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The Burning Hammer Video Review: RoH Bloodstained Honor
Posted by Chris Lansdell on 09.02.2008

Ring of Honor: Bloodstained Honor
A look at the bloodiest matches in RoH

Ring of Honor has traditionally been known as a promotion that emphasizes the pure wrestling side of the business, as opposed to the entertainment side or the hardcore side. However, they can go hardcore when the situation warrants, as shown by this DVD. Without further ado, let us plunge in. BANNER!

  • Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard. Prazak looks like a chubbier Kevin Thorn with the black suit and red tie.

  • Match 1: Jay Briscoe vs Samoa Joe - Steel Cage Match for the RoH Championship

    From At Our Best, March 13 2004 in Elizabeth NJ, home of Jay Lethal.

    Boo, no entrances. Briscoe looks about 12 and very different with no tattoos and a beard of sorts. Joe looks fatter.

    Briscoe tries to escape early but gets hip tossed halfway across the ring. Headbutts to the wrist by Joe, a pair of Japanese armdrags and then just rams Briscoe's arm onto the mat. Shots by Joe, Briscoe with a drop toehold followed by a dash for the door (God, I can see Russo making a cage match gauntlet with that name), Joe waistlocks him to prevent the escape. Blows to the back of Joe by Briscoe, than a big Japanese Legitimate Businessman's Kick ($1 to Al Snow). Jay passes up the chance to go out the door, saying "I got 'im". That won't come back to haunt him at ALL. Chops by Briscoe, a snap suplex and Joe starts to come back with chops and slaps. Briscoe ducks a clothesline and tries to go through the door, Joe grabs his leg. Enziguiri attempt by Jay is ducked, BIG german by Joe. Joe slings Briscoe over one shoulder and runs him into the cage wall, then the opposite wall. He heads for the door, but instead of escaping he unties the pad from the bottom turnbuckle. Funny, I thought WINNING was normally the idea. Oh, my bad, he was just after the chain that attached something to something else, and uses it to lock the door. WOW, Jay has bladed and looks to have caught a gusher. Chop-Kick-Kneedrop by Joe gets 2. Remembering that he is having spaghetti for dinner, Joe decides to grate him some Briscoe Forehead Parmesan on the cage. Shots to the wound, and Joe wipes the blood on his mouth. Where are the "YOU SICK FUCK!" chants? Briscoe is HURLED into the cage so hard it buckles but does not break. More grating now, and Briscoe looks bad. Facewash, running boot in the corner! Joe's leg and boot are covered in blood. The crowd want the Olé kick...and they get it! Briscoe doesn't know if he's in Sudan or a sedan. Joe helps him up, then puts poor Jay over his shoulder again, possibly for some lawn dart action...Briscoe escapes! Two HUGE kicks to the jaw and Joe is down! Briscoe climbs the corner, having done a bladejob that Flair would be proud of, Joe is up behind him, shots to the back and FUCK A DUCK SIDEWAYS back suplex off the top, and tight on the back of Jay's head. Joe covers...and only gets 2! Repeated shots in the corner to Jay, whip and Joe charges into Briscoe's boot. Belly to back by Jay, who tries to escape again but Joe is right on top with him. They slug it out and Jay hits an RKO from the top! Both men up and slugging it out in the middle of the ring, Jay gets control and runs to the ropes, Joe blocks and applies a full nelson. Low blow by Jay and a stiff lariat! Jay can't have much blood left, it is EVERYWHERE. Jay tries to escape again, Joe up with him. Chop battle on the top! Front kick by Jay, Joe falls but Briscoe can't hold on and falls with him. Both men up again, enziguiri by Joe and Jay is between the ropes and the cage. He backs off...Olé kick! Jay's head bounced off the cage. Ouch. Joe backs off again, but Mark on the outside is pulling the cage wall open!!! Joe broke it with the force of the Olé, and now Jay is trying to escape! Joe comes charging back and grabs Jay's leg, then hits a powerbomb for 2, into the STF! Jay's arm drops twice, Joe is covered in Briscoe blood. Jay makes it to...the ropes? Whatever. Joe pulls Jay up, repeated knee strikes to the head, followed by numerous slaps to the face. Joe runs the ropes right into an enziguiri by Jay! JAY DRILLER! Briscoe is too hurt to capitalise, his brother is trying to climb the cage. AJ Styles is out! He grabs Mark off the cage...STYLES CLASH ON THE FLOOR! That's gonna leave a mark. Get it? Oh shut up. Jay is looking to go over the top after AJ, Joe has him on the top rope...no way. NO WAY! MUSCLE FUCKING BUSTER FROM THE TOP! Forget it.

    Winner: Samoa Joe by pinfall (Super Muscle Buster)
    Rating: ***3/4 It was stiff, it was bloody, it had some nice spots, but there was too much disbelief to suspend, and the distraction finish hurt the final product. Jay Briscoe definitely caught a gusher as he was spraying more than Cytherea, and it provided some really cool visuals.

  • Second City Saints (CM Punk and Ace Steel) vs. The Prophecy (BJ Whitmer and Dan Maff)
    From Death before Dishonor 2, Night 2, July 24 2004.

    These two stables hated each other. Punk looks really, REALLY strange with blonde hair and street clothes. Maff, for those not familiar, is a big half-black dude who uses a Burning Hammer. I am a big half-black dude who sues a Burning Hammer. Therefore he rules.

    We start with The Prophecy on the outside and the Saints inside, keeping the Prophecy out of the ring. Eventually Maff and Whitmer drag the Saints outside and the beatery commences. Whitmer takes Punk to the barricade, then does the same to Steel. Maff and Whitmer with Steel in the ring and they start going to work. Whitmer kicks Punk to the outside a couple of times, he dodges the third and drags Whitmer outside. Punk in now and lays in some shots to Maff. They play tennis with poor old Dan, which Ace Steel wins. Double backdrop by the Saints to Maff, Whitmer tries to come off the top onto them but Punk catches him and takes him over in a T-Bone! DAMN right on his head! Steel throws Whitmer to the outside, Punk up top and dives onto Maff. Even the Chicago judge only gave it a 4. Ace Steel charges for the tope con CHAIR TO THE HEAD BY WHITMER! Damn he caught him good. That's Motrin pain. Punk whips Maff, reversed and Punk goes into Whitmer's chair. Boy that Maff is a beefy muthafucker. Maff takes Steel to the barricade, and a second time. Whitmer is choking out Punk. The Saints are rolled into the ring and The Prophecy remove their belts. SWEET JESUS those shots are cracking like Tammi Faye Bakker's makeup! BAH GAWD HE WHIPPED 'IM LIKE A GUVVAMINT MULE! Belt clothesline to Steel by Whitmer. Hey, neat! Punk is busted open, and he's turning blue while Maff chokes him, so he looks like the Pepsi logo! I don't suppose he sees the irony, he's probably too busy trying to, you know, breathe. Maff whips Punk to the corner and charges...right into Punk's foot. Whitmer whips Steel again, then prevents Punk from whipping Maff with a stiff kick. Steel has a belt now and clotheslines Whitmer with it. 10 count punches in the corner to Maff. Whitmer ducks a Punk clothesline and hits a back elbow, then throws Punk to the floor. Steel throws Maff to the floor and here we go again. Steel is also busted open. Right now he's introducing Maff's head to the barricades. Whitmer has a table, but Steel slams him head first into the barricade as well. Both guys take turns propelling Maff's forehead into the barricade, unprotected. Wow that's gonna suck. Punk hops the barricade and goes back a few rows, then comes flying over and into Maff. Not bad, but a bit contrived. Punk throws Maff into the ring, and gets a ladder. Steel beats on Maff in the ring while Punk fetches a chair. Table, ladder and chair in the ring now. Punk holds the chair in front of Maff's face and Ace dropkicks it. Oh man, they stick Maff's head between the ladder and Steel just WAFFLES the ladder with a chair!
    Facewash to Whitmer by Punk! 3 times! Maff is trying to clear his head, the table is set up in the ring...wow, never seen that before, they are using the edge of the table to choke BJ! Ace holds the chair over BJ's face...Punk has the ladder and SLIDES IT OVER THE TABLE INTO THE CHAIR! Where do they come up with this stuff? Holy Shit indeed, Chicago. Ooooh Whitmer's face is crimson, like he's wearing a mask. They should come up with a saying for that. Punk whips him for good measure while Ace digs the belt buckle into Maff's head. I get the feeling these gentlemen do not like each other. Punk has a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire! HARDCORE HO!!! Enough about Lita. He fakes hitting BJ on the head, he covers up so Punk settles for the arm. "HOOOOOOOOOO!" - Chicago. Maff in, Punk catches him in the gut then over the back with the weapon. Steel drags him up and holds him as Punk cocks the plank back...low blow to Steel by Maff! BJ holds the 2x4 from behind, and aff hits a low blow in Punk! 2x4-assisted Russian leg sweep by BJ!! Sick. OH GOD DAMN! Shot to the groin with the barbed-wire 2x4! CM now stands for Cock Mashed. Ah, THERE'S the "You sick fuck!" chants. Ace Steel gets the same treatment! Maff to the outside to retrieve the barbed-wire-covered board, they tease Punk and BJ suplexing the other into it. They fight to the corner, BJ perches Punk on the second rope and repositions the board. Punk locks him up and goes for the tornado DDT into the board! REVERSED and Punk lands chest-first on the barbed wire! As if that didn't suck enough, BJ sets for the Exploder...Ace Steel in to break it up. Steel goes to suplex Whitmer into the board, but Maff moves it. Maff clears out Ace Steel and props the barbed wire board in the corner. Whitmer whips Punk towards Maff, Punk puts on the brakes and kicks Maff in the chest. Whitmer charges, Punk sidesteps and Whitmer and Maff collide, right in front of the board. Forearms by Punk, a roaring elbow but Maff refuses to go into the board. Punk to the ropes but BJ creams him with a tackle. Maff with another whip, Punk AGAIN stops himself but appears to have his leg caught in the barbed wire...HOLY FUCK! Cannonball attack from Maff to Punk and into the barbed wire!!!! Jesus, Punk is hooked up in there. Ace Steel is alive! He props up the board and LAUNCHES Maff into it! Tiger Driver gets 2 and a half. Brief lull in the action as all four men now have chairs. Whitmer tells Ace when he met him, he was but the learner but now HE is the master. Ace says he is only the master of evil but then the Saints take a STIFF ASS shot unprotected to the head! Concussion city. Punk and Steel with a shot of their own! Not nearly as stiff. Whitmer and Maff give each other a chop then WAFFLE the Saints again! Punk and Steel sag into the ropes but stay largely vertical. FIGHTING SPIRIT! WHAM!!!!! Punk breaks his chair over Maff's head, and Steel leaves his around Whitmer's neck!!! Chairs being thrown into the ring!!! The poor ref is covering up, he's the only one in there. I hope this was the main or everyone's going to be standing the rest of the night. All four men back in and they just start beating on each other, ignoring the chairs. FUCK ME! Half nelson suplex by Maff. Punk is up! GERMAN by Punk! Punk and Whitmer in the ring, Maff is annihilating Steel with a ladder on the outside. He places the ladder across the barricades in the entrance way and puts Steel on top of it, about a third of the way up the entrance. Oh good sweet Jesus, Whitmer is up top. No WAY he can leap that far. Punk stops him and throws him down onto the chairs! Steel rams the ladder into Maff, then places HIM on the ladder. Punk up top now! HE BROKE HIM IN HALF! Punk undershot the jump and hit rib-first onto the ladder. Let's go to Blaccu-Weather Meteorologist Ollie Williams to get his thoughts. Ollie?


    Thanks Ollie. Now this! Steel with another huge chair shot to Whitmer, then puts him on the table. Steel up top now, but BJ is up and goes up top with Ace. Steel blocks the Exploder, they fight some more...what in the world is Ace doing? NO! NO WAY! SUPER TOMBSTONE THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whitmer is dead, there's the 3.

    Winners: The Second City Saints by pinfall (Steel on Whitmer, Super Tombstone through the table)
    Rating: **** They did some crazy stuff in this match, and it wasn't just for the sake of doing crazy stuff as the two teams had been feuding for a long time. The finish was nuts. Without trying to sound like the overcritical douchebag who always finds a fault, the pacing was a bit off and there were stretches of the match where literally nothing was happening. Things like those ridiculous chair sots made up for that though. Damn fine effort.

  • Jimmy Rave vs CM Punk - Dog Collar Match
    From Manhattan Mayhem, May 7 2005

    TNA fans may not be aware that Jimmy Rave was at one time the most over heel in RoH. He also had a blood feud with CM Punk which included Rave trying to remove Punk's tattoos with a cheese grater. And I thought the Japanese were crazy.

    Rave jumps CM Punk from behind early and beats Punk down before Rave can be clipped to the chain. Ref Sinclair finally gets Rave attached to the chain and Punk uses the time to recuperate enough to nail Rave in the gut with the chain. Russian leg sweep by Punk and a GARVIN STOMP! Mark out. Basement dropkick to the back of Rave's head, then Punk chokes Rave in the corner with the chain. Rave tied to the Tree of Woe as Punk comes charging in with consecutive knees. Punk goes to the crowd for a chair, but Rave with an innovative use of the chain to drag Punk into the post and chair. Punks is already bleeding. Rave takes Punk to the barricade, then digs the chain into the cut on Punk's head. Rave throws Punk back into the ring and just tears at Punk's head. Punk tries to fight back but he runs into a clothesline. Rave hooks the chain into Punk's mouth and pulls back on it, CURB STOMP by Rave gets 2. See Burchill, that's how it's supposed to look. Rave sets for the Rave Clash, Punk struggles to fight it and manages to hold onto the ropes. Punk kicks Rave down, Shining Wizard by Punk! Punk's face is a mess. Punk pulls on the chain to bring Rave over and just knocks him down. Clothesline by Punk, than a back heel kick. Rave ducks a clothesline but eats a superkick. Probably would have been better off taking that clothesline, Jimmy. 2 count for Punk. Punk tries a powerbomb, Rave with punches to the head of Punk to escape. Tilt-a-whirl and Rave hits From Dusk til Dawn! Crossface with the chain in Punk's mouth! Bet that doesn't tickle. Jimmy goes for Ghana-rea, countered, Punk goes for Welcome to Chicago, Rave blocks it with a body drop. Running knee strike from Rave...no! Punk holds the leg and rolls through into the single leg crab! Nice spot. Prince Nana is up on the apron, Punk goes to remonstrate with him which gives Rave a chance to crotch Punk with the chain. We're seeing some great chain wrestling in this match. Sorry. Running knee strike gets 2 for Rave. Punk's face is now totally red. Rave drags Punk to the corner and sets for the Pepsi Plunge, Punk blocks and backdrops Rave from the top! Power bomb by Punk. then another, than a third, he holds on and gets 2 then turns it into the Anaconda Vise! The Embassy take it in turns to get on the apron and get knocked down. Pepsi Twist by Punk gets 2 before Fast Eddie comes off the top with a moonsault, Punk moves and Eddie hits Rave. Running Tornado DDT to Killer Cruel! Nana is in, Punk blocks the attack but Jade Chung jumps on Punk's back with a sleeper. Nice view, toots. Punk flips her over but Rave blasts him in the back of the head with a chair. Rave just wears Punk out with 6 SICK chair shots and gets the pin.

    Winner: Jimmy Rave by pinfall (barrage of chair shots)
    Rating: **½ Yeah, I couldn't go any higher on this. The match was going well until the Embassy clusterfuck finish, and I hate clusterfuck finishes unless they involve me and the female cast of Cruel Intentions. There weren't even any awesome spots in this one to push it over **½, which is unusual given who was in the match.

  • The Embassy (Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, Abyss and Prince Nana) vs Generation Next (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jack Evans and Matt Sydal)
    From Steel Cage Warfare, December 3 2005.

    These two factions hate each other with the fire of a thousand suns, and Shelley leaving Generation Next and joining The Embassy helped only to fuel the fire. We're starting with Rave and Aries, I can only presume the others will join at intervals.

    Rave tries to escape early, and each time Aries cuts him off. According to Manhattan, young Jimmy is partial to globes. Rave gets away from Aries long enough to get to the floor, which apparently doesn't end the match. Weird, but whatever. We spend some time with Aries chasing Rave around the ring and hitting some punches occasionally. Aries throws Rave into the ring, he tries to climb over the top again but Aries dropkicks his feet and Jimmy crotches himself. on the top rope. Jimmy Soprano! We get some explanation of the rules: These two will start, after 5 minutes an Embassy member will enter, then after 5 more a Gen Next member, and so on. Jimmy meanwhile is having a really lousy time, getting his crotch area bounced on the top rope by Aries, who climbs to the top and comes down on the head of Rave with a forearm. Aries mounts Rave and lays in the fists, he tries to take Rave to the cage but Rave blocks and takes control. Whip reversed by Aries, back drop. Stomps in the corner to Rave. He asks Manhattan if he should give Rave some Mercy. No prizes for guessing the answer to that one. Aries backs off, charges into Rave who moves but Aries prevents the collision with the turnbuckle and stays on Rave.10 seconds til the next Embassy member, and it's Alex Shelley. Aries meets him with a dropkick as Shelley tries to enter, then when he does get in the ring whips him to the corner and hits a back drop. Aries has a chair now but Shelley with a kick to the cut before the chair gets used. Chinbreaker by Aries, but Rave is back up and starts attacking Aries. Embassy with the double team on Aries, they try a double whip but Aries leaps to the second rope and comes back off with a back elbow to both men! Nice. Rave goes face-first into the cage! The same for Shelley! Body slam to Shelley, Finlay Roll to Rave onto Shelley then Aries goes up top for the 450. Rave is up though and slams him halfway across the ring. The Embassy set and hit a nice spear/clothesline combo on Aries. Stomps to Aries from both Embassy members, now a double team camel clutch with Rave applying it to Aries and Shelley pulling Rave back to increase the pressure. That doesn't work, so Rave keeps the Clutch on while Shelley makes do with dropkicking Aries in the face. Both men pin Aries for 2. They try again, another 2.1 minute until presumably Roderick Strong. Double whip to Aries who hits the corner hard. Lots of stalling early on, but with 5 more guys we're getting at least another 25 minutes. Aries is thrown into the cage and that gets another 2. It's Evan Bourne! I mean Matt Sydal. He ducks a clothesline from Shelley and hits one on Rave. Takes both Embassy guys to the cage then goes up top, tries for a moonsault but lands on his feet when he sees Shelley has his knees up, then drop toeholds Rave into the knees of Shelley! Dragon Gate style, my friends. Rave is on all fours over Shelley, Sydal climbs on Rave's back and hits a standing moonsault to both men for 2. Sydal pairs off with Rave, Aries is with Shelley. They whip their respective men to the corner and each hit running forearms, then switch out and hit another running forearm. Abyss next I presume, but I was wrong last time. Slam to Shelley, suplex to Rave...what on earth are they doing, building Embassy Lego? Oh yes, that is sweet! They wrap Rave's legs around Shelley's head as if in a headscissors, then Aries and Sydal apply a double bow and arrow while Rave still has his legs around Shelley's head! Prince Nana's royal chiropractor must be tearing his hair out. They release the hold, Aries rubs Shelley's head along the top rope while Sydal whips Rave to the corner, charges but eats an elbow. Rave comes after him but gets a headscissors and a 2-count. Rave tries to escape again but Sydal catches him. One minute til CHRIS ABYSS! Sydal is now choking Rave with a shirt, then rams him into the cage. Abyss is out and he does the Embassy hand gesture! Fabulous. Sydal and Aries attack him immediately, and he even sells it briefly. Gen Next run the ropes but get stopped by a double goozle. Double foot stomp makes Abyss release the grip, he picks up Aries for the rack, boots Sydal in the face and Shock Treatment to Aries! 2 count by Rave on Aries. Sydal gets the bright idea to charge at Abyss! Fighting Spir...oh, my. Fighting 11-foot high flapjack. Normally you get a pack of peanuts for going that high. Shelley covers Sydal and gets 2. Abyss lays in some brutal chops to Sydal while Rave simply stands on Aries' throat. Aries mounts a brief comeback but falls prey to the numbers game~! Double stomp by Shelley to the back of Aries. Abyss starts pounding on Aries, who mounts another brief comeback, and AGAIN charges at Abyss, who yawns, clips a hangnail and military presses him face-first into the cage. Memo to Gen Next: HE'S BIGGER THAN YOU AND WILL HURT YOU. Shelley has a chair and OBLITERATES Aries with it. Abyss tries out his javelin technique with Matt Sydal and launches him into the cage. Slightly off gold medal distance. Shelley locks up Aries in a headscissors, then ROLLS OVER AND THRUSTS THE HEAD OF ARIES INTO THE CHAIR! Repeatedly! Damn that looked SICK. I can't see for sure but I think Aries is blading. Yup, he did. Cover by Shelley gets 2.77, and the countdown is on for...Roderick Strong! Forearm for Shelley, one for Abyss, chops to Shelley and Abyss. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Shelley! Chop to Abyss. Strong grabs the legs of Shelley, yanks him up off the bottom rope and into a backbreaker! Chop to Abyss. Uranage backbreaker to Shelley! Dropkick to Abyss! House~! En~! FUEGO~!!! Rave doesn't realise Roderick is there, turns around and almost messes himself. Chops by Roderick light up Jimmy's chest like...something that lights up easily. Rave blocks a whip, they work a go-behind exchange and it ends with a high knee from Roderick driving Rave into the cage. Clothesline from Roderick and Rave is down. 2 count for Roderick before Abyss breaks it up. Goozle! Roderick slips out in mid air, gets him up for the gutbuster but Abyss is too heavy. Elbows by Roderick, he runs to the ropes but Abyss tires of these guys and hits a SWANK overhead belly to belly into the cage. Strong lands on his head. Maybe in some alternate reality it makes sense for little guys to run straight at Abyss, but it sure as hell isn't working in this one. Shelley runs over and gets a cover for 2. Rave with the whip to Sydal, Rave drops to the mat and Sydal gets caught in a 720 Black Hole Sun, won't you come, and wash away the rain...oh wait, it's a Black Hole Slam. My bad. Rave hooks Sydal for the Pedigree Greetings from Ghana, hits it and gets the 3, and we have our first elimination. Rave goes to the outside with Strong and whips him to the barricade. It's 3 on 2 for the Embassy right now, soon to be 4 on 2. Strong is whipped to the opposite barricade, and Rave follows up with a running knee against the steel. Abyss and Shelley are beating on Aries, avalanche by Abyss. Strong is fighting back with some trademark chops on the outside to Rave, inside the ring Abyss is choking Aries with a chair. The countdown starts and Nana does the Ric Flair strut down the entry way. Dude looks like Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince. Rave throws Strong back in. Aries is in the Tree of Woe, hesitation dropkick by Shelley. Strong's face gets rubbed into the cage. This is really slow and plodding right now. Nut stomp by Abyss on Aries. Nana is doing more Flair struts. There's really nothing happening that you can't see in any good Rodney King video. Except the one black dude is doing the beating. Jade Chung is here! She distracts Nana enough that he and Abyss go chasing after her, meanwhile Jack Evans runs down to the ring, climbs to the top of the cage...HOLY SHIT DOUBLE MOONSAULT to the outside from the top of the cage onto Abyss!!!!! It looked like he landed right on the top of his head, Nana fell right on to him to make sure he was OK. That was incredible and scary at the same time. All 4 Embassy guys are down, Strong and Aries are over to beat on them. Evans lays in the most ineffective forearms ever on Abyss, Aries takes first Rave and then Shelley to the barricade. They have Abyss alone in the cage and in the corner...running dropkick by Aries! Missile Launcher by Strong with Evans! Double knee gutbuster by Strong! Kick to the head by Aries! Evans is on top of the cage again, is he mental? Rave is up behind him, now Strong goes up...Oh dear Lord no. No! Strong has Rave up in the torture rack position...Good Sweet Mother of Mercy! Double stomp by Evans to Rave on the shoulders of Strong from the top of the cage to the top rope, then Evans uses Rave as a platform for a SICKENINGLY high moonsault onto Abyss! All 3 Gen Next guys cover and get the 3. Abyss is gone. That was recocculous. 3 on 3 now, Gen Next is taking turns attacking Rave who is crotched on the top rope. Some STIFF chops and kicks being laid in until Shelley breaks it up with a low blow to Strong and a crotching to Aries. Whip by Evans, handspring elbow! Yakuza kick! Fisherman buster! Evans is going to the top floor again...630 into the knees of Shelley!!! Ouch. Shelley perches Evans up top, goes up with him...no way..OH MAN! Air Raid Crash from the second rope! Cover and he just gets the 3 before Aries can break it up. That was SICK. So we're down to Nana, Rave and Shelley against Aries and Strong, and I can see Nana being the last man standing here, sadly. Whip by Shelley to Strong, Shelley charges and hits a high double knee attack in the corner. Rave contents himself with standing on Aries' throat...Aries powerbombs him out of nowhere! Shelley hits a low dropkick to Strong in the corner and then scampers over to cover Aries for two. Nana hides as Gen Next fight back and are in control again. Aries heads up top while Strong sets for the half-nelson backbreaker, Rave reverses it and pushes Strong into Aries. Aries avoids a crotching by holding the cage but Rave schoolboys Strong with his feet on the ropes for a long two. Nice spot with Aries trying to reach Rave to break up the cover but not quite being able to reach. HUGE spear from Rave to Strong, superkick from Shelley to Aries! Stiff. Greetings from Ghana attempt by Rave countered into a back drop, Aries goes straight into the Shellshock! Cover by Shelley gets 2 before Strong breaks it up. NOW we're getting some action. Ghana-rea by Rave on Aries gets 2. The Embassy set both Gen Next guys in the corner, and Nana is in dancing like psycho Ric Flair...Ghanaian Clam Bake to...Rave! Aries moved! Another one to Shelley as Strong moves! Nana has no clue that he just assalanched his own team. Nana dances some more then notices that he is for some impending violence from his adversaries. Embassy are up and charge, Aries and Strong duck and Shelley and Rave sandwich Nana! Bet that's not the first time that happened, nudge nudge wink wink. Backbreaker to Rave! Another! Pumphandle backbreaker! Half nelson backbreaker! Another! Stronghold! Holy mother of Moses I haven't seen that much back action since Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal played cowboys. Meanwhile, Aries cleans Shelley's clock with a chair shot. DDT to the chair, bit weak though. Brainbuster to the TOP OF THE FREAKING CHAIR! That was decidedly NOT weak. Shelley could easily have fractured his skull on that, it looked like Aries lost his grip and overcompensated. 3 count for Aries! Shelley taps! Nana is now alone with Aries and Strong. Oh this could be ugly. Beatdown in the corner. Cannon to the right of him! Cannon to the left of him! Cannon in front of him, volleyed and thundered! Double whip, Aries whips Strong into Nana. Flair Flop! Double axehandle to the back of Nana's head! A game of Nana tennis is won by Aries. Half Nelson backbreaker by Strong, 450 by Aries and it's goodnight Irene.

    Winners: Generation Next, last eliminating Prince Nana (pinfall by Aries, 450 Splash)
    Rating: ***¼ There were some awesome spots in this match, but there was also a lot of plodding and stalling. Like I said earlier, I can understand some of that when the match has to go 30 minutes at least, but there was still too much walking around and posturing. It was also weird that only 3 people bled in the match. although it didn't really hurt it any.

  • Colt Cabana vs Homicide - Ghetto Street Fight
    From Fourth Anniversary, February 25 2006.

    We join the match at the beginning, though you wouldn't know it as they are brawling down the entrance way. This is the culmination of one of the most personal feuds in RoH, which included Homicide and the Rottweilers pouring Dran-O down Colt's throat.

    Colt is quickly on top, slamming Homicide into anything solid. Colt leans on Homicide's head against the corner post, and they finally get in the ring. Whip reversed by Homicide, flying back elbow and he's in control now. Cabana with jabs and a big boot. He mounts Homicide and smacks in the right hands. He eventually lets him up long enough for Homi to crawl into the corner, then Colt just stands on his throat. Snap mare by Colt, Homicide comes back with a dropkick and Cabana weakly rolls through the ropes to the floor. Homicide tries the baseball slide, Cabana ducks and Homicide blocks a clothesline, then throws Homicide into the barricade. Homicide throws a few chairs in the ring in case he gets tired later, then starts tearing at Colt's mouth. Cabana gets away for a while and tries to fight back, he grabs a headlock and looks for a bulldog on the outside, but Homicide shoves him into the post. Another ramming into the barricade by Homicide. He launches a chair right into the face of Cabana, who is bleeding. Homicide tries to pull the cut further open while Julius Smokes yells "You'll bleed! You'll bleed!" Smokes is awesome, he really plays the mind games. Homicide measures Colt, who is on dream street and taking wild swings, then launches the chair into his face again. Homicide tears the ROH plating off the barricade and smacks Colt in the face. Either Colt is embarrassed or he's bleeding really badly. Back in the ring, Homicide sets up the steel plating in the corner and then hits another chair shot. Smokes has handed Homicide a razor blade!!!! He's slicing Cabana's head open! That's the closest, smoothest shave alright, but I doubt it's the safest. Homicide goes to whip Cabana into the plating, Cabana reverses and Homicide reverses again! The plating buckles under the impact. Colt is still full of the will to fight, and mounts a comeback with stiff chops, but an eye poke stops him cold. Running knee strike in the corner by Homicide, and Cabana still has murder in his eyes. Homicide charges and goes for the corner splash, Cabana moves! Flying asshole by Cabana! Whip by Cabana, Homicide stops himself and catches Cabana coming in with a back elbow, climbs to the second rope and hits a flying DDT! He does the Latino chest pound thing and locks in...Tequila Sunrise! Holy crap I haven't seen that in years! The crowd would like to see some tables. Sick fuckers. BIG chair shot by Homicide, he climbs up top and MISSES the flying headbutt. Colt 45 try! Homicide escapes but runs into a huge lariat. Colt locks Homicide's arm around his own neck in a Buffalo sleeper, then flips over him and bridges! Nice, never seen that before either. Body slam by Cabana, he goes up top...MOONSAULT??? Misses! LARIAT from Homicide, and Camel Clutch! Yup, you guessed it: BREAK HIS BACK, MAKE HIM HUM-BELL! Smokes throws a coat hanger into the ring, and Homicide hooks it around Cabana's neck! The commentators are selling this like attempted murder! Cabana refuses to give up, so Sinclair calls for the bell! BOOOOOOOO

    Winner: Homi... no! Cabana gets on the mic and says he never gave up, he's still right there, and Homicide better fucking kill him, this match is restarted you fucking asshole. Well alrighty then. After consulting Smokes and Ricky Reyes, Homicide decides to go back to the ring and do just that: fucking kill him. Cabana can barely stand but they exchange shots, Cabana's lariat is blocked and Homicide hits an Ace Crusher. Homicide sets up for the Cop Killa!!! Reversed into a single-arm DDT by Cabana, right on Homicide's injured shoulder! Cabana puts a knee to the shoulder and tears at the face of Homicide, then starts biting the shoulder! Mmmm Mexican food. Cabana has a chair but Julius Smokes holds his leg! Homicide takes advantage of the hesitation and hits Cabana's back 350 feet to center field with a chair shot!!! We have a Rottweiler mauling in the corner as Reyes and Smokes use duct tape to attach Cabana to the top rope! Chair shot by Homicide! Right in the face, damn. More shots right to the cut on Cabana's head, ANOTHER unprotected chair shot right to the face. Ref Sinclair stops it again! Oh no you don't, I'm not falling for it this time. "He's not dead!" - Edison. Cabana is on the mic again, he still has a beat in his heart so Homicide better come there and fucking finish him off. I've tried that line on my wife, it doesn't work. But if Homi leaves now, little Nelson Jr is going to think his daddy's a PUSSY! SUPER SERIAL BIDNESS! Smokes and Homicide charge the ring, and Cabana starts channelling Dusty with the elbows. Come to the pay windah, if you weel! Inverted atomic drop for Homicide! They fight on the apron, teasing first a power bomb then an ace crusher into the table. Colt gets the upper hand, but Julius Smokes is up on the apron and pours a bottle of something all over Cabana's head!!! Must have been vinegar or salt water 'cos he's selling it like death, enabling...oh my. Oh my my my. PILEDRIVER FROM THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLE! And the table didn't break!!!! Cabana is dead. He has to be dead. No, he's moving, but AGAIN Sinclair calls for the bell. Yeah, this time it really is over.

    Winner: Homicide via referee stoppage (piledriver through table to the floor)
    Rating: ***3/4 This was really, REALLY good and had some great spots, but I think I'm being harsh on it because their match at Better than our Best was far better and would probably have been a better choice for this DVD, in my mind at least. The constant interference from Smokes was an issue too, but all-in-all you have to appreciate what these two guys put themselves through for our entertainment.

  • Six Man Tag Team War: Team RoH (Samoa Joe, Adam Pearce and BJ Whitmer) vs Team CZW (Chris Hero, Super Dragon and Necro Butcher)
    From 100th Show April 22, 2006

    I've heard good things about this one, and I finally get to see a Super Dragon match. To balance it, have to watch an Adam Pearce match. Ah well.

    Team RoH charges the ring early and we have a pier 6 brawl. This one should be fun to try and follow. We've got an RoH ref and a CZW ref in there, wonder if they might come to fisticuffs. What a great word, fisticuffs. Wait a second... Bryce Remsburg sighting! Mark! We have fisticuffs everywhere right now, Whitmer and Dragon are first to the floor exchanging chops, Joe is in control of Hero in the ring. Elbow suicida by Joe to the floor! Pearce and Necro slug it out. Claudio Castagnoli runs out and hits someone in the back with a barbed wire bat, I couldn't see who. Necro body slams Pearce onto a chair, and once again the chiropractors are seeing dollar signs. Olé kick by Joe and Hero is kicked into the crowd! Joe is going to follow him and this could be nasty. Big chair shot by Necro to Pearce, and he's bleeding, but fights back with a stiff chair shot of his own! You know, Pearce might be watchable in this type of match. Necro is bleeding too now, and for good measure Pearce whips him into the crowd, then suplexes him over the barricade onto the floor. We cut to Joe and Whitmer he suplex Super Dragon onto chairs on the concrete. Hero gets whipped into the barricade now. Necro is looking under the ring but Pearce comes running over and hits a low dropkick to the top of Necro's head. Cut away to Whitmer he body slams Dragon onto chairs. Joe and Necro exchange bitch slaps, but Joe has kept his pimp hand stronger and takes control with a series of headbutts and a palm strike. My goodness, Pearce climbs the ropes and SOARS across the ring for a sledge to the head of Necro, and we have action in the ring! Powerbomb by Pearce on to a chair. Super Dragon takes some time to jaw with the fans, but Whitmer reminds him rather pointedly that he's in a match by crowning him with a chair. Another chair shot by Whitmer. Joe comes over and hits a flurry of slaps to Super Dragon! Pearce tees off with one of his own! Necro plain chokes Joe then nails him in the gut with a chair. In the ring Whitmer gets a brainbuster on Hero for 2. Necro beats Joe about the head with broken table, Dragon climbs to the top but gets crotched by Whitmer. Whitmer tries for a top rope exploder but gets pushed off...senton by Dragon gets 2. Pearce whips Necro to the barricade, takes two chairs from fans and rings Necro's bell with them! Interesting. Painful. Back to the ring, Super Dragon charges for a spear in the corner but Whitmer moves and Dragon assaults the corner post. Man meets steel, there can only be one winner. Whitmer and Hero in the ring now, Hero gets a two count. Pearce replaces Whitmer in the ring and promptly gets thrown out, Hero with a forearm to the back from the apron. In the ring again, Necro sets up two chairs and tries to powerbomb Joe through them. Joe won't have it so Necro lays in some forearms but Joe fights back! FIGHTING SPIRIT! Roaring Elbow and Necro is down! Joe rearranges the furniture, and that's a good thing. He has the chairs back to back and HOLY JUMPED-UP JEHOSAPHAT belly to back suplex onto the chairs. Fuck a chiropractor, Necro's gonna need a new spine! Somehow that only gets a 2 count. Outside again, Pearce has Dragon over his shoulder and power slams him into the guard rail. Hard. Hero throws Whitmer inside then hits a running boot on Pearce. Joe and Necro are taking a walk. Standing Senton by Hero. Joe has a table but Necro stops him from using it. BIG Japanese Legitimate Businessman's Kick by Hero, followed by the Cravate Buster~! for 2. Pearce comes in and tries to power bomb Hero, broken up by Necro and Pearce and Necro square off boxing-style! Pearce with some jabs, Necro comes back with a strong combo! Pearce is down! Remsburg starts a 10 count but Pearce is up at 6. Dragon is digging something into Joe's head, Pearce comes back with some stiff punches of his own and Necro is down, up at 7. Hero calls out to BJ, then throws a chair in his face when BJ is nice enough to look up. That's just not cricket! Necro and Pearce are pounding on each other, Hero comes in to break it up and applies a cravate~!, but Pearce reverses and hits a back suplex. Joe hits a side suplex through a table on Dragon! In the ring and we have Joe and Hero facing off! Slap flurry from Joe! Whip and running high knee! Joe goes for the face wash but Necro and Dragon break it up. Necro takes off his belt and starts whipping Joe, Pearce attacks Hero from behind and hits a huge spinebuster!! Pearce up top...big splash!!! He doesn't see Super Dragon also on top! 2 count for Pearce, broken by a SICK double stomp to the back of Pearce's head!!! Ouchery. Dragon ties up Pearce...CURB STOMP!

    Dear Paul Burchill,

    Like that.

    Love, Super Dragon.

    Whitmer is in and KILLS Dragon with a lariat that Blackjack Lanza would have been proud of. He sets up a chair...no! YES! Exploder into the chair! 2.836! Whitmer goes to power bomb Dragon through the table that Joe set up, but Necro CREAMS him from behind with a pair of chair shots that they heard in Manhattan. Joe is kicking the hell out of Hero on the outside, then rams him head-first into the rail. Necro wraps a chair around BJ's neck then waffles that chair with another one!!! Damn that looked like it sucked. Necro goes after Pearce but Pearce kills him with a chair!!! Oh man, BJ is about to die. Super Dragon stands up a chair, wedges BJ's head between the seat and the back, climbs up top...DOUBLE STOMP!!! Fuck me! 1...2...2.90043! I do not know how he kicked out. I really don't. Dragon sets up Whitmer....OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN! PSYCHO DRIVER OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!! That's so sick it's on life support. Unbelievable. Hero and Joe are in the ring, Hero with some chair-related beatery and throws Joe to the outside. John Zandig is out, Joe charges him but Hero and Zandig get the upper hand. Now Remsburg and Sinclair are having a little catfight! Awww how cute they want to be in the action! Ooooh damn, rabbit punch by Necro and Sinclair goes down like Paris Hilton on video. Zandig throws Joe into the corner and Hero follows with a leaping forearm. Serious height on that. It's a mystery to me why Hero never got a look from WWE or TNA. Cravate~! Castagnoli is out! He pulls Hero off Joe, and holds him for Joe...No! Claudio levels Joe as he's coming off the ropes!!! Hero and Claudio embrace! Missile dropkick by Pearce (yes I know, I had to look at it twice to make sure I wasn't hallucinating) on Claudio, but Super Dragon makes him pay. The RoH half of the crowd wants Homicide. We've already seen at least three homicides in this match, what a bloodthirsty bunch. Dragon chokes Pearce with a chair, then Hero and Castagnoli hit KRS-1 for the 3 and the win.

    Winners: Team CZW by pinfall (Hero on Pearce, KRS-1)
    Rating: ****½ This was very close to getting the full boat, but the two run-ins prevented that. The Claudio turn was nicely done and I understand that they had to bring someone else out for it to make sense. I just wish it hadn't directly led to the finish. That said, there were some sick spots in this match, most of all the multiple killings of BJ Whitmer, and even those who do not enjoy hardcore wrestling would probably enjoy this match. The weaponry wasn't overdone and there was nothing excessively brutal like plate glass windows and light tubes. It took some guts for ROH to book their own guys to lose on their 100th show, so hats off for that. Just a physical, bloody and tremendous encounter and the main reason I bought this DVD.

  • Colt Cabana vs Jimmy Jacobs - Windy City Death Match
    From 5th Year Festival - Chicago, February 24 2007

    What? This match and not the superior Whitmer-Jacobs match? For shame! Ah well, this one remains good.

    Cabana has a Chicago flag and chases Jacobs with it, then drops the flag and has 2 chairs instead. He takes some swings at Jacobs who manages to duck, which is a good thing. Cabana strikes out with the chairs so the two men settle for pounding each other's faces in. Jacobs gets the advantage but Cabana shrugs off the punches and takes control. Jacobs is thrown to the outside and rammed at speed into the barricade, and again on the opposite side. Cabana sets up the table and positions Jacobs on it, goes up top but Lacey grabs his foot to prevent it! She runs at Cabana and jumps into him, Cabana merely catches her and makes some sexually suggestive movements before tossing her aside. Ahhh, the old fuck 'n' chuck. As you might imagine Jacobs takes exception to this and chop-blocks Cabana, then sets him up for Lacey to attack his "testicular region", according to Prazak. God bless you DP. Lacey cocks back her fist and is interrupted by Daizee Haze! MIND TRIP! I love that move. Something went flying, I think it was Haze's headband. The ladies fight in the aisle until Lacey escapes. The distraction was enough for Colt to take control, he hangs Jacobs in the tree of woe and is looking for some plundah~! Oops, wrong side of the ring. He has a ladder! Jacobs comes charging and hits the baseball slide into the ladder before Colt can get it in the ring. Jacobs with some shots until Cabana ducks a clothesline and nails an elbow to the head of Jacobs. Jacobs is cut open! From an elbow? Wow. Repeated elbow strikes by Cabana to the top of Jimmy's head, then he pulls something out of his elbow pad...scissors! He stabs them into Jimmy's forehead! Sick bastard!!! Jacobs has caught a gusher, you can see the blood splashing on his chest. Colt drives Jimmy into the corner and climbs the ropes, again digging the scissors in. He cocks back and attempts to drive the scissors down hard, Jimmy moves and the scissors get stuck in the turnbuckle! That would have been nasty. Chair shot by Jacobs from behind as Colt tries to retrieve the scissors. Jacobs goes into his boot for his patented railroad spike...it's not there! It's not in the other one either, because Cabana has it! Spike to the forehead!! Cabana takes off his t-shirt and chokes Jacobs with it, then spikes his forehead again! Jacobs is covered in blood now, Colt uses the flagpole on Jacobs, then takes a page out of Hacksaw's playbook and yells "Ho!!!!!!!" Or was he calling Lacey back out? As Cabana gets back in the ring, Jacobs kicks the middle rope, driving it into the nutular regions of Cabana. Jacobs tears the Chicago flag off the pole, then breaks the pole over Cabana's back. He uses the broken pole to bust Cabana open. Good thing they have a red mat. Jacobs gets the cheap heat by wiping the blood of his face with the flag, then choking Colt with it. This is brutal. Spike to the forehead by Jacobs! Digs it in! He trades the spike for a chair...chair shot. Jacobs positions the chair over Colt's ribs and just jumps up and down on it, then drops an elbow on it. Jacobs tries to attack with the broken flagpole, Cabana blocks it twice, manages to block the Contra Code and retrieves the scissors in time to nail Jacobs again! Jacobs is begging off, Cabana throws the scissors aside and slams into Jacobs with right hands. HUGE chair shot! Colt 45 try by Cabana! Brent Albright is here! Half-nelson head-dropping suplex to Cabana! That's Motrin pain. 1...2...2.778! BJ Whitmer is out to take care of Albright, but Jacobs heads him off. Whitmer escapes the double team attempt and distracts them long enough for Colt to hit an Asai moonsault! Bet he never does that on Smackdown. Cabana goes under the ring again, he has a hammer! He has the spike in the other hand!!! He misses the spike but just nails Jacobs with the hammer! Flying asshole! Flying chair! Jacobs manages to block it, but not the second one. Body slam, he lays the chair across Jacobs but Jacobs pushes the chair away. Colt really wants that chair to stay so he wallops Jacobs in the gut and puts it back. Colt up top...Moonsault into the chair! 2.785 only! Both men are a mess. Cabana looks for a table, he has some trouble with it which enables Jacobs to fight back. The comeback is short-lived as Cabana digs the broken flagpole into Jacobs again. The table is causing more trouble as it will not stay up, Colt has a ladder positioned between apron and barricade, Jacobs is going to try the table now. He gets it set up but Colt comes back with a chair shot. Jacobs is on the table, Colt climbs the ropes but LACEY RETURNS! She pushes colt off the turnbuckle and crotches him on the ropes. Colt is positioned on the table, Jacobs has the ladder in the ring and sets it up while Lacey holds Colt down. SENTON OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE TABLE TO THE FLOOR!!! He was a good 2 feet above the top rope before take off! "Holy shit!" - Chicago. Indeed. They roll Colt in, 1...2...2.88855!!! Cabana can barely move, they bring in one of the tables that wouldn't stand and prop it in the corner. Jacobs measures Colt for the spear...Colt moves and throws Jacobs into the table! Lacey takes off her high-heeled shoe, Colt blocks it! Nails Jacobs in the head, then in the throat!! Colt 45 to Jacobs! Holy fuck, another one for Lacey!!! Colt rolls Lacey on top of Jacobs, and pins both of them for the win.

    Winner: Colt Cabana via pinfall (Colt 45).
    Rating: ***½ It wasn't as long as some of the others, and it was fast paced which has been lacking. There was also a ton more blood. The problem I have with this match is the same problem I have with many hardcore matches: after kicking out of ridiculous bumps, a simple wrestling move finishes it. It was still entertaining though I can think of 2 other matches from this feud that would have been better choices.

  • The Briscoes vs Kevin Steen and El Generico - Street Fight
    From Death Before Dishonor V, Night 1 August 10 2007

    Again a questionable choice. Why no ladder war? Not like these 2 teams ever had a bad match, but still. Steenerico charge the champs during their entrance, Jay backdrops Steen into the crowd while Mark and Generico square off. Steen and Jay are just wailing on each other at speed, Generico launches a chair into Mark's face. Steen tries for a powerbomb but Jay won't give in so Steen just headbutts him. Generico is still finding chairs to batter Mark with, then he gets a table and waffles Jay from behind. Chair shot by Steen to Jay. Generico is STILL throwing chairs, into the ring this time, while Steen puts a chair over Jay's throat and sits on it. Eep. Oh boy, Mark is on the top rope...he FLIES over the barricade and into Generico!!! The crowd goes nuts, Steen looks into the camera and screams "Oh yeah?" and TATTOOS Mark with a heavy chair shot. Steen rules. Powerbomb through the table on Mark!!! Jay is behind Steen, Steen doesn't see him...ANOTHER brutal chair shot! And one for Generico! Mark with a shot for Steen, who comes back with a half-a-table shot to Mark! Steen whips Jay into a row of chairs, then hits him with Random Woman's purse! Tremendous. Generico throws a Briscoe into more chairs! Superkick by Mark to Steen! Stiff chairshot by Jay on Generico, then a suplex on the floor! Standing moonsault by Mark on Steen. HOLY FUCK Generico tried to backdrop Jay but he landed face-first on a chair!!! Yikes. Steen beats down Mark with some guy's shoe. No, really. Mark bundles Steen head first into a garbage can, then kills him with a chair shot! Both Briscoes wearing out Steenerico with chairs now, until Generico throws Mark over the barricade towards the ring. HOLY SHIT ON A STICK fisherman's DDT on a chair by Steen! Generico uses the barricade for the lucha DDT on Mark!!! Spot after spot after spot. Generico with more chair shots on Mark, he tries an Olé kick but Mark catches the foot and his a stiff superkick, then turns around right into a chairshot by Steen! Steen celebrates with one foot on the barricade, but Jay comes charging up behind him, leaps up and takes Steen over the barricade with a running RKO! Beautiful. Steen is calling for his mom! Gold. Generico sets up for an Asai but both Briscoes pull him down and throw him into the barricade hard enough to knock it over. Spear by Steen out of NOWHERE into the barricade! Running boot by Jay and that was LOUD. Steen picks up an entire section of the barricade and throws it at Jay!!! Thankfully Jay moved. Superkick to Steen by Mark! Mark gets caught by Generico...MICHINOKU DRIVER ON THE BARRICADE!!!! Damn! Back suplex on Steen, through the table, by Jay! Generico DDTs Mark into the barricade! Suplex on the outside by Steen to Jay. Steen has a table! Yes, that's just what we need. Jay is inconsiderate enough to move, so Steen smacks him with the chair. Steen can't get the table to stay up, he tries for the package piledriver on the outside anyway!! Jay is able to stop it, and we actually have men in the ring! Jay and Steen exchange shots, Steen gets the upper hand by biting Jay's cut. Ew. Steen goes for a lariat but eats a pump kick instead. Generico catches Jay with a HIGH crossbody from the top!! NINJA MARK off the top with a flying kick to Generico! Mark charges Steen but gets a pop-up powerbomb for his troubles. All 4 men are dead. No, all 4 men are up...with chairs! We get a standoff. "Hit the ref!" - Boston. Well that's just mean. Steen nails Mark! Jay nails Steen! Generico nails Jay! Mark nails Generico. NOW they're all dead. Eventually all 4 men get up. Jay charges Steen and clotheslines him, taking them both over the top. Generico runs at Mark but gets caught in an exploder. Mark sets up 2 chairs...CUTHROAT DRIVER TRY! Reversed! Brainbustah also reversed, they grapple some more, Generico has him up for the brainbuster...Jay with a chairshot for the save! They hoist Generico HIGH and flapjack him chest first into the chairs!!! 1...2....Steen breaks it up with a chair shot! Another cutthroat driver try, on Steen this time, reversed into GOD DAMN IT!!! Steenaliser into the chair!!!! 1...2...2.911545!!!! No wonder Mark is always getting hurt. Steen puts a chair on Mark's chest and goes up for a moonsault...Jay pushes him off and through a table on the outside! HUGE Yakuza kick from Generico to jay. He perches Jay up top, if he hits the super brainbustah!!! I will most likely mess myself. Jay is able to block, Mark is over...good sweet mother of Mercy the powerbomb/neckbreaker combo from the top! Forget it. 1...2...2.94457 as Steen pulls the ref to the outside! Mark takes fight and wipes out Steen on the floor!! Jay signals for the Doomsday and they hit it!!! 1...2...NO!!! Steen breaks it up again! Mark charges and gets stun gunned by Steen! Jay charges and gets back dropped to the outside!! Steen is looking for something...a ladder! Ladder shot to the back of Jay's head!!! He takes the ladder in the ring and tries to powerbomb Mark through it...Mark reverses! Back drop into the ladder! Mark tells the ref to hold the ladder, as it is broken. "Please don't die!" - Boston. Mark is almost at the top of the ladder...SPRINGBOARD ACE FREAKING CRUSHER OFF THE FREAKING LADDER by Generico!!!!!! Jay is in and nails Steen with the ladder, he tries for the Jay Driller but Steen reverses with a low blow! Package Piledriver to the ladder on Jay!!!! 1...2...3!

    Winners: Steenerico via pinfall (Steen on Jay, package piledriver on ladder)
    Rating: ****3/4 The only thing wrong with this match was it felt too much like a spotfest at times. That said, the two teams hated each other by this point and so there was less need for psychology. There were some ridiculous moves in the match and the finish made sense, which is refreshing for this DVD. Awesome, awesome match.

    The 411: This DVD gets a very high recommendation, and not just because it's cheap. You get some truly great matches that are not only quality efforts but also play an important role in RoH history. I might have chosen some different ones but all-in-all this is a hit on many levels.
    411 Elite Award
    Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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