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The Magnus Analysis - NWA Wildside TV 8/27/2004
Posted by Magnus Donaldson on 12.20.2007

I'm sure all indy fans will have heard of this promotion at some point. NWA Wildside was a small time indy promotion associated with WCW before it's closure, and it used a mix of local talent and upcoming wrestler on the indy scene in what you could call a more old-school style wrestling show. While you would have the occasional blowaway match, the focus was more on feuds than on amazing ring action. I* loved NWA Wildside, and finally managed to track down this episode, one of my all time favourite editions of Wildside TV.

Your commentators on this event are Scott Hudson and Steven Prazak (no relation of Dave). They call the action decently enough but

We start the show off with Scott and Steve recapping last week's edition of NWA Wildside TV and what we can expect this week.

Al Getz cuts a promo with Pomp and Circumstance talking about the corporate re-structuring of his stable, Al Getz Enterprises. He talks about his team Pomp and Circumstance climbing the tag team rankings. Pomp and Circumstance then talk about them being the new guys in NWA Wildside and that they have a point to prove against The God Squad to show what they have to offer Al Getz.

Match 1
The God Squad (Gabriel and Altar Boy Luke) vs Pomp and Circumstance (Ace Rockwell and Shaun Tempers) w/Al Getz
Gabriel used to team with Azreal in a highly successful indy tag team, while you may have seen Altar Boy Luke as Luke Hawk in WSX. Pomp and Circumstance have wrestled in IWA Mid South on several occasions. This match was solid, with Gabriel and Luke wrestling a fast paced, high flying style. Pomp and Circumstance gain control as we head to a break

[Commercial Break]

When we return, Pomp and Circumstance have isolated Gabriel and are working over his leg, and put all the usual heel tactics to use with Al Getz getting involved on several occasions. Altar Boy Luke gets the hot tag and he cleans house with some quick, high impact moves. Pomp and Circumstance waste a chance to pin Gabriel, who fights back, and this leads to The God Squad getting the win with a Double Stomp-Jig N'Tonic combo. Solid TV match overall- **1/4

The God Squad cut a promo talking about their victory and how they want the NWA Wildside Tag Team Titles, and that they will face anyone who thinks they can beat them to prove themselves.

Match 2
Bio-Hazard vs 'The Feature Presentation' Jeff Lewis w/Al Getz
Bio-Hazard is the same wrestler who competed in Ring Of Honor, and had a match recently in IWA-MS with Roderick Strong. Lewis is an NWA Wildside regular but has not gone anywhere else. This match was fairly decent, mainly technical wrestling with Bio-Hazard using the occasional high impact move and strikes. Jeff Lewis worked over Bio-Hazard's back for the majority of this short match, and cheated at every opportunity. We head to a commercial break again

[Commercial Break]

We return with Lewis still in control, but not for long as Bio-Hazard fights back. But he is quickly attacked by the Urban Assault Squad (Shadow and Nemesis) causing the DQ. Decent enough match while it lasted- **

The Urban Assault Squad beatdown Bio-Hazard, who they are feuding with after he helped fellow wrestler Silo Storm in a tag match. Silo Storm heads to the ring for the save but they beat him down too. They then hang Silo Storm over the top rope as the referee's try to save him, and they then celebrate it. This was a good segment to put over this feud.

The Urban Assault Squad cut a promo, saying that Silo Storm has lost five times to them but keeps coming back, and he then wittily calls Biohazard 'Bi-Sexual' and cracks up at it. He then tells them both to stay down.

Match 3
No DQ, Street Fight- Jay Fury and 'Nitro' Nick Halen vs Alabama Attitude
This is the same Jay Fury who wrestled in FIP and ROH. It was matches like this that got him noticed: an excellent match to end this feud. Alabama Attitude were a team that I was never that big a fan of, but the beating they took in this match gave me a lot of respect for them, as they took shot after shot with weapons for the whole match and kept coming back. Nick Halen at one point smashed a chair HARD over one of the Alabama Attitude members. Spot of the match had to be when Alabama Attitude setup a Double run with the ladder into Jay Fury, but Jay Fury Jaytrixes under the ladder, backflips off the top rope over them, then Nick Halen Dropkicks the ladder in their faces, and the crowd goes crazy. They then win the match on one of the Alabama Attitude members with a Double Hip Toss through a table onto his partner. Fantastic, innovative match and absolutely must see for Wildside fans. And it wasn't even the best match of the night- ***1/2

Jeremy V talks about how he has had Jason Cross where he wanted him time and time again but there was always interference that stopped him from winning the belt. However he says that tonight is his final opportunity and he promises he will come away with the belt.

Match 4
NWA Television Title Match- 'The Role Model' Jason Cross (c) w/Jeff G Bailey vs Jeremy V
Going into this match, these two had been feuding over the belt with Cross getting cheap victories, and this is the payoff for Jeremy V. Think of Jeremy V as a more technical, ground based version of Matt Sydal with long hair, and I'm sure you'll be familiar with Jason Cross from his TNA appearances. This match was simply amazing, one of the best in Wildside history, that told a great story. Jeremy V threw everything he could at Jason Cross, and Cross took everything and made Jeremy V look like Superman. At the same time Cross at times just brutalised Jeremy V with high impact offense, working on Jeremy V's neck which is weak due to injuries suffered their in the past, but he refused to stay down and fought back again and again, getting the crowd more and more into it, thinking a title change could happen. After Jason Cross hat his finisher, the Best Damn Brainbuster In North America, Jeremy V kicked out, then Jeremy V hat the VDT and almost got three. Jeff G Bailey interfered but got nailed by Jeremy V, then Cross got a rollup with the trunks, but Jeremy V still kicked out. Jeremy V then fought back, and hat the VKO and VDT combo, and finally got three as the crowd goes crazy. It wasn't the most flashy match that you'll ever see, but in terms of entertainment it was brilliant. A must see match- ****

Jeremy V then celebrates with the belt as we go off the air

The 411: Well, it easy to see why this is one of the best Wildside TV episodes in the promotions history. You have an amazing blowoff main event, a strong street fight and two solid undercard matches, with great booking and lots of build to future events. WWE could learn something from this. If you ever get the chance to see this, then do so. Highly recommended.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.9   [ Very Good ]  legend


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