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Tremendous Tirades: TNA’s The Best Of The X-Division Vol. 1
Posted by Larry Csonka on 11.03.2005

Welcome one and all to the latest edition of Tremendous Tirades. As many of you have probably noticed 411’s Jacob Ziegler has been running through most of the TNA releases. Well as 411’s “Mr. TNA” I couldn’t let him have all of the fun. I reviewed the “Epic Collection” already, which has Victory Road , Turning Point and Lockdown.

I am getting some of these in the mail, but noticed that I basically had the entire “Best of the X-Division Vol. 1” already reviewed and on tape, so I took a page from Jacob and made up a review for it. When you purchase this DVD it also comes with extra commentary and an 20-Minute Interview with Jerry Lynn, which I can’t review since I don’t have this DVD yet. But what I have for you is LOTS and LOTS of matches!

20-Man X Division Gauntlet, 1 minute intervals.

The first 2 are Kazarian and Sonjay Dutt. They lock up and Kazarian off the ropes and takes down Dutt. Dutt almost to the floor, but back in with a kick then a tornado DDT. Dutt tries to eliminate Kazarian, but he hangs on. #3 is PUMA. Forearms to Dutt, misses a kick and Dutt gets a RANA! Tries to dump Puma, but Kazarian and he double-team Dutt, and Puma connects with a Michinoku Driver. They try to get rid of Dutt, and #4 is L A PARK! The Chairman is here! He dances and takes his time then comes in with the chair and beats on Kazarian, then poses on the chair. LA PARK dance! Kazarian backing and he and PARK duke it out and #5 is Jerrelle Clark. Springboard twisting splash to Kazarian. Puma attacks Clark and Kazarian and PARK duke it out. #6 is Miyamoto. He and Puma go at it right away and an Enziguri to Puma. Clark up top…630 SPLASH TO PUMA! Kazarian nails him with a kick. Crowd is NUTS! #7 is Michael Shane with Traci. Modern Art to Puma by Kazarian and Shane! PUMA IS ELIMINATED! CLARK IS GONE as Kazarian and Shane are dominating and then ELIMINATE MIYAMOTO! #8 is Hector Garza! Kicks for all! Right after Shane now and he and PARK are in control. RANA by Dutt to Kazarian but PARK takes him down. They double team Dutt, they back to Kazarian. #9 is Nosawa. Drop kick to Garza but PARK with a running Enziguri! PARK tries to eliminate Nosawa as Garza and Dutt work over Shane. #10 is Mikey Batts. Stunner to Kazarian, then a kick to the head of Kazarian. Belly to belly by Shane and everyone brawls.

#11 is Alex Shelley. Camel Clutch to Kazarian, but it is broken up. Shelley ELIMINATES DUTT! PARK is ELIMINATED! #12 is Matt Sydal. Standing moonsault to Shelley. Shelley is on the floor and looks hurt, but not eliminated. He is holding his back. #13 is Sonny Siaki. SICK power slam to Sydal. Then Shane! Siaki ELIMINATES NOSAWA! Batts with a leg lariat to Garza, but then Garza ELIMINATES BATTS! #14 is Jason Cross. Head scissors to Siaki. RANA to Siaki! MISSES an Asai twisting moonsault but is able to get a brain buster to Sydal. #15 is Shark Boy. Face buster to Kazarian! Cross works on Sydal as Shelley is still on the floor. Sydal almost eliminated again and Shelley ELIMINATES HIM as he was faking! #16 is Psicosis! He and Garza go at it with some sweet exchanges and Garza gets a back suplex to Psicosis. #17 is D RAY 3000. The Fro is in! AFRO RAMS FOR ALL! Sharky and D Ray charge and miss but Siaki ELIMINATES THEM BOTH! #18 is The Amazing Red! Red is all over Siaki, Shelley goes up top…and is shoved off and ELIMINATED! Psicosis with a sweet spin kick to Cross. Red and Shane still going at it now and Kazarian is still in. #19 is Spanky! He and Kazarian go at it and then Spanky after Shane! Spanky almost out, but he saves himself but EATS a super kick from Shane. #20 is Chris Sabin. HAIL SABIN! Tornado DDT to Shane and he kicks 4 guys before he went down! Siaki fights off Spanky and Sabin but they double clothesline Siaki and HE IS ELIMINATED!

Spanky ELIMINATES SHANE with a RANA! Kazarian is still in after 20-minutes! Tower of Doom Spot…Triple power bomb, superplex tower of doom COMBO! TNA CHANTS! Reverse DDT by Psicosis to Cross and he gets ELIMINATED! Enziguri and Red ELIMINATES PSICOSIS! Red and Kazarian battle on the apron, and Kazarian ELIMINATES RED! Spanky tries Sliced Bread #2 but is ELIMINATED! Kazarian with a boot to Sabin, Kazarian goes up top but Sabin runs up top with a SICK RELEASE GERMAN THAT HITS GARZA! Enziguri to Garza by Sabin. Garza with a dropkick and SABIN IS ELIMINATED!

Down to Garza and Kazarian who was #1. It is pin or submission now. Asai leg drop by Kazarian gets 2. Kazarian tries a flat liner, but Garza escapes and gets a clothesline. TONADO MOONSAULT by Garza gets 2! Garza can’t believe it! Kazarian to the apron, slingshot into a DDT for 2! Kazarian with a roll up but Garza escapes and gets a basement drop kick. Up top again…MISSES the Tornado! Kazarian tries to counter, but Garza rolls him up for the WIN!

Winner: Hector Garza @ 26:30 ***1/2

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles © vs. Petey Williams w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Chris Sabin (non-title)

Williams gets tossed to the mat at Sabin and AJ try to duke it out. Drop kick to Williams by AJ and Sabin gets a RANA on him. AJ to the floor as Williams takes control of Sabin. Leg sweep on Williams by AJ who is back in the ring. AJ set on the top, Sabin tries to suplex Williams in, but AJ grabs him to try a Styles Clash, but Williams gets a RAN to AJ who nails Sabin. German suplex by Sabin to Williams and AJ is back up and on Sabin. Sleeper by Sabin…but AJ reverses it into a crazy looking back breaker. Williams back up and AJ chops away at him. AJ with the Asai moonsault into the reverse DDT and a regular DDT or Sabin! Neck breaker by Williams, Sabin off the ropes gets a tornado DDT to AJ and an Enziguri to Williams at the same time! Williams and Sabin now and Sabin gets a Gori Bomb for 2 as AJ gets the Spring Board 450 to break it up! AJ covers Williams for 2, then Sabin for 2. AJ and Sabin ducking it out as Kazarian and Shane come out. AJ hits the ropes and gets a flip dive to Shane and Kazarian! Sabin knocks down D’Amore. Williams has Sabin…CANADIAN DESTROYER finished off Sabin @ 5:43.

Fun match for 5-minutes. **1/2

Chris Sabin vs. Christopher Daniels form Impact

Sabin wins in a strong 5-6 minute match, it’s the only one I don’t have recapped or still on tape somewhere. Sorry, but you aren’t missing much.

X-Title Match – AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams © w/ Coach D’Amore

Here we go! Forearm shots to start, and AJ with a take down. Reversal by Williams, and a small package gets 2 for Williams. One for AJ and another 2 count. Mat wrestling reversals now and a stand off to applause. They exchange chops mid-ring and then a shoulder block by AJ. Head scissors by AJ then the sweet go under and drop kick combo. To the floor, and AJ with an Asai moonsault and lands in his feet, and he knocks Williams doen. AJ back in the ring, off the ropes…SUICIDE DIVE to Williams! D’Amore is pissed at Williams. Back in the ring and a jawbreaker by Williams then a kick to the head. AJ is down and D’Amore nails him with a right hand. Williams locks AJ in the tree of woe! Williams then stands on his nuts and SINGS the Canadian National Anthem! AWESOME! The crowd is hot and VERY mixed in their chants. AJ with a roll up for 2. Williams with forearm shots and charges AJ and eats an elbow. Tree of woe again but AJ escapes and gets a leg scissors take down to Williams. Williams to the apron and AJ with a PELE kick and Williams is down. They fight on their knees and to their feet. AJ goes wild with right hands and Williams is in trouble. Back suplex lands Williams on his head! Williams sends AJ to the floor, but he gets a springboard fore arm for 2! Knee shot to AJ by Williams, and then a Russian leg sweep. Williams sets for the Destroyer…AJ reverses…NO Williams reverses and then rams AJ into the corner and D’Amore held the belt up so AJ hit it. AJ gets a roll up, they reverse, then again AJ has him but D’Amore distracts the ref. Williams has the flag, but the ref stops him. Williams grabs the belt…WHAM and AJ is down! AJ KICKS OUT! Williams cannot believe it! Williams sets for the Destroyer again. AJ stops him and sets Williams on the top. AJ with forearm shots and AJ climbs but Williams shoves him off. Williams jumps down onto the mat …CANADIAN DESTROYER and AJ is dead!

Winner: Petey Williams @ 9:48 *** Criminally short.

Ultimate X VI: AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams © w/Coach D'Amore

Here we go! They stare down, and wild rights by all 3 men. Williams with a right hand to Sabin, and then to AJ. Williams off the ropes, then goes to the floor. Sabin chases, Williams back in and AJ with a right hand, now Sabin and Williams to the corner. Double-team by AK and Sabin…fore arm in the corner by AJ to Williams. Drop kick by Sabin to Williams! AJ and Sabin lock up and reversal series, AJ down, kip up, Sabin tries to climb but AJ pulls him down. Boot to Sabin by AJ, and AJ springs in to grab the cables and misses. Sabin to the floor, works on Williams and AJ runs and DIVES onto both men! AJ back in the ring and climbs up to the cables. Sabin in and up top as well. They duke it out and they stand up top…DROP KICK TO AJ who bounces off the steel guard! Sabin lands safely and climbs up top. He scales the cables and Coach is in to stop him! Williams in and crotches Sabin, Ref Mike Posey KICKS OUT COACH D’AMORE! NA NA NA NA! NA NA NA NA! HEY HEEEEEEY HEY! GOOOOOOOD BYE! Williams and Coach are pissed and he is gone now. Williams back to the ring and pulls AJ out and rams him into the rail. Suplex to Sabin, rolling into another and Triple chants now! Williams knocks AJ back down, and Sabin now fights back. Chops to Williams, but Williams takes out his knees and SHARP SHOOTER! SHARP SHOOTER ON SABIN! AJ in and climbs up and scales the cables but Williams is up and pulls him down. Williams knocks Sabin to the floor, and grabs AJ. Right hands to AJ and TREE OF WOE! Williams climbs up and stands on AJ’s balls! Sabin crawls back in but Williams keeps him on the apron and kicks away at him. AJ with right hands to Williams, PELE KICK to Williams! Sabin climbs up the structure and AJ pulls him off and tries, Sabin pulls him back off and he is up and climbs. AJ grabs him…Sabin is on his shoulders…. Williams scales the cables...RANA ON SABIN WHO WAS ON AJ’S SHOULDERS! Russian leg sweep on AJ by Williams, and he goes to the corner to climb. AJ in an opposite corner. They climb across and meet in the middle. Williams wraps his legs around the cables…Sabin pulls AJ down and Williams is hanging there…AJ with a spring board and barely gets Williams who falls down! Sabin climbs now…starts to scale across…AJ up as well…Sabin gets the SUPER RANA on AJ! This is awesome chants now. Williams tries a reverse DDT, AJ flies and gets the Asai DDT! DOUBLE DDT! SWEET! AJ climbs now, he goes across…MISSILE DROP KICK BY SABIN WHO TURNS AJ INSIDE OUT! HOLY SHIT! Williams with a Foley like clothesline to Sabin and they go to the floor. AJ tries to get up and he looks hurt. Williams climbs…AJ is up and they climb the structure. Williams rams AJ’s head off the steel and then wraps his arm up and rams it repeatedly! AJ GOT STUCK! HE WAS STUCK and looks really hurt! Sabin up, and in the ring as is Williams. CRADLE SHOCK TO WILLIAMS! Sabin climbs…he scales across…AJ in and pulls him off…tries the Styles Clash…TRIANGLE CHOKE ON AJ! He powers him up...power bomb on Sabin! One armed Styles Clash to AJ who really looks hurt. AJ climbs up…and has trouble reaching the cables. He goes across…he is close and FALLS OFF! The right arm is too hurt… Williams up…CANADIAN DESTROYER ON AJ! Williams and Sabin are up and DDT ON SABIN! Williams sets for the Destroyer…then climbs. Sabin pulls him down and a RUNNING POWER BOMB INTO THE CORNER! Sabin climbs as AJ is dazed. Williams climbs…Sabin is further across…and is upside down trying to get the belt…they both have it…they tug at it…AJ SPRINGS OFF THE ROPES ACROSS THE RING AND SNAGS THE BELT OUT OF MIDAIR! AJ WINS! NEW CHAMPION!

Winner: AJ Styles @ 19:52 ****1/2 The Best Ultimate X Match…period.

30-Minute Iron Man Match for the X-Division Title: “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles ©

They circle to begin, lock up and Daniels takes AJ to the ropes, they jockey for position and then go into some nice mat reversals. AJ in control with a front facelock, Daniels to his feet and gets a single leg take down on AJ and a single leg lock. Daniels into a headlock now, AJ to his feet and AJ escapes and gets a wristlock. AJ with a go behind, Daniels escapes and gets a roll up for 2. A nice series of reversals now and Daniels finally stops AJ with a stiff clothesline. Side headlock by Daniels now, AJ off the ropes, leap frog, drop down and MISSES the trademark dropkick as Daniels held onto the ropes. Slaps by Daniels, hits the ropes and AJ connects with the dropkick this time. Daniels to the floor and AJ follows him and gets a RANA off the apron. Chop battle on the floor, but Daniels with a nice forearm. AJ retaliates now and then chops away. Back and forth and then into the ring. Deep arm drag by AJ into the arm bar. Daniels to his feet and, off the ropes and AJ with another arm drag. Daniels reverses it into a head scissors, but AJ springs out and gets another arm bar. Daniels escapes but AJ with more arm drags and into another arm bar to keep Daniels on the defensive. Daniels sneaks out to his feet and AJ nails some stiff kicks. Kick to the head and AJ covers for 2. Another cover for 2. And a third for 2. Another arm bar by AJ now and Daniels is to his feet, elbows by Daniels and then forearm smashes. Arm drag by AJ and Daniels to the floor. Baseball slide by AJ and Daniels is down. AJ with a springboard cross body to Daniels on the floor! Both men are down and the ref is out to check on them. Back in and AJ goes for a springboard, but Daniels pulls the ref in front of him and he stops and then Daniels knocks him off the apron to the floor. Daniels rams him into the steel railing and then back into the ring. Boots by Daniels and then shoulder thrusts in the corner. Kicks by Daniels now and he is in control. Knees by Daniels now and AJ tries to escape, but Daniels has another knee for him that drops him. Elbow drop by Daniels and a cover for 2.

10:00 in and AJ fights back with rights, but Daniels drops him again with a shot to the ribs. Shoulder thrust as AJ comes off the ropes and then a split legged moonsault by Daniels gets 2. Off the ropes and a spinning clothesline by AJ. Clothesline by AJ and he is on fire now. Spin kick to Daniels! Asai DDT by AJ gets 2. Suplex into the neck breaker by AJ gets 2. Off the ropes and Daniels reverses but AJ with aback suplex. AJ goes up top… Daniels up as well and grabs onto AJ. AJ with rights to Daniels, AJ knocks him off…450 SPLASH by AJ EATS KNEES! Daniels is up…ANGELS WINGS! 1…2…3! Daniels is up 1-0 @ 14:26.

Daniels talks smack to AJ as he lays on the mat. Daniels with another quick cover for 2. Gut buster by Daniels. Daniels yells “SCORE BOARD” at the crowd and then opens up with rights on AJ. Elbow drop and Daniels with more celebrating. Daniels continues to work the ribs of AJ, and covers for 2. They exchange rights and forearm smashes, and AJ then gets a backdrop. Abdominal stretch by Daniels, as he continues his assault on the ribs cage of AJ. AJ tries to battle out and does with a hip toss. AJ charges but gets the hot shot by Daniels. Cover and a 2 count for Daniels. Daniels celebrates again and picks AJ up. Suplex into a gut buster by Daniels gets another 2 count. AJ reverses a back suplex and gets a handspring back elbow! Daniels to his feet and AJ with kicks to Daniels. DVD into a back breaker by AJ gets 2! AJ to the apron…Springboard forearm slash! 1…2…NO!

20:00 in now and Daniels gets the ASAI DDT! Cover by Daniels and he gets 2. BLUE THUNDA DRIVA by Daniels gets 2 again! Daniels grabs AJ and tries a suplex…AJ fights…reversals and PELE KICK by AJ! Both men are down and battle up to their feet. Forearm smashes by both now. AJ off the ropes…but Daniels with a Samoan Drop. Daniels with the BME, lands on his feet and AJ with a GERMAN! To their feet, ANGELS WINGS BY AJ 1…2…NO! AJ sets for the clash but Daniels rams him to the corner. Back suplex by Daniels reversed into a roll up for 3! It is tied 1-1 @ 24:05.

Daniels is pissed and tosses AJ to the floor. Daniels goes after him and the ref checks on AJ. Daniels grabs the X Title, says it is his and then puts it down and rams AJ to the steel post! AJ is busted wide open now! Daniels goes after him and rolls him back into the ring. Cover and a 2 count by Daniels. Vicious rights by Daniels now and he opens up AJ some more. Head butts by Daniels and AJ is down. Knee drop by Daniels and we have 3:00 left. Rights by Daniels, he then licks the blood off his hand and fires away on AJ some more. Running STO by Daniels gets 2! More head butts by Daniels and then a plethora of rights. A cover and Daniels gets 2. Angles Wings try, but AJ fights it off and Daniels clubs him down. AJ fires back again and off the ropes…FLARTLINER! KOJI CLUTCH BY DANILES! AJ fights as blood pours from his head! AJ tries to fight…he is out….and the bell rings!

Daniels thinks he has won the match and celebrates! The ref says AJ didn’t tap and Daniels grabs the house mic and says NO! He tells Dusty he wants sudden death because he had AJ beat, and not to protect AJ anymore! Dusty agrees!

Here we go again! Daniels back to work on AJ now. More rights by Daniels and AJ is down and still bleeding badly. Daniels crosses himself with the blood and gets a reverse twist of fate for 2. Daniels has AJ in the corner and sets him up top…rights by Daniels. Daniels climbs up…RANA try but AJ shoves him off! AJ flies with a RANA, rolls through and gets the CLASH…NAILS IT! 1…2…3!

Winner: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles @ 31:40 via pin: 2-1. This was a great match that totally showcased both men very well and at the time the leader for Match of the Year, as it was more substance than the Ultimate X. ****1/2

Ultimate X VII: AJ Styles © vs. Ron Killings vs. Elix Skipper vs. Christopher Daniels

4-Man tag, Styles and Skipper vs. Daniels and Killings. Then after a pin to a triple threat. After another pin or submission it is 1 on 1 in Ultimate X Rules for the title.

Elix and Killings to start. Arm bar by Elix, reversal by Killings and then a back elbow by Elix. Killings quickly up top…Missile drop kick to Elix. Running power slam to Elix and he covers, Matrix out and a butterfly suplex to Killings. Elix up top…Missile drop kick of his own. Rams Killings in the corner and a tag to AJ. AJ wants Daniels, and Killings goes to tag him and Daniels drops to the floor. AJ and Killings in and AJ off the ropes, reversal and a waist lock. AJ tries a RANA, tossed off and right hands to Killings. Off the ropes, Drop kick and now Daniels rushes in and takes AJ down. Flying forearm by Killings, and he tags Daniels. Right hands to AJ by Daniels, and a leg lariat to AJ. Covers and gets 2 as we get dueling chants for AJ and Daniels. DDT to Daniels, and a knee drop by AJ and he covers for 2. AJ off the rope sand Skipper NAILS AJ and Daniels and Elix are on the same page. Daniels covers for 2 and then locks in a rear choke on AJ. AJ escapes, off the ropes…Flat liner by Daniels. Cross face by Daniels on AJ and he tries to fight out. AJ crawls and gets the ropes. Slam to AJ and split legged moonsault by Daniels for 2. AJ and Daniels exchange right hands, and then AJ gets an Enziguri! Daniels tags Killings and AJ tags Elix. They both toss him in and Killings with right hands now. Back flip, leg split into a leaping kick by Killings. Up top now…AX KICK TO ELIX gets 2 as Daniels saves Elix! Killings now punches away on Daniels, and Daniels to the floor. AJ with a HUGE DUVE onto Daniels and they are both doen on the floor. SUDDEN DEATH TO KILLINGS right on his head and he is GONE @ 8:06.

Triple threat time now. Elix and AJ in the ring now and a rear waist lock by AJ, reversal and a German to AJ, who flips out but Elix and AJ exchange stiff kicks. Double clothesline and both men are down. Daniels up top…and he climbs the cables? He pulls himself up and sits there! GENIUS! BIGGEST MOONSUALT EVER TO AJ AND ELIX! HOLY SHIT!!!! All 3 men are down, and Daniels gets a cover on AJ and only gets 2! HUGE chants now for all 3 men. Forearm shots to AJ now, and then Elix is up and he is pissed at Daniels. Daniels tries to calm him down, and Elix seems cool with it. Daniels double crosses him and lays him out! Right hands to Elix now and AJ tries to get up off of the floor. AJ up…and knocked to the floor and hits his head. Elix with a clothesline to Daniels. Belly to belly! Right hands to Daniels now and XX HAS EXPLODED! Spinning leg lariat to Daniels and Elix is pumped up. AJ flies in and takes out Elix. Gut buster by AJ to Daniels. Right hands by AJ and he sets Danielson the top rope. They fight it out…and AJ rams his head off of the rigging. Elix is up as well now…Elix on the cables now…AJ still up there…INVERTED RANA TO AJ! Daniels flies…power bomb to Daniels! Elix kicks away at Daniels, then a reverse drop kick. AJ up on the cables…he flips around the cables…SHOOTING STAR PRESS FROM THE CABLES TO DANIELS AND ELIX! All 3 men are up and AJ with right hands to Daniels and Elix. Suplex into a neck breaker to Daniels by AJ gets 2! AJ tries the clash…super kick by Elix to AJ. Elix grabs him up…SUDDEN DEATH TO AJ! He covers and Daniels rolls Elix up and pins him @ 17:30! Daniels is a sneaky bastard!

ULTIMATE X TIME! Daniels tells Elix XXX is over with and AJ is still down. Daniels climbs up to scale the cables. AJ pulls him down, and Daniels lays him out with a clothesline. Daniels up again to try for the belt. AJ pulls him down again, and nails a back breaker on Daniels. Head butts by Daniels now, and AJ back with the PELE KICK! Both men are down and get up. They both climb. They go across the cable at the same time…and AJ kicks Daniels off. Daniels leaps and pulls AJ off though and back to the mat we go. AJ and Daniels up on the top rope now…and AJ is on the cables, he turns around but Daniels leaps at him and gets the STO OFF OF THE CABLES! Daniels pulls himself up and goes to climb again. AJ is up and trying to get up there as well. Daniels with head butts again, and then slams AJ into the rigging. Daniels climbs across, AJ follows though. Daniels is down, and grabs onto AJ and pulls him down just inches from the belt! “This is awesome chants” by the crowd. They are climbing again and go across the cables… Daniels wraps his legs around AJ and gets a THEZ PRESS off of the cables! AJ and Daniels up again…they both grab the title and fall…BUT NO BELT FOR EITHER MAN! AJ goes up again and goes across as the ref went down that last time. AJ gets the title but the ref is out. ANGELS WINGS! Daniels grabs the belt and the ref sees him with it and THAT IS IT! NEW CHAMPION!

Winner: and NEW CHAMPION Christopher Daniels @ 25:26 ***1/2 I liked that they tried to change up the match from the normal Ultimate X, but when it is only 2-guys going for the belt in this particular match it loses much of the appeal.

X-Division Xcape match: Michael Shane w/Trinity vs. Shocker vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt

This is elimination, until 2 men are left, and then they have to escape to win.

All 4 men in and I guess that is how we will roll tonight. No, Dutt and Sabin to start. Take down by Sabin, reversal by Dutt and they stand off. Lock up and off the rope, and a shoulder block to Sabin. Reversals and an arm drag by Dutt, then they try to drop kick each other and stand off. Dutt with a right hand to Sabin, SWEET tilt a whirl to Sabin by Dutt with like 4 rotations! RANA to Dutt by Sabin! Tag to Shocker by Dutt and Shane in as well. Lock up and a headlock by Shane. Off the ropes, back flip escape by Shane and a bulldog by Shocker. Chops by Shocker and then a running face jam to Shane. Tag to Dutt, and a double arm drag to Shane. Dutt in and a drop kick to Shane. Dutt tags Sabin and they boot away at Shane. Tag back to Dutt and Dutt runs up for a RANA and Sabin tosses him off onto Shane! SWEET! Dutt flap jacked into the cage by Shane! Clothesline to Dutt and Shane covers for 2. Tree of woe to Dutt and Shane chokes him with the boot. Basement dropkick by Shane and he covers for 2. Slam to Dutt and a rear choke on Dutt. Dutt fights out and to his feet. Corner whip to Shane and Dutt with a splash, but eats boots and Shane covers for 2. Dutt with a head scissors and then a tag to Sabin. Clothesline to Shane by Sabin. Shane rams Sabin into the cage and then again to Sabin! Covers and gets 2. Shane with boots to Sabin now and picks him up. Rights by Sabin now and a springboard tornado DDT! Shocker is ready to get in and tagged in. Slam to Shane and an Asai moonsault for 2! La Magisterial cradle by Shocker for 2. Boot by Shane, and he gets a head scissors on Shocker, then Sabin in with a Boston crab on Dutt who went for a choke on Shane! Dutt and Sabin go at it, kick by Sabin and RUNNING LYGER BOMB TO DUTT! TKO BY SHOCKER! Covers and Sabin out at 2! Enziguri to Shocker by Sabin! Dutt with a SICK CORKSCREW 450! Shane in and rights to Dutt. RANA blocked by Shane, and then rams him into the cage! SUPER KICK to Dutt. Shocker with a Super kick to Shane and he eliminates Dutt with a pin!

Tilt a whirl gut buster by Shocker to Shane. Shocker up top, Sabin runs up and a release belly to belly from the top! Shane picks up Sabin and sets him on top. Shane climbs up…Sabin fights and Trinity climbs up the cage! Traci is out and gets tossed off by Trinity! Trinity up top of the cage…SUPER MOONSAULT BY TRINITY TO ALL 3 MEN! DAYUM! Traci is back and tries to get in and does. She lays out Trinity and Shane tosses her to the floor. CRADLE SHOCK by Sabin on Shane and that is all for him @ 14:07.

Sabin tries to climb but is pulled back in. They both climb now and they go at it on the top rope. Shocker rammed into the cage and then they both get crotched! Shocker back up and climbs as Sabin chases. They are on the very top…and duke it out! They both go over and try to climb down Shocker rammed off the cage and falls to the floor as Sabin falls. Shocker wins!

Winner: Shocker @ 15:49 Good fun. ***1/2

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin

Lock up and chops by Joe. Sabin backs off, and then kicks away at Joe, but Joe kicks him and Sabin is down. Joe grabs him and Sabin escapes. Take down by Joe, and Sabin escapes again. Single leg takedown by Joe and Sabin escapes again. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Sabin has no effect. Dropkick by Sabin and Joe is rocked. Forearms by Sabin, off the ropes and a corner clothesline by Sabin. Tries the Cradle shock, but Joe just tosses him down. Chops by Joe and off the ropes and a LEAPING leg lariat by Joe! Head butts by Joe and off the ropes and the running knee charge of death by Joe! Face wipe and OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, OLAY! Poor Sabin, the crowd is into Joe big time. Sick kick and the high knee drop by Joe gets 2. Neck voce by Joe now, and Sabin to his feet, off the ropes and Joe levels him with a charge. Neck vice again by Joe, Sabin tries to escape and gets to his feet. Sabin escapes and Joe just slams him down. Suplex by Joe and he covers for 2. Joe with rights and chops to Sabin and he falls to the mat. Sabin with rights, starts to rock Joe. Off the roes and Joe backdrops Sabin to the apron. Slingshot dropkick by Sabin! Basement dropkick and Joe to the floor. Joe rammed to the steel railing. Back in and Sabin covers for 2. Chops by Sabin, and off the ropes and a double foot stomp to Joe’s back takes him down. Leg drop gets 2. Sabin tries the shock…can’t get him up. DRAGON SUPLEX by Joe for 2! Off the ropes and a SWANK powerslam by Joe for 2. Off the ropes, kick by Sabin. TORNADO DDT to Joe gets 2! Sabin grabs Joe, chops and off the ropes corner whip… Sabin with a top rope dive but eats a knee. Powerbomb by Joe gets 2! STF by Joe! Sabin fights…and Joe into the crossface! Sabin tries for the ropes…Joe into a half nelson variation! Sabin finally gets the ropes! Joe is PISSED! Joe picks him up and sets him up top… Sabin fights…Joe up top… Sabin slips down and gets a running LYGER BOMB for 2! Sabin is shocked. He calls for the shock…Joe up! Escape…ENZIGURI to Joe! Sabin up top…Joe kicks his legs out from under him. MUSCLE BUSTA! Chris Sabin was 23. Joe locks in the “you’re my bitch” and Sabin is out of it and the ref calls for the bell.


Winners: Samoa Joe @ 14:12 ****

AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman: Jerry Lynn special ref

Here we go. Lockup and AJ takes Waltman to the corner and they break. Lock up again and Waltman takes AJ to the corner and Lynn breaks them. Waltman talks smack and we lock up a third time. Side headlock by Waltman, off the ropes and Waltman holds on to the hold. AJ escapes Waltman uses Lynn to flip out of the hold and gets an arm drag to AJ. Test of strength and Waltman takes him down for a 1 count. Roll up reversals and a slam by AJ. Another and Waltman rolls to the floor. Lynn counts on Waltman as he takes a powder. Waltman back in and he claps for AJ. Lock up and a knee by Waltman. Chops now and off the ropes, AJ counters into an elbow. Off the ropes and a side back breaker by AJ. Waltman to the corner and a suplex to Waltman gets 2. Slam to Waltman, AJ off the ropes with the high knee drop and covers for 2. Reverse Indian death lock with a bridge by AJ. Waltman escapes. STIFF kicks by AJ and Waltman is down. Waltman counters a suplex try, but AJ with the swank dropkick to Waltman. Waltman takes a powder and AJ charges and SWEET plancha to Waltman! AJ tries to take advantage, but Waltman with a back suplex pick up and rams AJ crotch first into the steel post. AJ on the floor as Lynn counts. Waltman waits on him and AJ to the apron and in. Waltman with elbows to AJ and a snap mare, and quick leg drop for 2. Headlock by Waltman, AJ to his feet and elbows out. Off the ropes and a tilt a whirl back breaker by Waltman for 2. Chops by Waltman, and Waltman with a choke. Bronco Buster time? AJ up, grabs Waltman for the clash but Waltman escapes. Bronco Buster to AJ. Off the ropes and a spinkick by Waltman sends AJ to the floor. Waltman up top…SUICIDE SENTON FROM THE TOP TO THE FLOOR BY WALTMAN! AJ hit his head off of the steel trailing and his nose is bleeding now. Waltman charges AJ, but he tosses him into the steel post! AJ has some good blood flow form his nose, grabs Waltman and tosses him in the ring. Springboard forearm to Waltman! Clothesline as the blood pours now. Asai DDT by AJ for 2. Suplex reversed into a low blow by Waltman. Northern lights by Waltman gets 2! Waltman up top…he leaps and AJ nails him with a dropkick! Back slide by AJ, roll through, butterfly suplex into the CLASH! 1…2…NO! Waltman kicked out and AJ is amazed! AJ up top…MISSES the spiral tap! X FACTOR! 1…2…NO! Waltman says it is 3, but Lynn disagrees! Waltman to the floor and gets a chair. He wraps it around AJ’s leg! Up top…Lynn tries to stop him…and takes the chair away! Waltman talks shit to him and AJ is up, roll up and Waltman has the ropes, Lynn kicks Waltman’s feet off of the ropes and AJ jets the clash for the win!

Winner: AJ Styles @ 15:00 via pin ***1/2 It was nice to see that Waltman could still go like that.

The 411: In all honesty this is a great collection of the new X Division matches. The division has changed a lot since the days of Styles, Lynn, Red and Ki. Christopher Daniels came to the forefront, Petey Williams and Chris Sabin made their name known and Samoa Joe has entered into the mix. The division is always changing in some way, but what has stayed the same is the great matches. The X-Division is the calling card of TNA, the thing that maintains that it is different than the WWE and what makes TNA special to a lot of people. The matches range from “good” to outright excellent at times and I give the highest recommendation for TNA’s The Best of the X-Division Vol. 1.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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