cell as they have been in more of them than any other 2 guys. I would easily have this in the Top 5 as I love this match more than most. The build was crazy good as it put Shawn in the middle of things and the match was the culmination of a series of matches at Mania that started building 4 years earlier with Shawn vs. Flair. Taker debuts the mohawk here and everyone thinks it is badass. The sweet chin music into the Pedigree is one of the greatest near falls you will ever see and the fans actually believed HHH was going to end the streak. This was a match where 2 men just beat the piss out of each other to settle things and then left respecting each other afterwards because they knew they had been through some crazy, emotional crap together. Seeing HHH, Shawn, and Taker all leave together is still awesome! I love this match!

1: King of the Ring 1998: Mankind vs. The Undertaker

-I would have had Shawn vs. Taker as #1, but I am not going to argue against this being voted in the top spot. This is the most famous Cell match ever and one of the most famous (infamous) matches of all time. I am still pissed I didnít go this show since it was in Pittsburgh, but for whatever reason I didnít try to get a ticket and make the 50 minute drive. Mick didnít think he was worthy of this type of match at this point, but he knew they needed something to match what Shawn/Taker did. They did that in spades as Foley gets tossed off the roof and crashes through the table below in what (outside of Hogan slamming Andre) is the most played video clip in wrestling history. Everyone talks about how they thought Foley was dead and how they knew he wasnít getting back up. Mick says he felt the worst was over and sadly he was wrong. The high of the fans gets him back in the match and then he gets tossed through the roof of the cell in a scarier bump and really he is lucky he survived that one as it still looks brutal. Things get crazier as tacks get introduced and Mick being Mick, he takes a choke slam into a pile of those as well. Just crazy, insane stuff here, and again no issue with this getting the vote as number one.

The 411: Fun show this week as I liked the topic and the packages highlighting the matches were pretty good. The number 1 spot was a easy choice and while I like Shawn/Taker more, I can't argue against Foley nearly killing himself to entertain the fans.
Final Score:  7.2   [ Good ]  legend


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