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Puerto Rico Reviews: Invader #1’s Classic Matches
Posted by Armando Rodriguez on 01.15.2007

Presentation is crappy. But this looks like some sort of cheap home made project done for sale. From the main menu you can select the matches.

Invader #1 vs Roddy Piper

This is pre WWF Piper so I guess this is from the early 80’s. The footage is very crappy looking as well, but we can blame WWC cameras for that. We are JIP as Invader brawls with Piper into the ring. Piper just begs off and eats some shots and Invader even chokes him with his boot. Piper uses an eye gouge to break and heads to the top, looking for a double axe handle, but Invader catches him with a punch to the gut and a knee to the face sends Piper to the mat. Piper gets a double leg takedown and looks for a Boston Crab, but Invader holds on, so Piper wisely settles for a Figure Four Leglock. That kills some time as Invader holds on and finally turns the hold over, which Piper quickly getting to the ropes. Piper sends Invader to the ropes and looks for a clothesline, but Invader ducks under and grabs a sleeper. Piper with an eye gouge to break and they brawl on their knees. The ref signals that the time ran out and pulls them away. Of course, Piper attacks Invader from behind and bashes him head first against the ring post. We are cut as the babyfaces are taking Invader away, then we are cut back as Invader runs into the ring and brawls with Piper. Very good brawl as well. Feed ends with Piper retreating to the locker room at 6:16 shown. ½* Nothing match with a good brawl at the end.

Invader #1 vs Ronnie Garvin

Invader has the orange and black “No to Drugs” tights, which means this is late 80’s or early 90’s. We are JIP to a lockup as Garvin takes Invader to the ropes. Garvin unloads some punches and then we are CLIPPED to Garvin getting a sleeper hold. Then we are CLIPPED to Garvin getting a armbreaker while using the ropes on Invader. Garvin unloads some blows and Invader fights back with a headbutt and some chops in the corner. This all leads to Invader getting the Heart Punch for the win at 1:42 shown. Way too clipped to receive a rating. I have seen the full match and it was pretty good with the psychology being Garvin trying to incapacitate Invader’s Heart Punch arm, but this clip is way too short to amount to anything.

The Invaders vs The New Zealand Sheepherders

This would be Invaders #1 and #3 here. The ‘herders are of course, Luke Williams and Butch Miller in their brutally cool pre-Bushwhackers gimmick. The Invaders are wearing green, first time I see that. Also this is a barbed wire match and also looks like it happened in the mid to late 80’s. The entire feed is about punches, kicks and grinding in barbed wire. Nothing fancy, but the crowd is red hot and the Sheepherders are bleeding like stuck pigs. We are clipped several times to other moments in the “action” and the finish has one of the Invaders getting a victory roll for the win at 3:34 shown. ¼* Criminally short and the minutes shown where not much fun.

Invader #1 vs Jason the Terrible

This would be the Canadian version of Jason….Karl Moffat was his name? This is clearly mid 90’s since lightning and production values had improved dramatically and so does the quality of the feed. This is a No Ring Match. Jason has lost the hockey mask as we are JIP to Invader beating him down. Both men are bleeding as well. Jason makes the comeback and pulls a piece of rope from his jacket. He whips Invader with it and chokes him for a while. We are CLIPPED to Invader making the comeback. Now it is Invader’s turn to choke him with the rope and so on. The match continues until we are CLIPPED to Invader nailing the Heart Punch for the win at 2:20 shown. Another classic brawl that was chopped to boring bits. ¼*

Invader #1 vs Paul LeDuc

If I am not mistaken this is from 1999-2000 when Paul came to the island to avenge his father who died of heart problems “from the many heart punches he took from Invader” some years before. We are JIP to a brawl around ringside. This is falls count anywhere. LeDuc has a good flow of blood going. Nothing more than clips of the match with several objects being used and the feed dies at 1:48 without an official result. Blah!

Invader #1 vs Bruiser Brody

Nice strategy. Kill a man and then use his name to sell DVD’s. Obviously this is from the 80’s before the stabbing incident. Invader attacks as soon as Brody hits the ring and it spills to ringside. Brody makes the comeback and stomps Invader down, then chokes him with the cables. Brody bodyslams Invader on the floor and stomps him some more. Invader makes the comeback and whips Brody with the cables, then chokes him. Crowd is HOT! They return to the ring as Invader smashes Brody’s face against the mat, before Brody makes the comeback. Brody goes up top and tries a double axe handle, but Invader cuts him off with a punch and the brawl heats up again. Brody with a whip and a big boot to knock Invader down. Brody with a second rope kick to the head. Cover gets two. Brody now with a running Legdrop for another two count. Invader makes the comeback and grabs a sleeper. Brody fights out and the brawl heats up. Both men take the ref out accidentally and he calls for the DQ at 5:31 shown. Then we get two more minutes of brawling around ringside. *1/2 I just love Brody brawls.

Invader #1 vs Abdullah the Butcher

Abdullah had injured Invader’s brother Maelo Huertas before to set this match. Carlos Colon is your special referee. Invader comes in a house on fire on Abdullah and just beats the shit out of him. A whip sets up the heart punch and it connects 24 seconds into the match! Abdullah holds on for dear life and a chop puts him down and gets a near fall as Abdullah grabs the bottom rope and becomes the first man to survive the heart punch. Invader just continues to beat the stuffing out of Abdullah, just…wow. Abby gets back on his feet, but a double throat chop puts him back down and he continues to eat shot after shot. This goes on forever, this has to be the biggest beating someone has EVER given Abdullah. CLIPPED as Abby is back on his feet. He is too busy covering his chest to prevent a second heart punch, so he just eats shot after shot and falls back down, where he is nailed some more and covered for two. More punishment for Abby and he gets his first offensive move at 5:15 when he blocks a top rope punch and counters with a throat trust. That doesn’t last long as Invader just pummels him some more and gets another near fall. Abby tries to escape, but impartial referee Carlos Colon rolls him back in so he eats more punishment. Invader actually suplexes Abby for a near fall. Abby gets his second offensive move, a powerful punch that knocks Invader down and allows Chicky Starr to sneak a foreign object into the ring. Of course, it is the fork and Abby goes crazy on Invader and Carlos for the DQ at 8:02. Invader #3 and the Rock and Roll RPM’s rush into the ring and Abby is given a group beating until he leaves. If you want to see Abby lay on the mat like a sack of shit and get pummeled, this is the match for you. **

Invader #1 vs El Vikingo

This is a Fire Match, which the WWE would go on to name Inferno match. Vikingo was a wrestler here, so this has to be very early 80’s. Plus, the ring apron still reads NWA. The smoke makes it hard to see and there is no commentary. They just brawl a little and Vikingo takes over. They kill some time as Vikingo tries to put Invader’s face on the fire. Invader makes the comeback with a mule kick low blow and now he puts Vikingo on the fire a little. Invader ducks under a round house blow and dropkicks Vikingo into the fire, followed by a schoolboy roll-up for the win at 2:31. Well, that was there. ¼*

Invader #1 vs Ron Starr

This two had quite the feud going for a long time. Once again, this is early 80’s since the apron reads NWA. JIP as they brawl outside the ring. Invader tosses Starr against the barrier and we are CLIPPED to a brawl in the stands. A big mess in the crowd and you cant tell what is going on. CLIPPED to more ringside brawling. Invader just chases Starr around with a leather belt and finally they hit the ring where we are CLIPPED to both men brawling on their knees. They trade shots and both men go down and the feed dies at 1:46 without the finish. Bah!

Invader #1 vs Super Black Ninja

Ninja would be a very young Keiji Mutoh and this is late 80’s I guess. A very bloody Invader is dragged from ring post to ring post and to the crowd barriers by Ninja, who then drops a pair of chairs on his head. He then smacks him with a wooden chair and tells him to get up just to be a dick. I love Mutoh! Then he starts punching and kicking him on the floor. Then karate chops to the bloody head! CLIPPED to Invader making his comeback inside the ring with chops and punches. Invader tosses Mutoh outside who is bleeding too. Mutoh eats a chair shot and then is tossed against the announcers table, the crowd barrier and eats more chair shots. Back in the ring now as Invader continues to tee off on Mutoh. Mutoh chokes Invader with a shirt and then we are CLIPPED to more brawling outside. CLIPPED to more brawling in the ring. CLIPPED to Mutoh getting Profe’s briefcase and trying to knock Invader with it, but Invader kicks him in the gut, steals the briefcase and bashes him with it for the win at 3:42 shown. Very intense three minutes and now I really want to see the whole match. **

Invader #1 vs Ric Flair

This is from the ’86 Anniversary Show if I am not mistaken. The screen is down to about 1/8 of it’s size, don’t know why or how. The feed also sucks. This is very clipped and we get a peek at some neat exchanges. CLIPPED to Invader reversing a hip toss and getting a bodyslam. CLIPPED to a brawl as Invader dominates and sends Flair into the corner and back for a Back Bodydrop as Flair begs off. Invader now with the chops and one puts Flair outside. CLIPPED to Invader suplexing Flair back in for a two count. More brawling and then clipped to Invader doing the ten punches in the corner, but Flair counters out into an Inverted Atomic Drop…well, no, Invader blocks that and chops Flair down. That gets two. Flair rolls to the apron and then sunset flips Invader, but he hangs on and punches his way out of that. More brawling and the feed dies at 4:03 without a winner shown. BLAH!!! What was shown was good and I would really like to find the full match. *1/2

Invader #1 vs Fatu

Fatu would go on to be Rikishi. This is from the 90’s. Fatu is very slim here. Wow, the difference is amazing. JIP as they lock up and Fatu dominates with a chop. Bodyslam and he goes for an elbowdrop, but Invader moves. CLIPPED as Invader gets a super punch and sends Fatu outside. CLIPPED to Fatu going up top, but Invader catches him and sends him flying. CLIPPED to brawling. Invader ducks under a clothesline and gets the Heart Punch! The other Wild Samoan(Tama I think) runs in with a chair to prevent the pinfall and the ref calls for the DQ at 1:20 shown. Seems that it was a decent match.

Invader #1 vs TNT

This looks like early 90’s. TNT is off course, Savio Vega, who was the best worker in the entire WWC around this point and off course, got to stay buried under Carlos Colon and Invader. He had a short WWC Universal Title run and some feuds with the big boys, but was never considered at the same level. Too bad the then WWF signed him after his best years had already passed. The Savio Vega you saw in the WWF is a shadow of what he could really do. We start as the bell rings and they do some neat exchanges, including Invader getting a series of hip tosses. CLIPPED to TNT breaking free of a hammerlock and getting a shoulder tackle to drop Invader. They criss cross and TNT gets a sunset flip for two. CLIPPED to TNT holding an arm bar. Invader hip tosses him out and then dropkicks him outside. Invader with a Torpedo to the outside! Man, I almost forgot Invader could wrestle when we wanted to. A staredown happens outside the ring between TNT and the rest of the face locker room. CLIPPED back to the ring as Invader gets a clothesline for a near fall. TNT whips Invader to the corner and Invader “springs” back with a crossbody from the second rope. TNT falls on top however, and uses the ropes to get the pin at 2:39 shown. Looked like it was a good match in full. This two always had good chemistry up to modern days and Invader shows a lot of respect for Savio here since this is the only match shown in which he losses in the entire DVD.

Invader #1 and Carlos Colon vs The Texas Hangmen

The Hangmen are Psycho and Killer and they had a run in the AWA. This looks like early 90’s as well. JIP as the faces smartly isolate one of the heels and work his arm. They even do reverse cheating as the other Hangman tried to come in and they switch places without tagging. CLIPPED to one of the Hangmen escaping the punishment with an elbow to the face and gets a shoulder tackle, before Invader hip tosses him and goes back to the arm. CLIPPED to the heels isolating Carlos in the corner. That goes on for a while. CLIPPED to Invader coming in to clean house and the Pier 6 Brawl erupts. The faces try to whip the heels into each other, but one of the heels reverses on Invader. Invader avoids the collision by getting a victory roll as Carlos holds the other Hangman back and this gets the pinfall at 2:44 shown. Then we get a hot angle as the Hangmen dispose of Carlos and start to hang Invader while Profe and the heel locker room hold the faces at bay. Invader starts to spew white matter from his mouth until TNT turns on the heels and makes the save. HOT angle at the time and it signified TNT’s first push as a big face for the promotion. Worth watching for the angle alone. *

Invader #1 vs Bruiser Brody

Another 80’s brawl between the two. We begin with an Invader promo I can barely understand. Then they show some footage of Brody injuring Invader’s brother Maelo Huertas. Man, that guy was injured by a lot of people in order to build them up for Invader. The footage shows Brody dismantling an already bloody Maelo before Invader makes the save. Then we return for the promo and Invader is all on hype mode for their next fight. The match begins as Invader comes into the ring and brawls with Brody. Brody takes over with a bodyslam and a chop to the head from the top rope. He gets a near fall. Whip and big boot from Brody to Invader. Brody tosses Invader outside and beats him against the ring barrier, the ringpost and with a chair as well. They kill some time as Invader tries to get back in and Brody keeps him outside with stomps and kicks. Invader finally makes it back in and they brawl. Now Invader gets a low blow kick and sends Brody outside. Invader takes Brody around bashing him against the ring barriers and the post. Both men are bleeding heavy and they head back in for another intense brawl. Just punches, chops, kicks and biting, but it is all so intense and believable I don’t care. Brody finally gets a boot to the chest to down Invader and get a breather. Invader comes back and both men end up outside where Invader uses a chair to bash Brody around. They brawl into the crowd and you can barely see them anymore. I see a chair and it whacking Brody so I guess that is Invader. The brawl continues until Brody reaches the locker room and escapes. Invader is carried by the fans as the feed ends with a No Contest at 8:58. Just another wild and intense brawl. **1/2

Invader #1 vs Carlos Colon

This is for the Universal Title. Both men where showing shades of grey as they fight for control of the babyface locker room. I have seen the full match and it is one of the few in Puerto Rico I give 5 stars. But this is a clipped version. JIP as Carlos and Invader trade blows. CLIPPED to Carlos dominating a brawl and working the leg in preparation for the figure four. CLIPPED to Carlos taking Invader down and locking some sort of leglock. A resthold it looks like. CLIPPED to Carlos still holding Invader on the hold. We are CLIPPED like three times to small brawls. CLIPPED to Carlos twisting Invader’s mask sideways and punching him. He continues the assault until Invader just takes his mask off and they square off and brawl again. Carlos wins that one with a trademark jumping headbutt. That gets two. Carlos now locks a sleeper and we are CLIPPED to Invader missing a blind charge and Carlos getting a Back Suplex with a bridge for two. CLIPPED to both men brawling on their knees. They get back to their feet and Invader gets a Back Suplex with a bridge for two. CLIPPED to Invader sending Carlos outside. CLIPPED to a brawl at ringside as a bloody Carlos Colon beats Invader against the ring post and bites him as Invader starts to bleed as well. CLIPPED to the ring where Invader gets a low blow, then CLIPPED to Carlos working the leg. CLIPPED as Carlos goes for the figure four, but Invader shoves him out and he takes out the referee. Carlos locks the figure four and Invader holds on for dear life, but there is no ref. CLIPPED to another brawling segment. CLIPPED to Invader getting the Heart Punch out of the corner and getting the pinfall win at 4:31 shown. Just a bunch of clips. *

The 411: The historical footage shows much of Invader’s career in WWC, but the matches are mostly a collection of clips and leaves you wanting more. Also they don’t follow any chronological order. I say this is worth having if you want some insight into Puerto Rican Wrestling, but this is not worth $20. Thumbs slightly down for Invader #1 Classic Matches.
Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend


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